Monday Update on Young Love August 6

Monday Update on Young Love

August 6 Episode

Gehna brings Anandi down. Everyone is impressed by Anandi. DJ asks DS if they exchanged girls since this one is very beautiful . DJ asks Anandi some questions, but DS keeps answering on her behalf. DJ tells DS to let Anandi answer and asks her if she likes gardening. Anandi says she doesn’t know much about it. DJ promises to teach her. Irawati tells everyone that DJ is very fond of his garden. He has also named all his plants. DS is perplexed and wonders if he doesn’t have humans to talk to . DJ tells that his plants are his children.

CM asks if Anandi wants to work after marriage. Anandi says she would like to work, provided her family is not affected by it. She promises to not let her work affect her family life. Nandu comes running declaring the moon is out. He is confused to see all the guests. DS introduces Nandu. DS offers that the Shekar’s to sit and eat some snacks while they finish their pooja. Shekhar’s offer to accompany the Singh’s

Gehna performs chaand pooja and Shiv’s dad (SD) captures it. Anandi remembers her childhood teej with Jagya. She performs her pooja alone while in Mumbai, Gauri happily performs it with JB. Anandi’s lamp is about to go out and Shiv help save it. Anandi and Shiv stare at each other while others look on happily, except CM. Irawati tells CM that she knows she is not very happy with this proposal, but she should notice how happy Shiv is and since she has raised Shivu more than anyone else, she should trust his judgment. Next year, Anandi will perform this vrat with Shivu and Shivu will break Anandi’s fast.

In Mumbai, JB feeds Gauri. Anandi again breaks her own fast, while remembering past teej with JB. DS consoles Anandi. DS asks everyone to eat. Irawati asks them to complete the rituals first. CM makes Anandi wear shagun jewels and declares that Anandi is now a member of Shekhar family. Everyone is happy. Anandi looks sad.