Monday Update on Young Love August 27

Monday Update on Young Love

August 27 Episode

Shiv’s house in Jaitsar
Dadaji comes in and asks alok to keep his favourite painting away in the attic.On being asked for the reason by shiv,he tells him that now he doesnt have to content himself with the painting but that he can actually enjoy its beauty because their long impending case in the court regarding the possession of th haveli has been given in their favour and they own it now.Everybody is overjoyed to hear it.Dadadji gets a little emotional thinking about the haveli and its memories and the way he spent time in it with his wife,also the way he decorated each and every corner with his gardening and how every inch of the haveli bears memories of his childhood.Meenu offers to prepare sweets for the happy occasion but ira tells her not to do that as they could have sweets along with anandi’s family and share this news with them.On being in a puzzle as to what sweet they should take,they tease shiv in the name of jalebi as they are anandi’s favourite.

Jaitsar Haveli
Shiv with his family and some jalebi are seated at anandi’s place ad tell them about the happy news.Dadisa mistakes the name of the haveli to be something related to his gardening but dadaji goes on to explain it all and his attachment to the haveli.They are also happy.Gehna goes on to bring sweets.Dadisa says that now anandi’s transition would be even smoother as she would go from one haveli to another.Dadaji too shows an interest in residing permanaently in the haveli only.Dadaji shows anandi the pics of the haveli.Dadisa and bhairo seem disturbed.Dadaji shows them the pics.They both are appreciative of the haveli.Then dadisa goes on to tell them about the mannat and asks for their permission for anandi and shiv to visit the shrine together.Ira is happy to hear this and says that anandi’s arrival has brought such a good news in the family and they too would go to seek blessings on such an occassion.On being invited by shiv’s family to come along,dadisa refuses as they have an important meeting with the farmers in the afternoon.So they decide to send anandi with shiv’s family.Dadu comments on missing dadisa on the trip,everybody is amused and dadisa is as usual embarassed.

On the road
Jagiya while washing his face under a tap,overhears people talking about some burglary in the house behing the temple and the owner having sutained injuries being admitted in the hospital.He remembers being in the same house the night before and also thinks that in his retreat had pushed the person which might have caused the injury.On hearing talks about catching the person,he feels scared and decides to duck before anybody identifies him to be that person.

Jaitsar haveli
Bhairo is shown on the phone talking about giving all possible assistance to a person int he hospital.Dadisa asks him what is it about,he goes on to tell the story of the same man that the villagers were talking about.Dadisa goes on to curse the guy who would want to harm such a harmless innocent man.They both are however boggled as to what could be the reason of the intrusion if nothing was stolen.

On the road and collector’s office
Bhim singh calls up shiv to talk about something but knowing that he’s out with family decides not to talk and puts down the phone.On the other hand,shiv’s family along with anandi have left for the mandir.Dadaji comments that after marriage,it is going to be extremely difficult for anandi to separate bhim singh from shiv.Everybody laughs.

The temple
shiv’s family at the dhaba near the mandir are sitting and discussing plans to deck up the temple by the time of shiv’s marriage.As dadaji had been unable to fulfill his dream of living in the haveli with alok and his wife,he now wishes to fulfill his dream by doing so with anandi and shiv.Ira too butts int o help him in cleaning up the haveli and decorating it up.Meanwhile shiv and anandi are roaming in the mandir and suddenly realise that they have left their family far behind.She offers to wait up for them to catch up,but shiv says that she didnt realise that they had moved far because they were alone.Anandi looks up at him with shy romantic expression.

Jaitsar hospital
Lal singh finds jagiya in the hospital and immediately offers him help spare clothes and some food when he gets to know that he hasnt eaten anything and spent his night on the road.He also reprimands him for not coming to himfor help.Jagiya looks grateful in his eyes.rues about the fact that a nice respectabl life of a doctor was handed to him on a palate by his family in the form of this hospital and he threw it all away blinded by the glamour of mumbai and city life.he could have had the position

In the mandir
Shiv sees anandi watching at a bangle store in glee and rummaging through different varieties of bangles.He comes up and asks her about her fascination.She tells him about her passion for bangles and how she used to love buying bangles in childhood.Hhe takes the liberty to help her wear some bangles when she refuses to buy them on her own.He picks out green coloured ones for her,she remembers jagiya as a child motioning her to buy green ones.She asks him how did he know about her favourite colour.He starts adorning her with bangles.They share a romantic eye lock while doing so.It breaks when shiv notices his parents watching them in appreciation.following shiv’s glaze,when she sees his parents,she immediately snatches her hands causing some bangles to break.Meenu sees this and gets upset.While ira is lovingly patting anandi on the forehead,she is wondering how shiv goes out of his limits to please anandi,who doesnt reciprocate in the same manner and has a problem if even seen holding hands with him.She doubts her efficiency as a lifelong partner for shiv.

Jaitsar hospital
Jagiay sitting with lal singh eating food.A nurse comes in and informs about a patient in critical condition in icu.He motions to nurse to monitor his health regularly and keep him updated.He gets discussing the case with jagiya who gives him some medical advice regarding the case as to how an mri might help to be able to understand the situation better.He suddeenly goes into an introspective mood and rues about the fact that a nice respectabl life of a doctor was handed to him on a palate by his family in the form of this hospital and he threw it all away blinded by the glamour of mumbai and city life.he could have had the position that lal singh has today in the hospital.lal singh looks up and stares at him.

In the mandir
they are shown in the main temple waiting in line to offer their prayers.Villagers look and identify shiv,the main trustee comes up and offers shiv and his family to be able to offer their prayers early through the vip line sop as not to wait for long in the common line.Shiv humble refuses his offer saying that in a temple,he is just a devotee,not a vip.The trustee is moved by this noble gesture and goes away appreciating it.A woman identifies shiv in the temple.

Jaitsar hospital
Jagiya tells lal not to take his statements otherwise but the fact remains that his family had great expectations from him as a doctor when theys et up this hospital for him.but he threw it all away and went to mumbai.He appreciates lal for being so nice to him and being the only person to have understood him after being humilaited so badly by jagiya on several occassions.lal singh tells him to forget the past and move on.But jagiya is shown introspecting of what he has done with his life.

In the mandir
The village ladies amongst which one who identified shiv tells the others about shiv and his family being bad in the disguise of their noble behaviour and are in the intentions of trapping this young lady who doesnt know what she’s getting into by marrying into this family.She gossips about shiv having a prior relation with other girls. She feels that somebody has to warn anandi before she takes a step like that.