Monday Update on Young Love June 25 Episode

Monday Update on Young Love

June 25 Episode

Dadisa takes makhan along in her jeep and goes to collector’s office. She wonders what excuse she can use to get to talk to new collector. She sees bhirm singh place documents in shiv’s jeep. Dadisa asks makhan to do her work and gives him a hair pin. Makhan is perplexed and scared . Dadisa yells at him to do her work. Makhan proceedadisa to collector’s jeep and flattens one of the tires. Shiv approaches and dadisa gets tense. She starts panicking that makahan is not done and prays shiv doesn’t approach until makhan is done . Bhim forgets something and runs inside while shiv waits for him. Makhan is done and runs away. Dadisa sendadisa him to the market.

Dadisa approaches shiv and pretendadisa to have just seen him. Shiv tells her that he is on his way to a meeting. Bhim notices the flat tire and shows it to shiv. Dadisa dramatically wonders aloud how it happened. Bhim offers to take shiv in his bike, but dadisa offers to take him instead. Shiv is reluctant, but bhim pounces on the idea and nudges shiv to agree.

Shiv agrees and drives the jeep. On the way, dadisa ka detective work shuru! She asks about shiv’s whereabouts. Bhim tells her that shiv is from udaypur and has a huge haveli there. Dadisa tries to ask about shiv’s schooling. Bhim tells her that shiv has studied abroad. Dadisa is annoyed that bhim is not allowing shiv to talk. Dadisa asks about the food anandi got him. She starts praising anandi.

Bhim blurts out that he ate the puris. Shiv explains that he is allergic to peas, but he ate the halwa. Dadisa is happy and starts praising anandi again. Shiv reaches his meeting place and thanks dadisa and starts to leave. Dadisa then invites shiv to dinner. Bhim tries to intervene and gets yelled at royally by dadisa. Dadisa insists that shiv should come home for dinner. She promises to have nothing done out of peas. Shiv agrees. Dadisa requests shiv to come alone and he agrees. Dadisa is super happy.

Dadisa comes home excitedly and tells gehna and anandi to prepare a feast and have makhan clean the haveli real well. She tells them the menu fo rthe night.bhairav comes there and asks dadisa who is coming home for dinner. Dadisa declares that she has invited shiv for dinner. B&b are flabbergasted. Anandi too is not happy and tells dadisa that she should not have done so. She feels shiv thinks there would be some ulterior motive. Dadisa ignores all this and warns anandi not to put peas in anything. Dadisa drives the bheendni’s to start cooking. Anandi wonders where dadisa got info about shiv’s likes and dislikes. Dadisa vows to do something to change anandi’s mind about shiv.

Gauri comes home to a dirty house and findadisa jagat sleeping on the couch. She starts cleaning and jagat wakes up. Gauri tells him to heat up the food for her while she freshens up. Jagat doesn’t look happy.

Anandi and gehna are preparing food. Dadisa comes there to inspect and starts ordering around to get everything around and seems very tense.