Monday Update on Young Love September 3rd

Monday Update on Young Love

September 3rd Episode

Shiv’s house in jaitsar.
Anandi opens the door when somebody rings the bell at shiv’s house and is surprised to see meenu standing there.She

bends down to touch her feet but meenu ignores her and walks past and asks her where shiv is.She replies thatshiv is

busy on a call hence she cam, to open the door.She comments that she thought of her to be a cultured, well mannered and

mature girl but she didnt know she could be rash enough to be out of the house this late at night and daring to go back

alone.She also sees the dinner table and enquires if they wer talking work.Anandi says that she had come to give him

dinner.Meenu says there was no need as she had prepared food for him.Anandi said she diodnt know it and therefore She

and dadisa thought of getting food for him.Meenu goes on to advise her that she shouldnt be seen so late at shiv’s

house event hough they are engaged now.As it doesnt portray well on her image.Anandi is disturbd to see her talk like


Just then shiv returns and is pleasantly surprised to see her there.She says she was not feeling like leaving him

taking care of himself but she didnt know that he is being taken care of by anandi.She asks him to leave anandi despite

her saying that she would go herself.She sees them going with a scornful face.

She looks in the fridge and finds the food that she had made for him untouched and is disturbed.

On the road
While they are walking towards the haveli,he is talking about meenu’s surprise.He finds her lost and asks what’s

bothering her.she says that she thinks meenu didnt like the surprise.Shiv asks her not to worry as she was happy to see

that her son is being taken care of.He then changes the topic saying that though he is happy that meenu is with her,he

is also a little sad as he was looking forward to eating dinner with her every night and that is how she envisions her

marital life with him.She shyly smiles but doesnt say anything.He offers to spend a whole dayw ith her,she says meenu

might object.He says that it vmeans she doesnt have an issue and if thats the case he will find a way around to make it

happen.They reach near the haveli and he bids her goodnight and leaves.

Anandi’s school
In her class,anandi finds a thank yopu note along with some flowers that says that shiv looks forward to spending a day

with her.She notices that the attendance is very low.A student tells her that many students are falling sick.She gives

them safety and precautions to follow during this outbreak and is set to thinking that she along with shiv have to

discuss it seriously and take some actions.

Jaitsar mandi
Jagiya arrives with narayan to see off their grains but is confronted by dayal seth,a miser who doesnt give the proper

prices of the grains and is taking undue advantage of the farmer’s helplessness.When he gives narayna also a bad price

for his crop,jagiya gets angry and calls him dishonest and deliberately trying to loot the farmers.This infuritaes seth

and he wwarnns the farmers’ that due to his rude behaviour he woulndt let the farmers sell it anywhere else too.

This infuriates the farmers and they all start cursing jagiya for causing their loss.Jagiya however calms them down

saying that he would get them a fair price from a fair buyer.He calls up dayal seth and when he comes he said that he’s

ready to accept the challenge that he threw at him and would get the farmers’ a fair price for their grains.Jagiya

calls up a soni seth and starts negotiating with him about the grain price.After much deliberation,on being asked by

jagiya how much quantity the other farmers have to sell,they tell him their quantitites and jgaiya talks to seth about

the price of around 150 quintals.He gets a rate of 1500.When farmers tell him that soni would not do business whne he

knows dayal is involved,jagiya himself tells soni the truth and gets him to agree on that too.But he doesnt decide

straightaway,he puts the call on hold and asks dayal seth that ideally they would want to do business with him provided

he doesnt take their advantage.Sensing no option he agrees to the fair price of 1500.The farmers get very happy and

start praising and blessign jagiya for whom this became possible.

Jaitsar Collectorate office
While anandi and shiv are discusiing the rapidly spreading disease in the village,they are distracted by th noise of a happy procession.They are shocked when they see that The villagrs along with narayan are carrying jagiya on their arms like a shoulder.Anandi is wondering what did jagiay do that everybody including narayan is so happy with him.

