Monday Update On Young Love Sept 24

Monday Update On Young Love Sept 24

Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar and jaitsar haveli.
Everybody is enjoying in the haldi ceremony while shiv’s family does the haldi tilak of shiv.Meanwhile,anandi who is finished with the ceremony is being washed off by sumitra and the other ladies.Then she is brought to the temple under an odhni and sumitra does the tilak of lord ganesha and anandi respectively.

Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar and jaitsar haveli.
After the ceremony,both the families are enjoying and dancing at their respective houses.While shiv’s family too is enjoying the haldi ceremony,they are shocked when the police comes to arrest shiv.A CBI officer informs them that he has been accused of corruption in the railway proposal case.When shiv says that he himself checked the figures,he tells him that they have noticed some tampering with the proposed budget. All are shocked.Meenu tells them that its preposterous that shiv might be involved in such things as he is well known for his honesty and diligence.Alok too voices the same opinion.Ira pleads them that he is getting haldi done today and could they take him tomorrow for investigation.dadu calms everybody down saying that they too are doing their job.Shiv too agrees to come with them to clear the confusion and changes into formals.He leaves while his family watches.

In the haveli,too amidst all the merriment,a villager informs too and they are also shocked to hear of shiv’s arrest.They run upto him to ask about it.he says he doesnt know what its about but definitely knows since he saw himself.Bhairo and basant decide to go to the police station.Anandi too,but she is topped citing it as a bad omen,her stepping out of the haveli after haldi but she decides against such superstition and leaves with the men.

Location: In the police station.
In the interrogation room,the CBI officer shows shiv the changed figures in the proposl that led to charges of corruption against him.When he leaves,shiv is boggled as to how it happened.

Outside,dadaji says he haas belief in the system and everything would be cleared soon after investigation and shiv would be back.sanchi again puts this on anandi saying,that he would be back but after having suffered all the humiliation and insult that marrying anandi brought on him as a bad luck as it had never happened before that he was charged with such serious accusations.Alok tells her to shut up.She rattles on saying that anandi being selfish and self centered would soon be here to break off her marriage with him after hearing about this.Ira too shuts her up saying that she should be quiet if she cant say anything good.

Meanwhile anandi arrives with her family.They are told that shiv is in the interrogation room.Dadaji too shows his ignorance as to what happned in the office.Dadisa asks them not to worry as he would soon be out charge free since he hasnt done anything wrong,as the world is full of fools who will regret later for having laid hands on such an honest man like him.Ira laments that she still cant believe he has been arrested.She never thought in her wildest dreams that she would have to ever witness this,and that too on a day shiv is performing the rituals of his marriage.

Location: Interrogation rroom inside the police station
Anandi meets shiv and pats him reassuringly on the shoulder telling him that it would soon be okay and he would walk out innocent and charge free from the police station.She asks that she doesnt know how it happened.Shiv asks her to remember the time they went through the final draft of the proposal with bhim singh in the office,when she nods,he tells her that it boggles him that even after checking the draft how could the figures have changed.Anandi offers to go to his office and look at the extra copy in bhim’s computer to look for anomalies.

Sensing him distant,she asks him whats the matter.He tells her that he thought he would give her all the happiness in the world.But instead he has ben responsible for her suffering,first by refusing to marry her without asking her and now this.He says that he thinks that anandi should give a second thought to their marriage.Anandi calmly asks him would he have posed this question had they already been married.He argues that she has earned a lot of respect in the society through hard work,and he doesnt want to be the reason for her humiliation in the society now.She cups his face in hr hands and tells him that their names are not linked today,they were linked the day they decided to get married,and that day only,all his troubles were hers too.She says that she would try everything possible to get him out of this mess.He has to believe that she is with him all through this with the fullest faith and that would be the basis through which she sees their future together.He looks upto hr with gratitude.The screen freezes on anandi’s tearful face.

Underlying Message: A man with honesty and perseverance always has faith in his work and believes that nothign can go wrong with him.This is his strength as well as his weakness since this leads them to firmly believe that thier faith cant be tampered.

