Monday Update on Young Love June 18

Monday Update on Young Love

June 18

There are guests in the house and family are feeding them, they have nok jhok on eating more of the kheer. Anandi tells them that the girls in the school wish to perform for the procession, there are no problems with this as long as the festival goes smoothly. Bhairon asks about the new collector, we are imformed that he is a very dedicated person and always keeps track of his work and his name is Shivraj Shekar. We find he is a honourable person. DS seemed to be impressed with what she is hearing. Anandi reassures that everything will be handled in time. DS tells Anandi that even though she has confidence in her to still make sure that the festival is a great hit. DS states that this collector seems like a very strict person. Anandi hopes that the collector is a nice person and the people in Jetsar take to him. DS says that she is sure that Anandi will have an effect on the collector.

Jagat is recalling the words said by Anandi and the slap, he gets up and throws the family portrait hanging on the wall on the floor. Gauri comes running in and asks what the matter is, Jagat replies he doesn’t want a family like them and he does not want any relation with them, Gauri adds they don’t need anyone they are enough for each other. Gauri informs Jagat about her first day at work and being made an assistant, Jagat just listens on DS informs Gehna that Shyam and Sugna is not able to come as they have to go to some wedding procession, and to not make her family feel bad they need to go to the wedding procession. People come in with clothes for the festival, and DS says what sort of clothes they have brought and to show nice clothes.

Anandi comes and DS calls her down to choose what to wear tomorrow, she tells her to buy something new for the festival. Anandi is telling a bedtime story to the kids before they go to sleep, when she sees they have fallen asleep she tucks them in. Anandi is out in the fields and notices someone riding on a horse and they are coming towards them. As the rider goes past her her pallu goes in her face, Anandi wakes up startled, and says it was only a dream and wonders that she never saw the face of the rider. Ds is waiting for Anandi and wonders what is taking so long. Anandi is brought down by Sumitra and she is all dressed up and adorned and looks beautiful. DS just looks at Anandi with a smile on her face.