Monday Update on Young Love 23rd November 2020

Monday Update on Young Love 23rd November 2020

Nandini comes to the bank and applies for loan. Bank employee asks her to come after two days and says you can’t get loan as you joined work recently. Nandini thinks from where to get the money and prays to God. She gets Krish’s call and he asks her to return his phone right now. Nandini asks him to get the phone where he had thrown it. He says okay. Nandini thinks she will meet the stranger today.

Nandini talking to Krish on phone and asks him to get his phone where he had thrown it. Krish says angry auntysaa….Nandini comes out of bank and collides with Krish. She falls in his arms. They have an eye lock. Krish smiles looking at her. Nandini asks him to leave her. He leaves her and says I am so sorry aunty saa. Nandini says aunty saa. He looks at her and says you are pretty saa. I mean you are very pretty. Nandini recalls treating him on road and colliding with him and their conversations. He says you…Krish says yes, me….Nandini asks him to leave her and tells about his accident.

Krish says so you have saved my life. Nandini says yes, and says you didn’t thanks me. Krish says you have stolen my phone and diary, and must have sold it by now. Nandini says nobody will buy it, and returns his phone and diary and also gives 100 Rs. for keeping his things safely. She asks him to go far from her life. He shows her maang tika and says it is with me. Nandini takes it. He says I have advice for you, and asks her to part ways with everyone happily and says you never know when you will meet them. He says we will meet again. Nandini says this will not happen and goes. Krish kisses his diary.

Next day, Nandini sees Krish in the hospital. They are surprised seeing each other. Nandini asks him to go to psychiatrict ward. Krish says I am a doctor and says nobody believes because of my good looks. He says do you think I am more suitable to be hero, or spy…james bonds. Nurse comes and asks Nandini to come for doing postmortem. Krish says he will assist Nandini and asks her to come.

Krish and Nandini go to do postmortem. He panics seeing the dead body. Nandini gives him some equipment and asks him to on it. His hands shake as he takes the equipment near the dead body and faints. Nandini is shocked. Nurse comes and sees Krish fainted on floor. He asks what is he doing here? I was looking for this intern in the entire hospital. Nandini wakes him up. Krish apologizes. Nandini asks him to behave like an intern.

Krish goes after her and apologizes. Nandini falls again in his arms. Krish smiles looking at her. She asks him to leave her. Krish tells a filmy dialogue and says it is start of their love story. Nandini asks him to behave like an intern. Krish says I am your new intern Krish Raj….Nandini looks at him. Krish forwards his hand for friendship. Nurse tells Nandini that Krish will assist you from tomorrow, and says Amit gave this instruction. Krish says it will be fun assisting you. He greets everyone and goes. Nandini smiles.

Later Nandini prays to God not to increase her troubles. Just then she watches news about the patient’s sister complaining about her. Nandini recalls patient’s sister accusing her. Media waits for Nandini outside the hospital along with the patient’s sister. Nandini goes inside seeing them. Dr. Amit and others come out hearing about Dr. Nandini. Dr. Amit asks them to stop and asks media to ask silently.

Reporter asks why did you give complicated case to Nandini Shekhawat, and asks what is your relation with her. He asks if your hospital don’t have any experienced doctors. Dr. Amit gets angry and says I can treat you for your misbehavior also. Nandini stops him from reacting. She says I will give answer. She says Dr. Amit is my mentor, my guru, whatever I am today is because of him. He taught me to focus on doing best, and ignore the rest.

She asks media what is your focus? Patient’s sister says my brother is dead because of you and Dr. Nandini. She says guilty should be punished. Dr. Amit says your brother’s death reason is just one, and that is circumstances. He says when he was brought, he was injured. Patient’s sister says he is lying. Media asks Amit to answer, and asks him to close down Suryodaya hospital. Nandini asks Patient’s sister Aarti to stop the drama. Shivam/Shankar hears the news on TV and gets angry.


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