Location: In the police station.
Anandi consoles him that she would go talk to the cm for him and he should not lose hope.meenu watches all this and is filled with emotion.When anandi comes out to meet them and tells them that she’s going to call the cm,meenu hugs her and says that now she understands why god decided to get them married.It was because handling shiv’s responsibility and to do a task they needed a girl like anandi by his side as his wife.Looking at sanchi,she rememebers the bitter words she had spoken about anandi.Sanchi too is somewhat guilty.Just then bhim singh comes and tells them that the cm has suspended shiv pending further investigation and apologized for not being able to help them.Everybody is tensed to hear this.

Inside shiv too is devastated when the CBI officer shows him the suspension letter from the cm.Anandi comes in and tells him to be strong in this situation of crisis,for the sake of his family members,who would be devastated if he breaks down now.Dadaji too comes in with the family,and tells him to fight and come out winning from this like a fighter,since the whole of jaitsar is with him,dadisa too adds.

Just thn the police officer comes in asking the CBI officer to come out to give a byte to the media about this.When he refuses citing thats not his compulsion,anandi comes forward that being the sarpanch of jaitsar,she would face the media,as they need to know that the allegations on shiv is false.

Location: Outside the police station
While reproters are giving in news bytes to their respective channels,Het Singh,the legislative minister of jaitsar walks in reminding of his previous unpleasant experiences with shiv,when he badmouthed about anandi in front of shiv.The reproters throng him to ask for his statement on the recent developments.he sarcastically begins to say,that they were just shocked,he was eternally sad that somebody who they had thought was the epitome of honesty and working whole heartedly for the development of the district since it became one,was actually fooling them all along and was actually a very corrupt officer.He says that he should have guessed it when he rejected his proposal for the dam project for the village.In fact recently,he has been roaming around with his wife,anandi who also is the sarpanch of the village more than paying attention to work.He cant bear such indiscipline and corrupt officer in his area.

Anandi storms in saying that to corrupt jaitsar,only one man if enough pointing at him.She reprimands the reporters for talking to a person,who has never thought of anybody else but himself and his whole purpose of becoming a minister was to amass wealth for himself rather than the welfare of the people.She asks him who gave him the right to talk to the reporters about shiv and call him corrupt as everybody has seen shiv’s contribution to jaitsar’s development.she goes on to tell them everything that shiv has been doing for them.Shiv and the CBI officer watching from their cell.She says that unlike het singh,shiv has always listened to people’s compliant and responded too.and every villager in jaitsar can be a witness to that.

Het singh claps comments that be a household lady or a sarpanch,a woman anywhere cant take her husband’s insult therefore anandi too is reacting like this.Het singh confronts anandi saying that she might be giving speeches but the fact is that her husband’s name has been involved in a corruption scam worth lakhs.She nevertheless fearlessly faces the media with her strong belief in his innocence.He says that marriage mustnt have been easy for hiom and therefore to cope with the increasing expenses,he resorted to but is cut short by dadji who gets flared up at shiv’s insult like that and tells him that they are ancestral rich and honest people who do not need to resort to cheap tricks like other people to amass wealth,as they have enough to fend them for 7 generations.he says that he isnt scared of bullets and least of all from a minister like him who unlike the soldiers that he fought agaginst doesnt want the betterment of his own people.

Anandi then resumes her statement to the media that this is a conspiracy against shiv by someone who doesnt want his well being and that the truth shall ultimately prevail.And if they have to take bytes they should take it from the villagers who will vouch for shiv as if they were his parents.

Location: At a dhaba
Meanwhile at a dhaba,jagiya sees the news regarding shiv’s arrest and is shocked and baffled and remembers himself as the person altering the figures on bhim’s PC.

Location: Shiv’s office in jaitsar
Anandi and bhim singh go through a hard copy of the file and find the figures correct.they then deduce that somebody has indeed tampered with the figures in the soft copy in their office.

Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Sanchi gets tea for everybody but is concerned to see everyone disturbed.Location: Jaitsar haveli
Bhairo talks to the lawyer on the phone and tells dadisa that the lawyer is ready with all documents to proceed with the case.Anandi comes down the stairs saying that she is going to the police station.gehna gives her tea in a flask for shiv.On her way out,she passes sumitra praying in the temple.she too stops and starts praying.