Monday Update on Young Love 13 January 2020

Monday Update on Young Love 13 January 2020

Anandi tells her father that she will apply an ointment on his skin. He refuses. She says it is necessary for the treatment. He says ok. Anandi applies ointment on the infected area. Shiv asks Anandi to cook food and says he will sit with Bapu. He asks her to sanitize her hands with sanitizer. Anandi smiles and uses sanitizer.

Shiv talks to Khazan. Khazan says he is happy seeing his daughter happy. He gives credit to Shiv for Anandi’s happiness. He thanks Shiv. Shiv gives the credit to Anandi for his happiness and says it is a blessing to have her. He says I used to thank Dadisaa for the values she has in her. He thanks him as well. Anandi cooks food. Khazan says Anandi might be having difficulty to cook the food and recalls her childhood. Flashback is shown. Khazan recalls the past. Anandi comes with roti and says she will make him eat with her hands. Shiv helps him get up and says you have high fever. Khazan says he will be alright. Shiv asks him to come with him to Udaipur. Khazan agrees finally.

Subhadra is in the kitchen and gets angry at Anandi. Amol comes there and asks her to give milk as he is going to school. Amol asks her to give milk to him in red mug. Subhadra adds water in it. Amol refuses to drink. Subhadra asks him to drink it. Amol thanks her.

Anandi drives the car while heading back home. Shiv tells Khazan that Anandi drops Amol to school. He gets Alok’s call. Shiv informs him that they are bringing Khazan with them to Udaipur for his treatment. Alok says good. Daddu says it is a good thing. Subhadra says he is having some skin disease so we will send him to hospital. Daddu says no. He will stay at our house. Subhadra says skin disease is contagious, so it will be risky. Anoop agrees with her. Daddu says we will take precautions. He will stay with us being our relative. Subhadra says this house has become poor’s home.

Niranjan and Gehna come home after visiting temple. Niranjan says he feels peace to have gone there. Gehna says it was crowded today so came home late. Nandu sees them and questions her. Niranjan says they went to temple. Nandu says I won’t come with you. Gehna says she wish to visit. Nandu gets concerned about her. Niranjan tries to keep his hand on his head, but Nandu stops him and takes Gehna with him.

Anandi and Shiv bring Khazan ji home. Daddu and everyone greet him. Alok says they are happy to know about his arrival. Anoop talks to him and says you can be taken care in hospital more. Daddu says he means to say about hospital facilities. Subhadra looks at his infected hand. Ira asks about his travel. He says it was good, saw Anandi driving the car for the first time. Daddu asks him to rest for sometime. He asks Anandi to take him to guest room. Anoop is shocked. He asks Daddu about it and says he will be using it for office purpose. Daddu says his health is important as of now and tries to explain.



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