Monday Update on True Love September 3rd

Ichha in the Vrindavan hut is still praying to God .,..remembering Veer and crying That new girl Kinjal is shown cleaning Veer’s car with soap-water ;Veer comes outside and sees that someone is cleaning his car just when he was about to go out for work ;Just when Veer comes to blast that person cleaning the car, that girl accidentally directs the water pipe towards Veer and so poor Veer gets completely wet ;That girl then quickly directs the water-pipe in the other direction but by that time Veer is already half-wet and is annoyed with her ;So then Veer shouts at her for being so careless when that girl Kinjal tells Veer that he should b thankful to her since she is actually cleaning his car and making his life easy ;Kinjal then is about to leave from there but she falls down because of the floor completely wet in soapwater ;So then Veer gives her a hand to get up but instead he too ends up falling in the same place because of the slippery floor ;Both then manage to get up with each other’s help while Mai enjoys watching their cute little fight (In short Mai is planting this girl as Veer’s bride I guess)

Jogi brings Tapasya back home ;Tapasya is about to enter the house when she gets flashes of her past when she was thrown out of the house ;Tapasya gets emotional while entering the house.

Divya is delighted to see Tapu home and they hug. Tapu isn’t too happy to see Nani. When nani opens her arms out to Tapu, she walks right thru her towards Damini and asks her how she is. Nani looks on confused. Tapu then looks around the house and remembers all the wonderful moments spent there, then in her thoughts she vows to herself that from now on this is only her house, and her parents are only hers (and for a sec there, when she apologized to Damini, I thought there is going to be a positive change in her, but no.. Tapu is never going to change.. she’s still the same).

Tapu goes to her room and is in tears of joy seeing her designer wears and jewelry (I bet that’s what she missed the most!). Nani comes in addressing her ‘hamari tapu, hamari gudiya, hamari gulab jamun,’ but Tau is unmoved. She remembers how Nani left her side when she was being thrown out of the house. Nani tells her how much she missed her, but Tapu sarcastically replies that it doesn’t seem like it. Nani is hurt by Tapu’s remarks and asks what she can do to cheer her up. Tapu asks her if she can wipe out all those days and nights she was outside suffering with no food, water or a good place to stay (well Tapu seems to forget that life was good and she had tons of money till she betrayed Raghu, and she has herself to blame, not nani for the life of poverty she was in just cuz of her own greed to have more wealth, but then this is Tapu we’re talking abt, she’s lived her whole life blaming others for the mess she gets herself in). She asks Nani to leave her alone. Nani leaves disappointed seeing Tapu’s changed attitude and wonders what really going on in her mind, but is sure that sooner or later Tapu will come to confide in her (yup.. I’m sure too!)

In the Bundela house, Kinjal asks Veer to take her shopping for some diyas to decorate the house for navratri. Veer tries to refuse, but she insists and Veer gives in. Mai is happy by all this. Later Kinjal is doing the rangoli in the main room and asks Veer to help her light the diyas. Veer tells her that he’ll send someone to help her, but she insists that he help her, and he agrees (this girl is such a chipkoo, she seems to want to cling on to Veer every chance she gets… she cud have asked anyone else, if Veer was busy. But it looks like she wants only Veer to help her or offers herself to help Veer. She’s such an irritating character).

Veer is happy seeing the house decorated with diyas. Mai is happy seeing Veer smile and comments to Chanda that someone has finally succeeded in lighting a diya in Veer’s heart.



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