Monday Update on Young Love 26th October 2020

Monday Update on Young Love 26th October 2020

Nimboli telling everyone that Mangla made her meet this Kanta and told her that she is her real mum. Kamli says this is not true, and asks Mangla to say truth. Nimboli tells Mangla you have made me meet her in Jaitsar and introduced her as my mum. She asks her to tell who is her real mum? Mangla says everyone is lying and says we will go from here, asks her to come holding her hand. Anandi slaps Mangla shocking Nimboli. Anandi asks her to tell the truth now to everyone. Nimboli shouts at Anandi and asks her why she have raised her hand on her mum. She asks Mangla to say who is her real mum? Everyone looks on.

Dadisaa goes towards Nimboli and asks her to ask her heart. She says your mum searched for you everywhere, and when she got you, she couldn’t call you daughter. She says your chokhi chudail is your real mum, who have given birth to you. Nimboli is teary eyed. Mangla is angry. Choti Si Umar song plays………………..Nimboli looks at Anandi with teary eyes. Nimboli says you are my Maa…..Chokhi Chudail….my maa. Anandi caresses her face and says I am your mum. Nimboli says this is not truth. Anandi says this is truth, I don’t want to tell you like this, but I don’t have any other way. Nimboli’s fake mum says Anandi is right and she is her real mum and not me.

Kamli tells Nimboli that she also knows that her real mum is Anandi. Dr. Anant says when I told me that you met your mum. I understood that Mangla have betrayed Anandi and you. Jagya tells Nimboli that Mangla was aware of the truth and lied to her. The fake mum tells her Mangla met her in the hospital and took advantage of her helplessness. She says Mangla asked me to scold Nimboli and hurt her feelings so that Nimboli hates her mum. She says I had sold one of the bangle which Mangla had given for my husband’s treatment, and when I went to sell other bangle, goldsmith asked me to come after sometime and paid me 20000 Rs.

Dadisaa tells that goldsmith knew that the bangle belonged to me. She says goldsmith came to me and told everything. They wait in the goldsmith shop for the fake mum/Kanta to come. They question her and she tells all Mangla’s doings. Dr Anant says so you are the one who acted as her mum. Dadisaa asks her about the other bangle. Kanta says she had sold it in Mumbai for her husband’s treatment. She apologizes. Anant asks Kanta to bring out Mangla’s truth. Dadisaa tells Mangla that she haven’t given these bangles to her daughter in laws, but given to her. She says you have misused it and made Nimboli hate her real mum. Kanta says since the time I have lied, my soul curses me. She asks Mangla to accept her crime.

Dadisaa says you thought of Nimboli as your daughter and lied to her again and again. She shows both the necklaces, and says you had hidden it so that we scold Nimboli and she gets hurt. Anandi says you asked Shivam to act ill so that I couldn’t go with Nimboli and attend Urmila’s goad bharayi. Kamli is shocked. She says you said that Jaitsar people dislikes Nimboli, shouts at her, and also differentiates between Shivam and Nimboli. Nimboli says this is not true. Nobody have shouted or scold me. Kamli asks Mangla why did she lie and says I never thought that I will see this face of yours. Dadisaa tells Harki, you told Nimboli that you got her in the trash bin. Harki says we didn’t like her and that’s why lied to her and blames Mangla for Nimboli’s hatredness for her mum. Nimboli feels disgusted.


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