Monday Update on Young Love July 23

Monday Update on Young Love

July 23 Episode

In the morning Anandi wonders where DS and Bhairav went early in the morning. Gehna says they have gone on some important government work. Shivu calls Anandi to let her know that the school inspector will be coming for inspection. He offers to pick up Anandi, but Anandi refuses. She asks Basanth to have the driver drop her. Basanth says he is on leave. Gehna gets an idea and tells Anandi to go with Shivu, But Basanth offers to drop her. Anandi goes to get ready. Gehna chides Basanth and tells him that they should support Shivu and should let Shivu pick up Anandi. Basanth wonders how he can do that. Gehna again gets an idea. She makes up some excuse of wanting to go to temple and tells Anandi that they will drop her at Shivu’s office.

In Mumbai, Gauri’s phone rings. Gauri tells JB to answer as she is in the bathroom. JB sees that it is Bade papa’s phone. JB wishes Bade papa, Gauri hears this and panics. She rushes outside. JB asks BP why he has stopped calling. BP asks JB if Gauri hasn’t told him anything. Before he can tell JB anything, Gauri snatches the phone and goes inside. BP tells Gauri that he will be closing their joint account and hangs up. JB is suspicious. He questions Gauri, Gauri makes up some excuse. JB is not convinced, but he brushes it off.

Anandi and Shivu meet the inspector and are happy. After the inspector leaves, Anandi waits for Basanth to pick her up. Shivu offers to drop Anandi as it is raining. Basanth calls just then to say he can’t pick her up as he has to get the jeep repaired. He then suggests that Shivu can drop her home. Anandi is perplexed. Gehna is happy. In order to protect their lie, Basanth suggests that they go roaming .

DS and Bhairav come to Bilaharia to meet Anandi’s parents. Khajan is surprised to see them. As DS and Bhairav come in, they see that Bhago is sick. They are shocked. DS asks if she has some illness. Khajan says she is heartbroken and has been like this since Anandi and JB’s relationship soured. Khajan says that they have hidden Bhago’s state from Anandi too. DS and Bhairav are upset.

Bhairon asking why no one was informed about Anandi’s mothers illness, Anandi father states that he was told not to say anything, as Anandi is going through a lot. Anandi’s mother saying how long will Anandi live this this, her father asks why they didnt bring Anandi with them. DS informs her parents that Anandi has got a divorce from Jagat, her parents are shocked hearing this, Anandi’s mother breaks down crying about what Anandi is going through.

Bhago is told to control herself or she will make herself worse. Bhago continues what if the family in future let Anandi go just like Jagat has done, what will happen then. DS explains that nothing like this will happen as long as they are breathing. Bhago states they say big words, if this was true then they wouldnt have let Jagat play with Anandi’s life like this. DS explains that they think of Anandi as the daughter of the house, they are not doing this they are acting on it, one great thing for a father is to wed their daughter and Bhairon will do this, if Anandi leaves the haveli it will be as a wedded bride. DS explains that they want Anandi to get married again. Anandi’s parents are shocked hearing this. DS explains whether they look at society or the hapiness of their daughter, she has seen the world more, DS states how long will Anandi live like this, what will happen then. Anandi is able to look after herself, but in future will need companionship

Bhairon and DS tell them who they think are suitable for Anandi, they continue that Shiv knows everything about Anandi and whats important is that Shiv likes Anandi. They however need to get Anandi to agree to this, but they promised Anandi that they will not enforce her to get married. DS shows a photo of Shiv. They get emotional looking at the picture and seeing Anandi smiling. Bhairon continues that they have thought hard about this, Shiv is a good person and helps people above and beyond. They talk about the positives of Shiv to Anandis parents. Bhago regrets what she said and she apologizes for saying what she did

Bhago is happy knowing that the family are thinking of Anandi’s future and about getting her married again and getting another chance at happiness. DS explains that Anandi has stated that she doesnt want to marry and they are here to ask Bhago to speak to Anandi about getting married again. Bhago states that Anandi will not say no to her as she is her mother and not to worry about it, she will get Anandi to agree. DS is happy knowing that Bhago has agreed. DS states she will bring Anandi tomorrow to see Bhago.