Monday Update on Young Love July 30

Monday Update on Young Love

July 30 Episode

Anandi sits sadly near a window. Khajan and Shivu come there. Shivu goes to Anandi and tries to console her. Shiv tells Anandi that he may not understand what she is going through, he knows it is very difficult, but he is always there if Anandi wants to share her grief. Anandi looks at Shivu. She doesn’t say anything, but looks grateful.

In Mumbai, JB sleeping sukh ki neend, Gauri maate dreaming about Bhago. She wakes up frightened, she tries to go back to sleep, but looks upset.

In Bilaharia, Anandi remembers her mother and cries, unable to sleep.Bhairav calls Sumitra and tells her about Bhago. Sumitra gets very upset and cries. Anandi wakes up and goes outside to cry. Bhairav sees this. He tells Sumitra that Anandi needs her as she is the only one she will be able to share her grief with. Bhairav hands over the phone to Anandi. Anandi cries a lot. Sumitra tells Anandi to cry out all her grief. She apologises to Anandi for not being there. She consoles Anandi to see how many people are there to support her. Anandi says that her mother would have been happy to see so much love for Anandi at her sasra. Anandi asks Sumitra to come back soon. She then realises BM needs Sumitra and tells Sumitra to take care of BM.

Gauri keeps getting nightmares about Bhago. She wakes up terrified. JB asks her what happened. Gauri is hysterical and says that Bhago’s spirit is out to get her. JB tries to console her. He tells Gauri that they have done nothing wrong as they were in love and fought the world to be one. Gauri says that their happiness comes at the price of Anandi’s happiness, because of them Anandi is alone today. So her mother is definitely going to want revenge. JB is left speechless. He still tries to say that he is not responsible for Anandi’s state.

In Bilaharia the next morning, Khajan is too heartbroken and remembers Bhago. Just then Anandi comes there with tea for him.

Anandi’s dad talking what will he do when they leave, every corner in the house reminds him of Bhago. Anandi brings tea and what her dad to have something to eat. Her dad replies that he needs to get used to this situation as once she leaves he will be alone. DS tells him to let Anandi take care of him, she is his daughter first and Anandi can stay for as long as she wants. Her dad replies that he has given some thought and to have barsi in 15 days time.
Gauri speaking to her mother about the dream that Bhago was trying to kill her. She tells her mother its driving her crazy, her mother tries to console her and make her feel better but it doesn’t work. Her mother tells Anandi about a baba but Gauri rubbishes the idea of voodoo and dismisses the idea and accounts it to stress.
Anandi’s questions this and her dad replies that he wants Bhago’s wishes as soon as possible and so that there is no stoppage in happiness happening. He wants Anandi’s remarriage to happen so that Bhago’s aatma can rest in peace. Anandi states he promised she will remarry, her dad wants Anandi to get remarried as soon as possible. DS reassures that as Bhago wanted it shall happen like that
Shiv wondering if he should call or not and keeps remembering Anandi crying. He is recalling Anandi happy at his birthday and wishes that he could do something. He goes to call Anandi, Anandi is looking a photos and gets emotional
Shiv talks to Anandi and asks how she is and enquires about her dad. She tells him that everyone is trying to cope with the situation but it is hard. Anandi tells him about what is happening, Shiv asks if he can come but Anandi says no. She doesn’t want him to take it wrongly but she wants it to be just the 3 of them. Shiv reminds Anandi of the promise and to let him know if she needs anything.
A guy comes in with methai as his sisters marriage has been fixed. He recalls his scene with Anandi about Jalebi’s and promises if he eats Jalebi again it will be with Anandi.
Gauri at work talking to parents about their daughter. She then again recalls Bhago’s words and gets affected by it. Gauri prescribes a medicine that the patient is allergic to and is reprimanded by the senior doctor for her mistake
Everyone is sitting down to have something to eat, but Anandi’s father is not able to eat anything. Anandi then feeds her dad food.