Monday Update on Young Love 20 January 2020

Monday Update on Young Love 20 January 2020

Subhadra asks are you really innocent or just pretending. Can’t you see how much Shiv is spending on your illness and taunts him for making his son in law spend on him. Khazan ji apologizes to her. Subhadra asks him to have pity on Shiv and is leaving. Anandi comes and sees her. Anandi keeps the milk glass on the side table and asks about the khichdi. He says it was good. Anandi gets thinking.

Jagya notices Mannu turning the pages and sits down with him. He tells Mannu that we will go outside and play. Mannu says do not disturb. Jagya asks where did you learn it. Dadisaa says Do Not Disturb. Jagya smiles. Dadisaa asks why you are smiling? Let me study. Jagya smiles. Dadisaa gets busy studying.

Anoop tells Subhadra that Khazan ji illness is not good for them. Subhadra says everything will be fine soon. Anandi comes there and says you added too much spices in bapu’s khichdi today. And asks what she will do tomorrow. Anoop says you will talk like this with Bua ji. Anandi asks him to question Subhadra. Subhadra says I added as I thought Anandi already served food to her father. I added spices for us. She says I tried to help you and you are blaming me. Meenu comes and asks what is the matter? Subhadra gets tensed. Anandi says nothing.

Kusum recalls Jagya helping her in getting justice. She smiles as she thinks of him. She gets restless and thinks to stop her growing affection towards Jagya. She thinks what to do?

Daddu watches TV and says people have stoop so low that they are stealing God’s statue. Anoop gets a call and he gets shocked. He asks how can they do this. Meenu asks what had happened. Anoop says his overseas client have rejected his consignment. Alok says it is very difficult to be successful. Anoop gets angry. Daddu asks him not to argue as he doesn’t want to see any fights. They have to keep Anandi happy.

Dadisaa asks Ganga about Kusum. Kusum comes and sits for having food. Niranjan tells them that Nandu has started practicing music again. He says he is happy to teach him. Dadisaa asks Kusum, do you wants to learn music. Kusum says no. She tells them that she wants to go from Jaitsar. Everyone look puzzled.



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