Monday Update on Unforseen Love August 6

Monday Update on Unforseen Love

August 6 Episode

Khushi telling Vikram to leave hot model hand which Vikram was holding. He is shocked and ask who are you ?
Vikram says does she know who he is ?
Khushi tells him; You are like rowdy dogs. You cannot treat girls like this just b’coz you are organizer.
Vikram leaves her hand and tells her you are different. He tells her to walk. Khushi walks but falls.
He ask who is your favourite designer. Khushis says none.

Vikram tells ‘Sam’ to prepare Khushi for swimsuit round. Khushi is shocked to hear that. She says she wont wear swimsuit.
Sam says she will have to according to agreement. Arnav comes and says there wont be swimsuit round. Vikram argues but Arnav says he is chaning the rule.
He goes to his cabin. Khushi goes to meet Arnav in the cabin in the Mrs. India Office. Khushi says thanks for his help. Arnav says at the moment they are not husband and wife.
When Khushi comes out of the office room. Natasha, the hot model scolds Khushi for butting in. Khushi says she saw fear in her eyes when Vikram hold her hand. Natasha says she knows how to handle such guys, dont but in any more and spoils her chances of winning.

Khushi comes out of the training center at the end of day. Arnav too comes out in his car and tells Khushi to sit down. But Khushi says she can walk. Arnav leaves her suddenly a stalker comes behind Khushi and Khushi finds a log and scares him instead. Arnav sees all these from his car. Khushi goes to Arnav after the stalker leaves.

At home when Khushi -Arnav reaches everyone ask them how was day. Khushi says good and goes to room, when she comes out everyone is already ready for dinner. Khushi tries to serve food which was her favourite “Aloo Ke PArathe with Makkhan” … but she cant eat as she is deiting for the show. Arnav comes and hands her a box and tells that for her.

Arnav hands Khushi low fat sandwich. She eats and feels good.
At night Arnav sees Khushi doing Yoga trainings. He just watches her ….
Rabba Ve
While Khushi was about to fall, Arnav reaches and holds her from behind. They slowly even do TITANIC Stance.
Rabba Ve…..
Arnav slowly touches… her… Arnav gently kisses her cheeks.

Arnav asking Khushi what is she doing in night outside ?
Khushi says she trying to lose weight as Sam says she is 1/2′ waist.
Arnav says I was thinking to increase your waist.
Khusi is in delimma either to increase or decrease weight…
Arnav leaves.

Next day at training center Sam tells girls dont think of doing what Khushi did yesterday.
After few ramp walk. Sam tells everyone to wear particular costume to each. Khushi says how can she wear such dress?
Khushi is checking her dress. Amrita, Khushi’s friend(which Khushi thinks) comes and tells her Sam is looking for her. Khushi leaves her dress and goes to meet Sam.
MEanwhile Amrita cuts her dress with “Blade”. Khushi comes back and wears dress without any knowledge of dress damage.

Arnav comes and sees Khushi in that dress and just awed.
Rabba Ve…..
Khushi too sees her and just looking.
REporters comes and ask Arnav how will this year’s show be.
Arnav says: AMAZING …

One reporter comes to Khushi and starts praising her light flirting. Arnav sees and gets angry but Khushi handles it by calling the reporter BROTHER.
The talent round begins where each does something like dance. Natasha the hot model makes floral dress but cant finish in time.
Then comes Amrita who shows magic of coins.
Khushi is called. She is worried what to do. Anchor calls Khushi.

Khushi comes forward and mimicks everyone in the show. Judges, Amrita, Natasha, Sam, etc.
After mimicking session she is told to walk, but her dress is slowly falling from backside. She realizes when she reaches in front and needs to turn. She touches her backside and realizes it. She stands still. Sam says her to move.

Arnav feels something is wrong. He turns off light and goes to Khushi and fixes her dress. He goes back to his seat and turns on SPOTLIGHT upon Khushi. Khushi walks with confidence forwards. She feels happy and just looks Arnav.
Amrita feels angry.