Nurses 3 Teasers on Telemundo March 2023


Nurses 3 Teasers on Telemundo March 2023

Coming up this March;

Carlos manages to get to the camp and meets María Clara, and they realise that Dr Aldana has a head injury.

Wednesday 1 March 2023 

Sandra admits to Reynaldo that she did nothing to help him get into the boarding school. The baby’s procedure, on the other hand, is a total success.

Thursday 2 March 2023 

There is a possibility that Mara Clara’s plan to stop many people from visiting the emergency room may be funded.

Friday 3 March 2023 

Marinela and the baby are both saved by Julio. Carlos seeks lvaro’s assistance as he enters the emergency department with a serious issue.

Saturday 4 March 2023 

Lina updates her social media accounts with details on Marinela’s baby while Gloria doubles up as a kangaroo mother.

Sunday 5 March 2023 

Julio confesses to Nicolás that he was the one who sabotaged his position at the bar. Thanks to Lina’s blog, Narsés appears at the hospital.

Monday 6 March 2023 

Gerson arrives at the health brigade where Julio is and assaults him. Manuela motivates him to report it.

Tuesday 7 March 2023 

María Clara’s project is approved. McKenzie walks out of the meeting, collapses in the hallway and is rushed to the ER.

Wednesday 8 March 2023 

Nicolás and Manuela take charge of several baby deliveries together with a new nurse.

Thursday 9 March 2023 

Julio finds out Francy’s secret and understands why she is so shy. Julio is summoned by the Prosecutor’s Office due to his cousin’s complaint.

Friday 10 March 2023 

Sol returns to her position after becoming a mother and learns her partner will be Gloria. Sports presenter Andrea Guerrero arrives at the hospital.

Saturday 11 March 2023 

David apologises to Andrea and explains that he is a professional photographer, but to survive he is a paparazzo.

Sunday 12 March 2023 

Dr Pérez talks with Colonel Monroy, who begins to clear the place for the arrival of the former president, who has been shot in the head.

Monday 13 March 2023 

Monroy says that the former president shot himself cleaning his weapon, but Carlos does not believe him and thinks that it could be a homicide.

Tuesday 14 March 2023 

Carlos receives a call informing him that the boat María Clara was in has disappeared. Hernando arrives at the hospital with the police.

Wednesday 15 March 2023 

Hernando gets up while his mum is asleep. Lina tries to stop him, but he attacks her. Carlos is upset for not knowing the whereabouts of his wife.

Thursday 16 March 2023 

Libertad feels upset because her father is not present. Julio tells Manuela about what is happening with his daughter.

Friday 17 March 2023 

Carlos manages to get to the camp and meets María Clara, and they realise that Dr Aldana has a head injury.

Saturday 18 March 2023 

When Dr Aldana’s surgery begins, Félix closes the operating room so that no one sees the procedure.

Sunday 19 March 2023 

Felix feels the post-op pain becoming more intense and has difficulty in hiding it from Gloria and the others.

Monday 20 March 2023 

Nicolás wins the karaoke contest and goes home with Manuela.

Tuesday 21 March 2023 

Reynaldo tries to hide the scratch on Félix’s car, but he notices and gets angry.

Wednesday 22 March 2023 

Lucero is surprised to hear that Álvaro wants to have children, as she thinks it will lead to suffering. Julio admits that he likes being with Lina.

Thursday 23 March 2023 

Sol asks the hospital staff for contributions to organise a party for Gloria, but no one is encouraged. Sarita sees her mother vomiting.

Friday 24 March 2023 

Eduardo is fed up with not getting results, Félix examines him and tells him that he must be patient and take therapy.

Saturday 25 March 2023 

Julieta goes to Eduardo and explains that her feelings are real. At first she did it for the money, but she has ended up falling in love.

Sunday 26 March 2023 

The nurses and residents surprise Felix and Gloria with a celebration for their marriage. Zulma goes into surgery and gives her daughter to Álvaro.

Monday 27 March 2023 

Byron arrives from prison and tells Lina his symptoms. She treats him like any other patient. Meanwhile, Guerra plays a prank on Andrade.

Tuesday 28 March 2023 

Jaime stands in for Félix by claiming that the second mail comes from college friends. The wedding day finally comes.

Wednesday 29 March 2023 

Gloria’s hand is extended to Félix by Violeta. He leaves the packet aside and promises to be truthful and honest in his vows.

Thursday 30 March 2023 

Jaime Guerra signs the contract with Santa Rosa but is disappointed to learn that lvaro would be the project coordinator. Laura Barjum shows up to the medical facility.

Friday 31 March 2023 

Having destroyed Félix’s marriage, Jaime apologizes to him. Marylin arrives at the hospital with Rodolfo’s fingers in a container.

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