Monday Update on Young Love July 16

Monday Update on Young Love

July 16 Episode

Anandi reveals to Shiv that he is being unfair to Ashima who loves him a lot. Ashi listens over the phone and is upset. Shivu tries to convince Anandi that Ashi is just his friend. Anandi tells him that he is stone-hearted not only to others, but his close ones too. She leaves. Shiv is shocked and then realises Ashi is stil on the phone. Ashi apologises for revealing everything to Anandi. Shivu does not blame her, he instead apologises for not understanding her feelings toward him. As far as he is concerned, they are only friends. Ashi tells Shivu that she is not in love with him and makes him laugh with her talks. Shivu is relieved.

Ashi tells Shivu that his dream girl is Anandi, and they are made for each other. Only Anandi is suitable for him. She will always remain his best friend and he has to be Anandi’s. Shivu is not sure if Anandi will be part of his life anymore. He is very upset and on the verge of tears. Ashi feels bad. Shivu hangs up. Ashi resolves to get Shivu and Anandi together.

Gauri mata gets ready and leaves for work without a word to Jaggu bhikari. Jaggu doesn’t care and feels that its better he doesn’t talk to Gauri. JB decides to put his life back on track. He says he needs to be better than Gauri, only then she will start respecting him.

Anandi thinks about the day’s happenings and cries. Ashi calls Anandi. Anandi tells Ashi must be feeling bad about Shivu’s intentions to marry Anandi. Ashi tells her that she is not in love with Shiv, but is his best friend. Ashi implores Anandi to accept Shivu’s proposal. She tells her to forget her past and move on. Anandi refuses. She says she has been scarred by the betrayal of her true love and can never feel that towards anyone else. Her past is what inspires her to do well. She also requests Ashi never to talk about this again.

In Mumbai, JB gets the notice for the final hearing in his divorce.(Wow, court is open at 10:30 pm on Saturday?). JB thinks this is for the best, he wants to start afresh.

DS knocking on the door but Anandi is not opening it, and DS scolds Anandi that she will pinch her ears, DS states that she didn’t do this to upset her, but she realises she went ahead with the idea. DS gets teary and apologises, Anandi opens the door and DS has her hand folded in apology, Anandi hugs her. DS thinking that no matter how upset Anandi is she will have her remarried and that God wants this as well that Anandi’s life is filled with colors and happiness again.

Village people wondering why Anandi isn’t here yet, she arrives late to the meeting, she looks solemn, and when asked she states she is ill but is fine to continue the meeting.
Anandi starts the meeting and they are talking about the Nehar and who should start it, she continues if Collector Saab agrees the children have organized a song to perform, the meeting continues in mute. As everyone leaves Shiv asks if he can talk to her for a minute, but Anandi makes excuse to go home and leaves.

At home Bhairon asks about the meeting and the function, Anandi states that she doesn’t feel like going to the function, but Bhairon says that she must go as Sarpanch, but Anandi is adamant that she doesn’t want to go. Bhairon states he knows exactly why she doesn’t want to go and wants her to think if this this right. He states when people mix personal and professional it shows weakness and that Anandi is not like this. As Anandi leaves Bhairon stating that now she doesn’t even want to see Shiv and that DS should speak to Shiv, DS stating how can she do this, but he continues that this wasn’t his fault yet Shiv is getting the blame

At the function Shiv and Anandi are asked to lay the first brick together, as Shiv goes forward Anandi states that Shiv should do it alone, she informed that she is not only the Sarpanch but the pride of Jetsar, therefore they should do this together as it was an collective effort to make this project happen.

DS encourages her to do it as well and Anandi relunctantly agrees. As they both go to hold the brick Anandi’s fingers brush past Shiv’s and there is a short moment, Shiv then moves his hand to the side and they lay the brick together, but at the end she lets go first.

Shiv looks at both Bhairon and DS and they look embarrassed to see him. Shiv gives methai to DS. DS apologies to Shiv for what happened, she didn’t know what to say to him. DS didn’t realise that Anandi would react like this. Bhairon informs that it wasn’t the right time as she had just received her divorce papers. Shiv replies that he understands how Anandi must have felt. DS continues that at this age is when in the city marriage talks happen for the first time and Anandi cannot life the rest of her life as she is now

DS requests that he doesn’t speak to his family just yet, he agrees and that he will wait for a final answer and that this marriage should be her choice. They all notice Anandi and stop their talks. Shiv takes his leave. Anandi states she wants to go home and she will wait in the car.

Gauri bumps into one of her friends, she asks about him and he informs that he told Jagat yesterday that he is going to America and has a pooja that he had invited them to. Gauri covers stating that due to her busy schedule she forgot. He continues that the money Jagat borrowed he can return anytime. Gauri is confused why Jagat borrowed money and what was the need