Monday Update on Young Love 19th October 2020


Monday Update on Young Love 19th October 2020

Anandi coming to the temple and recalls Mangla’s harsh words. She thinks I can’t hide the truth anymore, and I have to tell Nimboli that I am her real mum. She comes inside the temple and rings the temple bell. She prays to God and says she came with a hope, and asks him not to be strict with her and hear her prayers. Pandit ji recites some mantras and askd Simar to come forward and do the puja. He says your plate is not having datura and asks her to bring it.

Simar says it will take time. Anandi gives her datura’s from her plate, and says I forgot to bring beetal leaves. Simar gives her. Pandit ji asks them to do the puja together. Anandi and Simar agrees. Pandit ji says today is the very auspicious day, and tells that their wishes will fulfill today. Simar and Anandi smiles. Pandit ties thread on their hand. They do the puja together. Simar prays for her family’s safety. Anandi prays to get her daughter.

Pandit ji tells them to do God’s Abhishek with milk. Just then they hear a girl asking for food. Anandi and Simar stops hearing the poor girl. Pandit ji asks why did they stop? Anandi says that girl needs milk more than this puja. Simar agrees with Anandi, and tells Pandit ji that people don’t understand this. Anandi tells Pandit ji that God Shiv will not get angry if they give milk to a hungry girl. Simar and Anandi apologizes to God and says it is his wish. They go to the girl and give her milk. Girl smiles drinking milk.

Simar says this is true puja. Anandi says I am a mum and can’t see any kid crying. Simar says it seems your daughter isn’t with you, and asks her to have strength. Girl blesses them. Anandi and Simar smiles. They turn and see the girl missing. Simar says where did that girl go? Anandi says I felt that….she says something is strange. Simar says that girl came to take our test and blessed us. Anandi says kids are God’s avatar.
Anandi and Simar wish each other best.

Harki makes halwa and thinks nobody will know about it. Nimboli wakes up hearing the smell. Mangla asks what happened? Nimboli says some smell is coming? Mangla says it is Suji halwa’s smell coming from our house. Nimboli says Kamli must be cooking. Kamli comes. Mangla asks did you make halwa? Kamli says no. She opens the kitchen door and finds Harki making halwa. Kamli wonders why she is making halwa, and says I will ask her. Mangla says she might want to eat it and asks her not to ask her. Harki says there is something else for sure. Mangla says you are doubting her unneccessarily and asks her to come. Harki thinks to go and give him halwa. Nimboli silently enters the kitchen and sees Harki garnishing halwa with cardamom and gets suspicious. She recalls Akhiraj liking cardamom in halwa and wonders why did she put cardamom in it. She questions Harki. Harki gets shocked and says she is making it for Kundan. Kundan comes and hears her. Harki says I made this for Kundan.

Mangla also comes and takes Nimboli with her. Kundan asks if you made this for me, but why did you added cardamom in it. He is about to take the tiffin, but Harki stops him. She says she will give him less quantity and says she made this halwa for mouni baba. Kundan questions her and asks why did you make halwa for him. Harki gets angry and says he is like your dad. Kundan says he is not like my dad, and goes angrily. Harki wishes she could tell Kundan about him. She comes to Akhiraj and smiles seeing him. Akhiraj is giving pravachan to the villagers. Harki shows the tiffin. Villager says you have much gyaan and asks why his name is Mouni baba. Akhiraj says he was given different names by different people and asks them to call him Anand. Everyone calls Anand baba. Harki gives him tiffin. Akhiraj holds her hand. Deenu gets suspicious and asks Harki to go back to her place and sit. Harki goes back and sit.

Deenu asks Akhiraj if he shall get the halwa distributed among the bhakts. He says no. He says only I will eat it. Later Akhiraj eats the halwa made by Harki. Deenu asks why he is having halwa with wine. Akhiraj says it is very precious to me and very tasty too. Deenu says something is there for sure and says this woman’s story is something else. He says this woman stares at you and smiles, it seems she has lost her heart. He says all my bhakts smile looking at me, and scolds Deenu. Deenu cries and apologizes. He asks him to bring something spicy for him. Deenu says okay and goes. Akhiraj thinks he has to do something, as this talk will be known to all.

Mangla praying to God to do some miracle so that haveli people leave Nimboli for forever. She thinks to keeps the books and things away from Nimboli. Just then she gets Dadisaa’s call and she asks her about Nimboli. Mangla says Nimboli is happy here. Dadisaa tells her that she watched Anand’s Maharaj programme on TV, says he talks good things. She suggests her to meet him once. Mangla says I will go for sure. Dadisaa and Anandi smiles. Akhiraj gives the pravachan while Deenu gives prasad to his bhakts. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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