Saturday Update on Anupama 18th June 2022


Saturday Update on Anupama 18th June 2022

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Kavya reminisces Anupama’s words that Vanraj didn’t come to her by himself but after being kicked out of home by Bapuji. Vanraj returns and happily hugging her thanks her for throwing birthday party for Pakhi because of which Pakhi was very happy. She thinks Anupama gave her taunts, but gave Anupama pain. Vanraj asks if she is happy. She says very much. He says now he knows that Pakhi will be happy if she comes to stay here, if she has any problem with it. She says no and asks to consult lawyer regarding his and Anu’s divorce as they can marry only after divorcing Anupama and Anirudh. He goes to freshen up. Toshu plays guitar. Bekhayali me bhi tera hi khayal aaye…song… plays in the background. Samar reminisces his quality moments with Nandini, proposing her and she walking away, etc.

Toshu says boys are taught to be strong since childhood, if they would have taught to even cry, pain would have come and walked away, but now pain enters and never goes up. Samar says Toshu’s life is better, but he has manufacturing defect in his life, his heart breaks even after protecting it a lot. Toshu asks not to lose hope. Samar says even he should. Toshu says he sometimes thinks when papa and Rakhi think of themselves, what is wrong if he and Kinjal think of themselves and why should they carry family and its burden; he feels he should think of his and Kinjal’s happiness instead of listening to elders.

In the morning, Baa calculates monthly expense bills with Anu and says expenses are increasing like monster Sursa, earlier Vanraj used to shut debtors’ mouth like Sursa’s, but now.. He sees grocery bill and asks how did it increase so much. Anu says its because of Sweety’s birthday party groceries. Baa says electricity, water, phone bills.. Anu says they will shorten their expenses and manage. Baa says once they are habituated, its difficult to manage; mobile, AC, etc., are necessities now a days and not luxuries; their house is habituated of these luxuries now. Anu gets concerned. Baa says they need to somehow increase earning instead of decreasing necessities. Baa, Bapuji, Samar, Toshu, and Jhilmil hear their conversation. After sometime, Jhilmil helps Anu in kitchen. Anu says there is a lot of party food left, so they will have that food and cook fresh food for Baa, Bapuji, and Mamaji. Jhilmil says she got few more houses to work and doesn’t need salary, Anu can pay only when she gets money.

Anu feels sad hearing that. She then hears Toshu telling Samar that he will take coaching classes and Samar call center job. Samar asks him to concentrate on his studies as he is elder and will manage. Toshu asks him to concentrate on his dance classes. Samar says he won’t get much from online dance classes. She then hears Mamaji telling Baa that he wants to return home as he doesn’t want to increase her expenses by staying her. She then sees Bapuji returning his multivitamin and calcium tablets and keeping only his BP and heart medicines. She further reminisces Vanraj challenging he will see how will she run the house without him, she rejecting his monetary help repeatedly, etc. and thinks its her responsibility now, but cannot manage with only dance class fees and cannot compromise on Baa and Bapuji’s medicines. She calls someone and says she needs money as she is finding it difficult to manage.

Vanraj smirks disconnecting call. Kavya walks to Vanraj and informs that Pakhi unblocked her on social media and is accepting her comments. He says he is going out, not home though and she shouldn’t spy on him. Kavya thinks Anupama must have called him after her ego is satisfied, she needs to find out. Samar scolds Sweety for unblocking Kavya and accepting her messages. Sweety says Kavya organized a birthday party for her. Samar asks if she doesn’t remember what she did with mummy. She says even papa did wrong, but she meets papa; she cannot ignore Kavya and if someone is feeling bad, she doesn’t care. Anu waits for someone at a restaurant. Vanraj reaches there and sees Anu sitting. Devika walks to Anu and apologizes for coming late, asks not to worry as she spoke to 2-4 people and everything will be fine soon. Anu says she was feeling financial crunch and didn’t know what to do, so she called her. Devika says good she called her and she is always there for her. Anu says its very difficult for her, after Toshu’s papa left, she thought she would handle herself, but didn’t know that she will not get time to get up after falling.

Devika says one has to. At a nearby table, Vanraj meets a client who approves his new project. Devika says she is trying her best to get her a job, but if.. Anu says she knows with age and less education, its difficult to get a job; any job would do as its difficult to manage with her and Samar’s dance classes and Bapuji’s pension. Devika gives her credit card to manage till she gets a job, but Anu says she will manage for now. Devika asks her not to blame herself for family’s financial crunch. Anu says it is a fact and she cannot tolerate her family suffering because of her; its a question of family and she feels bad seeing a son and father going away; she walked holding hand for 25 years, but now after hand is left, she cannot see a way and is walking blindly. Devika says one who walks finds a way. Anu says she is not finding even a ray of hope and needs job at any cost. Devika gets a call from her cousin didi and says she spoke to her regarding job. Anu reminisces did insulting her in her school. Devika asks if she is the same didi, she was expecting a lot from her, but now..

Vanraj returns to office and shows new project papers to Kavya. Kavya gets happy and hopes he gifts her Anu and his divorce paper soon, says she she already informed Anirudh that we are staying together, and when she is hurrying for her divorce, even he should. He says she did right, very nice, and walks to washroom. On the other side, Kinjal rushes to car speaking over phone with Toshu. Rakhi stops her and asks where is she going. Kinjal nervously says she is searching her books. Rakhi says she should check with maid. Kinjal gets a message and says Shreya messaged. Rakhi say all her friends message in English except Toshu, so she should stop fooling her. Kinjal walks in fuming. Rakhi thinks her daughter’s happiness is important, plans something evil and thinks if she should do that or not.

