Monday Update on Young Love 2nd November 2020

Monday Update on Young Love 2nd November 2020

Jagya thinking about the accusations. Nimboli comes and asks him to drink tea. Jagya refuses. Nimboli says I made this tea specially for you. She says Maa says nothing bad will happen to the persons who have never done anything wrong. Dadisaa asks her to go and study. She says I will make him drink tea. Jagya cries and says he saw anger and hatred in villagers eyes for him. Dadisaa asks him not to worry. Somesh tells his wife that he is going out. He sees Anandi, Anant and Ganga coming there. Anandi says we want to meet Somesh. Rajni says he didn’t come home since that incident happened. Anant asks her to tell truth. Rajni says she doesn’t know and starts crying. Once they leave, Somesh comes out.

Akhiraj and Minister laugh at their plan. Akhiraj says Jagya’s respect is ruined and he is down under the mountain. He asks Deenu to fill guest’s glass. Deenu does it hesitantly. Somesh comes there. Akhiraj says you have come at the right time and asks Deenu to bring glass. Somesh asks for money. Akhiraj says I have given 5 lakhs and will give remaining after Jagya gets jailed. Somesh says I need it right now. Akhiraj asks him to be happy with whatever money he has and says we will give you money. Somesh asks him to give money by night else…..Akhiraj says he has threatened me….Akhiraj Singh. Minister says he will tell truth to Jagya and Police. Akhiraj looks on.
Akhiraj and Minister are waiting for Somesh in the car. When they see that he is coming, Akhiraj signs him to crush him.

Somesh gets shocked seeing car hitting him and shouts. Akhiraj gets down the car and confirms that he is dead. He says now we have no danger and Jagya will be trapped. He says we will drink wine and mourn over his death. Ganga tells Jagya that all the patients have left from the hospital. Jagya says we will be guilty in their eyes till we prove ourselves innocent. Someone comes and says one patient is brought by the farmer in a serious condition.

Jagya checks him and says he is Somesh Gupta. He says we have to save his life at any cost. Somesh’s wife and kids come to the hospital. Jagya performs operation on him and tells his wife that Somesh is out of danger now. Ganga asks her not to worry. Jagya says Somesh didn’t think about his wife and kids before doing this mistake. Ganga says everyone have their own perception. Jagya says he have to gain consciousness and answer us.

Next day…Mangla is seen playing with doll. Nurse asks her to keep doll aside and asks her to take injectio fast. Mangla refuses. Nurse tries to take doll from her hands. Mangla resists. Nurse throws the doll from the window. Mangla tries to jump, but Nurse says I will bring doll. Mangla throws chappals through the window. Anandi and Nimboli are on the way. Anandi asks Nimboli to behave well with Mangla and make her eat kachoris with her hand. Nimboli thinks she has to do this for Nimboli. Mangla tries to get down holding the pipe.

She sees guard there and stops. Guard goes. She is about to fall, but holds the pipe. She manages to get down and picks the doll. She asks doll not to cry, and says you got hurt. She says we will not stay here, will leave from here. She sees gate and tries to leave. Nurse comes to take the doll and sees it missing. She thinks it should have been here. Just then Anandi comes in her car. Nurse sees Mangla running out and shouts asking watchman to catch her. Anandi also sees Mangla in car’s mirror and gets tensed.


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