Saturday Update on A Magical Love Story 17th July 2021


Saturday Update on A Magical Love Story 17th July 2021

Aman spending time with his siblings. He does magic and helps Choti. Dadi comes and sits for breakfast. Roshni wakes up and screams. She sees Baazigar laughing and asks how can you laugh like this, Aman thinks he can do anything. She falls down. She asks Baazigar to stop dancing. Parveen comes to dine. Aman goes to her. Roshni gets ready. She passes by the well painting. The well calls her out. Roshni looks around. The water leaks from the painting. Dadi asks where is Roshni

Aman says she is sleeping, she was much tired. Sara and Saima tease him. He asks what. Dadi smiles. Roshni comes and sees Aman. She greets them. He asks how did you get down, come, sit, have food. Roshni sits. Parveen gets up and hits the plate. Roshni gets up and says I just came to greet morning, I had breakfast early morning, I have a habit to wake up soon. Aman looks at her. Roshni says I m done, you all have food. She goes.

Aman stops Parveen and asks her to have food. Phupi says how is this water coming here. She calls servant to clean it. Roshni sits in the bedroom. She feels hungry. Aman sees everyone eating. He does magic. He sends the food for Roshni. Roshni smiles and starts her breakfast. She enjoys it. She says Aman gets so cute some times. Phupi greets everyone.

Dadi says we have less time, we have to start Saima’s marriage arrangements. Aman says I want to discuss, I don’t think we should get Saima married now. Phupi asks why. Dadi says we know the guy well. Aman says its about Saima, I m sure mum will agree with me, a girl shouldn’t think about marriage until she is financially independent, she can marry later, right Saima. Saima cries and goes. Roshni turns and the water stops leaking from the painting. The water on the floor reaches her foot. Sara stops her and says come fast, Saima is crying a lot. Roshni goes. They go to Saima. Saima talks in Tamil. Roshni says I didn’t understand the language, but I understood emotions, don’t worry, I have a good idea. Parveen says Aftab has a good job, Saima doesn’t need a job. Aman says if she needs then. Dadi says we are here to support her, we have much money.

Aman says I m saying what I heard from mum, if mum was financially independent, you would have not been with dad. FB shows Parveen getting treated after suicide attempt. She says I left everything for Junaid, but he left me for a second woman, I wish I could work and raise my children, I would have never come back to him, I had to come back for the sake of my children, I wish I was earning. Little Aman hears her and sees Sara and Saima. He says sorry to remind old thing, but you have to remember old pain to get saved from new wound, if anything goes wrong, Saima should be capable to manage herself and her children. He hugs Parveen.

He says whatever we have, its of Saima, its not about money, but identity, why do we think that girl depends on dad and husband, I don’t want my sisters to be like this, we will make the girls capable that they support others, not ask for support. Dadi says you have a point, that family has a medical emergency, its a good alliance. Roshni says I have a better idea. Parveen says we won’t need your opinion, go to your room. She asks Aman will she take this girl’s opinion now. Aman says we shouldn’t talk like this in front of children.

Parveen says Roshni you made me alone in my family, I will not change my decision. Roshni says I will do what you say, I have an idea by which Saima can get financially independent, many people can speak Hindi and Tamil, people who know both languages together are rare, like Saima. Chotu says she is intelligent. Roshni says online films needs subtitles in languages. Saima says yes, I applied and can get revert soon, I promise I will work hard and become financially independent, but… Aman asks what.

Saima says I… Sara says Saima wants to say that she loves Aftab a lot, she is shying to tell you. Aman asks Saima to call Aftab in the evening, and do whatever she promised. He hugs Saima. They all hug. Dadi says one problem got solved, thanks Roshni. Parveen gets angry. She says everyone is blinded, Roshni is interfering, she shouldn’t come in front of Saima’s inlaws, I don’t want same Sangeet drama again. Roshni cries and goes.

Roshni making Saima ready. Saima asks about her dress for function. Roshni says I have much work, I won’t be able to come in the function. Aman looks on. Sara and Saima ask Roshni not to feel bad of Parveen’s words and get ready. Roshni says I have to obey her, she is a mother. Aman asks Roshni to get ready, he will talk to his mum. Roshni smiles. Phupi asks servant to remove paintings and fix flowers. She goes. Aman talks to Dadi. Dadi says Parveen broke down after Junaid’s cheat, she was in clinical depression, she stopped talking to her children too, I m worried that she may fall in depression again. Aman says I remember. Roshni goes to help Roshni. Parveen scolds her and goes. Aman says I will handle mum, until Saima’s marriage. Dadi nods. Aman comes to the room and sees Roshni crying. Roshni thinks of Parveen and cries. He asks didn’t you get ready. Roshni turns away. He does magic and gets clothes for her.

Roshni asks what’s the use to create unnecessary tension. He says you talk a lot and think a lot. She asks me? He says yes, stop overthinking, Sara and Saima invited you, I came to invite from their side. She jokes and says you had come to invite me, accept it. He says no. He goes. She laughs. Parveen says either Roshni or I will come in this function. Roshni gets ready. She hears someone calling her. The well water spreads on the floor again. Roshni turns.

Aman says the family should be together. Parveen says not outsiders, you said she is here for some days, you are behaving as if she is your life. Roshni thinks why am I going this way. She goes and collides with Phupi. Phupi says Aman isn’t that side. Parveen says you know what all I went through. Aman says Roshni isn’t deserving of this house, I will never accept Roshni as my wife, its matter of one month, I won’t have any relation with her. Roshni hears him and cries. Parveen asks promise. He says promise and hugs her. He says let Saima’s marriage happen. The servant removes the paintings. The well painting get stuck.

He calls other servants. They together pull off the painting. The water flows somewhere in Aman’s study and enters a book. Saima and Aftab get engaged. Saima says we have a surprise. She gets Aman and Roshni on stage. Sara says Aman and Roshni’s engagement is happening right now. Everyone claps. Parveen gets angry. Roshni thinks of his words. Aman and Roshni exchange the rings. Choti takes selfie with everyone. Aman sees Roshni going away from him. He goes after her. He asks what happened, why did you come this way. She bakes a cakes. He asks her again. She doesn’t answer. He does magic and disappears everything.

He changes the door position. He asks her to answer. She says I ignored your question. He asks why. She says I m not worried, I m okay. He says you are lying. She says I m not lying. He says you lie. She says you lie, I don’t lie, why did you hide that I m here just for a month. Everyone falls on the kitchen floor. She asks Aman again, why didn’t you say that I can never become your wife, we won’t have any relation after one month.

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