Anupama returns home after meeting Devika when Rakhi opens her car door on her and asks if she hurt her. Baa addresses Rakhi as naglog ki patrani and says everyone in the area has cable in their homes, so nobody will watch her nagin drama, she should come inside and speak. Rakhi enters home with Anu and says as everyone knows she knows and comes here to create drama and drama will be enjoyed only if spectators are present. She calls everyone. Baa asks her to spill her venom now. Rakhi says let us meet world’s most shameless Shah family. Anu says pleaj. Rakhi says she will not stop with her pleaj. She starts that she thought they would disown Vanraj after resort drama, but they are inviting him for party and forgave his affair just because only he earns, they even forgave his sins and let him stay in his girlfriend’s house or even marry her, people like them even make sautan as saheli/friend for her money; her friend’s husband had an affair in office and was kicked out of job immediately, what if same thing happens to Vanraj, how will they manage their house without Vanraj’s money.

Baa warns her to stop talking rubbish. Rakhi says her friend’s husband was a habitual offender (explains its meaning) who had affair in previous job, but his wife forgave him repeatedly for his money; may be that is why Anu forgave Vanraj, she should forgive even Kavya; if all the AC, TV, car, etc. are bought with Kavya’s money and because of this she is tolerating sautan since 8 years. She asks if she should explain in detail. Anu says she understood the meaning as one understands the tone without understanding language; says Vanraj comes here as he is related to this house till now. Baa says god sent Kavya here to know how cheap women look like and even Rakhi reminds them same.

Anu says markets run on wealth, but to run a house one needs dignity along with money, dignity is a new wrong for Rakhi and explains its meaning; even a single penny which enters this house is of their right, its better if she speaks about her daughter’s alliance. Rakhi says she came for the same and forcefully pulls engagement ring from Toshu’s finger, asks if its hurt, it should be. Baa asks if she had cheap intoxicated. Rakhi says she came to remove intoxication and their misunderstanding that Kinjal will marry Toshu. Anu says Rakhi ben. Rakhi warns her to call her Mrs. Davi, she is sending her daughter to US and if Toshu comes near her, it wouldn’t be good for him; they planned to lure Kinjal and get her married to Toshu, but she will not let that happen. She warns Toshu, Samar, and Pakhi to dare not try to call Kinjal here in lieu of party or if Toshu comes near her coaching classes, she will call the police.

Anu asks what is she getting by separating children and ruining their happiness, why don’t she understand that she understand that Kinjal is happy with Toshu. Rakhi says she knows to protect her daughter’s happiness and warns to stop giving her gyaan when she couldn’t control her husband. Baa says she should be kicked out and not gyaan. Anu says when there is a fire at home, there would be 3 people around; one whose house is burnt, one who thinks their house is safe, and one who just come to warm their hands; Rakhi is the one who comes to warm her hands; if she really loved Kinjal, she would realize that Toshu and Kinjal love each other immensely.

Rakhi shouts love my foot, even Anu loved Vanraj and he left her; she needs peaceful and lavish life for her daughter and not betrayal and poverty; if they all ever try to come near Toshu, she will send them to jail, then they shouldn’t say she didn’t warn them. She goes and sits in car. Kinjal walks to her and asks what is wrong with her, she came here after Nandini informed her, what did she tell Toshu’s family. Rakhi drags her in car and asks why did she come here, she will take her to US and get her engaged to they boy of her choice. Kinjal says she can’t do this. Rakhi says if Toshu is found near her or coachin class, she will send him to jail; Shah family cannot even afford a lawyer and will be in jail forever; warns that Kinjal came here for the last time and if she makes a mistake, Shah family will be punished, especially Anupama.

Toshu gets a panic attack and shouts. Pakhi gives him water, but he throws it away. Anu hugs him and says everything will be alright. He says nothing will, he cannot stay without Kinjal and their relationship is ending because of his parents and family. Samar asks him not to say that. Baa asks Anu to call Vanraj. Bapuji stops her saying Vanraj is a bad father. Baa says even then and tries to calm down Toshu. Anu calls Vanraj. Vanraj busy in office with Kavya notices her call. Kavya asks him to pick the call while she goes out. He picks call and switches on speaker. Anu says they both have to meet each other as parents, though they don’t like each other. He hears background voice and asks what happened. She says Toshu, Mrs Dave, he is out of control and she fears he may harm himself. Kavya says that woman is impossible. Vanraj shouts Mrs. Dave is behind his family, earlier she broke engagement and now is behind Toshu. Kavya says whatever happened is for good as Kinjal wouldn’t have adjusted in his house and Mrs Dave would have created some or other issue. Vanraj asks how can she say that, Toshu and Kinjal love each other, why don’t she stay away from his family matters. Kavya yells its his his house and his family, what about her, he should go and fall on Rakhi’s feet for Toshu. He says he has to meet Rakhi not as Vanraj Shah but as Toshu’s father, he will meet Anu tomorrow and find out solution.

Anu apologizes Bapuji for calling Vanraj ignoring his order and says she called Toshu’s father and not her husband or Bapuji’s son as Vanraj needs to know everything about his children as a father; after Rakhi’s drama, Toshu’s mother and father both need to handle the issue. Bapuji says she is right. She says Toshu is fine now; she wants to tell one thing, she wants to work to run this house like before, to not let mamaji go back home, to stop Bapuji returning his medicine, to stop Baa from counting each penny, etc; she doesn’t know when she will get a job, but she will do a job to support family. Baa reacts hearing that.

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