Monday Update on Unforseen Love star plus live tv


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April, 23d 2018

Episode starts with khushi checking arnav’s message to her again andanjali comes in , she sees khushi all tensed , she sits with her andboth hugs each other . khushi explains her how much she’s tensed andworried about arnav and feels that something is wrong , anjali tells herto not get worried and she’ll call him right away but he’s not reachableso she leaves a voice message . anjali explains khushi that she’s thatworried for arnav because she¬†loves him a lot and that’s a very goodthing , at the other side , bubbly is watching payal-akash and isjealous so she tries to burn Akash’s shirt to get Payal in trouble butmamiji catches her rand-handed , she tells her that she’ll tell everyoneif she does it again . bubbly assumes everything and explains her whyshe did that . she explains her the fact that akash doesn’t payattention on her from the day payal came into his life so everythingchanged now .khushi wonders what arnav must be thinking when anjalicalled him but she gets a call from him and when she tries to say”hello” it cuts . and when she call him back , its again on hisvoicemail . bubbly assumes everything infront of payal and she forgiveshim , and mamiji is all happy .khushi imagines arnav sleeping in theroom and then try to call him but he’s always unreachable so she getsvery worried . Arnav’s colleagues find out that Arnav had not boardedthe flight to London so they try to find out more about it . shyam goesto take shower in arnav’s bathroom and when khushi comes out , he triesto woo her , and misbeahaves with her , he fully takes the advantage ofthe fact that arnav is not there and says many disgusting things to her, she tells him to get out from there.

Shyam talking to Khushi about her threats and to look for the papers, hesays that the papers are with him and she knows very well that is thetruth. Shyam still denies that he doesn’t have them and that its notgood that she doesn’t know where they are.Payal tells Bubli that there is a gift for her but she cant open ituntil she gets to BOARDING SCHOOL. Bubli apologises to Payal yet againbut she replies that there is no need for apologies and that this willremain a secret. Akash comes in with more gifts and Bubli wants to tellAkash but Payal intervenes, Akash wants to know the truth but Payalstill stops Bubli but then Akash starts to have a go at Payal sayingthat she has some problem with Bubli and shouts at her. Bubli shouts andsays she was the one with the problem with Payal, she then explains whatshe did and Akash is shocked to hear this. She explains that theirrelation will change once Payal got here. Payal tries to explain thatAkash will understand and will forgive her.Akash apologies to Payal for his behaviour and Payal says that its not aproblem. They get Bubli ready to go.Mami is tearful about time passing so quickly and Nani reassures herthat she will be back during the next holiday. Mami’s brother said thatif you say hello hi then time will come to say bye bye and she shouldbecome forgetful like him.Khushi trips and Shyam goes to stop her from falling, she replies she isfine ‘jejaji’ Shyam says seems like Khushi is thinking probably aboutsomeone, Anjali says she knows very well who she is thinking about andknows just how to bring a smile to her face and asks Khushi to go withher. She takes something out and says this will take her straight toKhushi, she looks confused, Nani asks her to explain properly, Naniexplains that its ticket to go to London. Shyam does not look happy,Khushi looks confused and Nani explains that she is lost in his thoughtsand seeing him will make her happy again. Shyam says that how will shebe able to go alone, Anjali says she has left a message on ASR’s cell,Shyam enquires about visa and Anjali says that everthing is sorted theperks of being Mrs. ASR. Khushi is happy.Shyam is on the phone to someone buts its muted. Khushi says that shehas to talk to ASR before going and explain that this was all Nani andAnjali’s doing, but the call goes to voicemail yet again.Khushi has sorted out her luggage and Payal is saying that Khushi hasnever gone this far away, Nani says not to fall asleep and to make sureshe watches the instruction, Mami asks why family tickets were not madeand they could have given a surprise. Mami’s brother thinks Khushi isgoing to boarding school. Anajli says that driver will take her and thatAkash will go to the airport to help her.Khushi bids farewell to everyone, Payal asks her to take care of herselfand not to get scared. In the car Khushi gets a call and she looksshocked hearing what the caller says.Khushi is back at Raizada Mansion, Anajli wants to call Khushi butKhushi calls Anajli, Nani and Anjali are shocked to see her and ask whyshe is not at the airport. She explains that she will not go to London,she explains she called her mother and father, and her mother said thatnow is not a good time for her to go out of the country. Khushi goes toput her stuff away. Nani says Anajli must be feeling upset, Anjali saysthat if her parents said then there must be a reason for it and Khushican go another week.Khushi in her room thinking how she can tell them the truth, there is aflashback where the caller asks to speak to ASR, Khushi is shockedhearing this and asks he should have been in London and the caller saidhe never got to London, he didn’t even board the plane nor is he checkedin the hotel. Khushi is recalling what she was feelings and dreaming thelast couple of days and is worried about ASR. Khushi wonders what hashappened and if ASR did not get on the plane then where he is andsomething must have happened to him.


Monday Update on Unforseen Love star plus live tv