Monday Update on Young Love 3rd February 2020

Monday Update on Young Love 3rd February 2020

Anandi telling Dadisaa and Jagya that Khazan ji left for farm house in the morning. Subhadra says he was fine here as well, but he would feel more good there. Daddu says he will come occasionally to meet us. Dadisaa asks have you decided about the kids’ names. Anandi says Shiv had decided before his death, Shivam and Nandini. Dadisaa gets happy hearing their names and says you shall keep these names. Dadisaa says I will leave now. Amol comes and says you are going without meeting me. Dadisaa says no. She asks him to take care of his siblings and mother. Amol says they don’t give a chance to take care of his siblings. Daddu signs Ira to give some things to Dadisaa. She handover the gifts to Jagya. Jagya thanks her.

Dadisaa asks Anandi, are you fine? Anandi says she can’t forget that day, but won’t let it effect her duty. Dadisaa blesses her and leaves. Anandi is teary eyed. Ira and Meenu make the kids sleep. Alok comes and sees them sleeping. Ira says she doesn’t want to go from there. Meenu says the same. Anandi says both of you needs rest. Alok blesses them. Anoop comes and gives the gifts. Anandi looks on. He shows the gold bracelets. Anandi says it was not needed as blessings are enough. Anoop says he is their Daddu and wants to bring world’s most beautiful things for them. He says just see what I would do for them. Alok understands his talk and leaves from there.

Dadisaa tells her friends about the play. Nandu comes and gives the script of the play saying Niranjan gave it. Dadisaa tells her friends that Nandu’s father will help us enact the play. Her friend says who will take up the role of Panna Tai. Nandu asks her to become Panna Tai. Everyone insists, but she refuses.

Amol is playing with his siblings. Anandi asks him to do homework first. Ira and Meenu come to see them. Ira says Shiv also used to do the same thing after waking in the morning. Amol asks really? Ira and Meenu get sad thinking about Shiv. Daddu comes and greets them. Ira says let them get the names first. Daddu says it is not bad to call by their names before the naming ceremony. Daddu asks Anandi to invite Dadisaa. Dadisaa gets badi kaki’s call She says she is busy with the play. Then agrees on her insistence. Gehna asks Dadisaa, what happened. Dadisaa says she has to go to temple. She says don’t know what to do? She gets Anandi’s call. Dadisaa asks her about the kids. Anandi says they are sleeping and Amol is going homework. Anandi invites her for naming ceremony. Dadisaa says she will definitely come.

Anandi sings lori for her children. Ira, Alok, Meenu hear her singing lori and get emotional. Daddu says to Amol that this lori is for you also. Amol sleeps. Subhadra closes her ears and says it is a drama.

Dadisaa comes home. Everyone look at her angrily. She asks what is the matter? Jagya says we came to know everything. Ganga says you did a crime. You have refused to act in your play. Dadisaa scolds Nandu. Jagya says you are wrong. Jagya asks then why did you take up this responsibility? Gehna too questions her. Dadisaa says she don’t want to make fun of herself. Niranjan says I feel that no one can do better than you. Badi Kakisaa comes. Dadisaa says she wants me to come for bhajan and asks them to make an excuse.

She runs to her room. Gehna asks what to say? Dadisaa says tell her that I have stomach ache or something. Badi Kaki comes inside. Ganga makes excuse that Dadisaa is unwell and can’t go to temple. Badi Kaki worries for her and goes to her room. Everyone get tensed.

A woman tells Anandi that she gave massage to the baby. Anandi gets a call from orphanage. Anandi asks what is the matter. They ask her to come there at 5 pm. Anandi says ok. Ira asks why did they call you. Anandi wonders about the matter?

Anandi informing the warden of the orphanage that Amol is very happy after having his siblings. The warden seems to be tensed. She tells her about her family donating money to the children and Anandi adopting Amol when couldn’t stand on his feet. The warden asks do you accept that parents have the first right on their children. Anandi says yes. The warden shows her the couple and says they are Amol’s biological parents. Anandi gets shocked. The warden says they want to take their son back. Anandi shouts saying Amol is her son. Amol’s parents show her photo and toys of Amol. They call them Raju. Anandi says Amol is my son and no one can snatch my son from me. She leaves. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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