Jaitsar haveli
Seeing bhairo talk on the phone with soni seth and talking about jagiya she asks him what was the talk about that involved jagiya’s mention,and if he had done anything wrond.Bhairo says no and tells him the entire incident about jagiay helping the farmers.Dadisa is appreciative of his work but bhairo has his doubts whether he has done it woht a false motive coz the jagiya he knows doesnt do anything for anybody but himself and that he has never thought about the well being of farmers.

Jaitsar Collectorate office
Narayan says that he has forgiven jagiya as maybe he has committed a mistake but he definitely is a man of good character.and he goes on to tell him the entire story.Both are appreciative of his work.jagiya tells them that he has thought of a plan of setting up a cooperative agency for the farmers to enroll as members and that through that they would gt the proper price for their grains,if not in jaitsar then other cities such as jaipur.Also if any farmer doesnt have good grains in one season the agency can offer some financial help to the farmer to pull him throught the bad stretch. Shiv is extremely happy at the proposal and asks jagiya to take over the project as its promoter and that till there is no new office set up for this project,he could function from hereitself.Also he provides jagiya a computer and net connection on his demand.And finally thanking shiv,jagiya leaves.

During the afternoon,when the servant brings forward their lunch,they start eating together but are interrupted by jagiya who comes in with a concern and notices his favourite vegetable in anandi’s food and remembers himsels rebuking anandi for making oily food.He couldnt help but comment that thsi vegatable made by anandi was liked by everybody in the house especially jagiya.Now that they have left him,he thought that they wouldnt be making this vegetable in the house,as it would remind them of jagiya.Seeing anandi getting increasingly disturbed,he also asks her is they all still remember him anytime in the haveli. Then he apologizes for picking up the past and disturbing them in their lunchtime.Shiv offers him to have lunch with them so that he can have his fabourite sabzi.But he politely denies and walks off.

Outside the office,he is fuming with anger and thinks that he would definitely get to eat this vegetable once again but in his own haveli.

Sitting in his office,he is reminded of the way shiv and ananid were eating lunch together.Meanwhile anandi too cant get jagiya’s words out of her head.sensing her lost,shiv offers to begin eating.She says she has to go as she is not hungry one bit and leaves leaving behind shiv thinking deep.

Jagiya is fuming with anger at anandi when he accidentally comes across a folder titled TENDERS AND PROPOSALS.He stealthily opens the folder to look into the project costing and other important documents relating to the project.Meanwhile anandi leaves shiv’s office and starts walkiing towards jagiya.Jagiya is jolted when he finds bhim singh behind hima nd shuts down the folder hurriedly.Bhim singh scornfully tells him to vacate as he has work on the computer.Jagiya is looking around with a stealing glance.

Jaitsar haveli
Andndi is bombarded with questions about today’s incidents by dadisa and when she asks her what was shiv’s reaction to the whole village praising jagiay,bhairo asks her to stop and asks her if everything is alright.Anandi says that there is an increasing danger of epidemic in the village and more and more people are falling sick and she had gone to shiv to discuss this problem.Bhairo asks for lal singh’s no and calls him up and tells him that he should keep a list ready of th meds that he would need and that they would do whatever it takes to help and for further help would urge the collector.Lal agrees to get the list ready.

Jaitsar Collectorate office
Jagiya comes in shiv’s chamber before taking off for the day and thanks him again for this oppurtunity.He suddenly notices gond ke laddoo on his desk and asks whether anandi ate those.When shiv asks why,he replies that maybe shiv doesnt know,but she hates this sweet.And asks if she never told him this.But then he himself replies saying that she must hav forgotten.Shiv says that he doesnt know much about anandi’s likes and dislikes but this sweet was for me and that for anandi he had brought jalebis but she didnt get to taste her favourite sweet and left.

Jagiya takes his leave and walks out with a vicious look on his face whereas shiv is sitting troubled in his office.