Monday Update On True Love Sept 24

Monday Update On True Love Sept 24

Running a high fever ..so only giving the Highlights of the episode..sorry for the inconvenience

Mai and all refusing to hv the food made by Ichha inspite of Umed telling Mai that her thinking still remains very orthodox ..In the end Umed decides to hv the food prepared by Ichha which makes Ichha happy Umed later tells Veer to spend some more time with Ichha and take her out on a dinner date sinse in the house Mai and all hv still not accepted her and she mayb feeling depressed about it /…Veer agrees.. Veer then gets a new saree for Ichha and asks her to wear it for their dinner date but Ichha lovingly refuses after remembering Chanda and Mai’s words (I still dunno the exact reason she refused to wear the saree );Veer doesn’t really mind it ;Ichha then asks Veer to get ready and both share a lovey-dovey moment while getting ready for the dinner ..

Both go for the dinner and also spend some quite romantic moments together while chit chatting with each other At Bundela House Mai tells Daddaji that her relatives will b coming here but she doesn’t know what to tell them after what Veer did on which Daddaji tells Mai that they will handle the situation…

At Jogi’s house Masoom comes to Tappu’s room with a pink dress in her hand and taunts Tappu about how Ichha and Veer look good together and how Ichha was wearing pink during her marriage ;Masoom further tells Tappu that she must b very happy seeing her ex-hubby with her sister Ichha now on which Tappu tries to slap Massoom but Masoom grabs Tappu’s hand and warns her not to cross her limits or else she will tell her parents about how she went to Vrindavan to meet Ichha ;Masoom also taunts Tappu by telling her she should b in her sasural and not here when Nani comes there and asks Massoom to go from there Nani then tells Tappu that Masoom is right and that they should think of an idea to send her back to Bundela house on which Tappu asks Nani what can she do to go back to Bundela house (I guess Tappu will use her so called pregnency drama to enter Bundela house again

Gunwanti’s Sister and her husband coming to meet them at Bundela house; They talk about how they r going to meet their son and daughter-in-law in London; The sister then question Gunwanti about Veer and his wife as well on which Gunwanti tries to manage the situation sinse they r out Veer-Ichha r enjoying dinner and having some nice moments together ;They talk about how they both r Ziddi in their choices ;Veer tries to put ketchup in Ichha’s food when Ichha reminds her that she doesn’t like Ketchup and he should hv remembered it on which Veer too lovingly asks her what else he should remember about her sinse they both r newly married and so they should know about each other much more than they already know ;Both then discuss about their school(Damini Pathshala) days ..how Veer impressed her during those days ..Ichha also lovingly taunts Veer about how he showed his zid by asking her to go away from his life but then again came running back to her in vrindavan ..

At Bundela house, Gunwanti’s sister taunts Gunwanti regarding Ichha since she was once Vansh’s wife and now married to Veer on which Umed too counterattacks Gunwanti’s sister by telling her that how his son is in a live-in relationship with some foreign girl in London (Umed hits a sixer here with this dialgoue );Daddaji is not really enjoying all these embarassing moments whereas Mai looks tensed .. Mai then calls up Veer and asks him to return home soon on which Ichha too tells Veer that they should skip the dessert and return home soon for Mai and her guests..

On their way back home,Veer is engrossed in Ichha’s eyes when suddenly a small kid comes in front of their car and so to save the kid, Veer suddenly gives brakes to his car ;Veer-Ichha both come out of the car and asks the kid about her mother but the kid is clueless and so they roam around on the streets asking people about the kid’s mother ;One of the public tells them to take the kid to the police station… At Bundela house all r sitting for dinner when Gunwanti’s sister again taunts Gunwanti by telling her that how can she allow all this in the house when she was always a strict follower of rules and regulations ;The sister also taunts Gunwanti regarding how her son will go out of her hand because of his wife if she loses control sinse Veer-Ichha had yet not returned from dinner ;Umed again counterattacks Gunwanti’s sister by telling her that she knows all this better sinse even her son has gone out of his hand ; Gunwanti tries to call up Veer again but Veer disconnects the call quickly telling Mai that he will call up later (Veer does this because he and Ichha were in police station with the kid but Mai thinks otherwise );

Gunwanti sister’s continues to taunt Gunwanti regarding Veer-Ichha remaining out of house for late hours Veer-Ichha r sitting in police station with the kid but the police r least bothered about it; The police even misbehaves with Veer when Ichha tells Veer that its not really safe to leave the kid alone in the police station ;Hearing this the police officer counterattacks Veer and both get into a heated argument . At Jogi’s house, Tappu comes to Jogi-Divya’s room regarding how one of her suits has become tight since she has gained weight because of their too much love and care ;Jogi then informs Tappu that tomorrow one family is coming with a marriage proposal for her ;Divya is happy to hear this but Tappu is extra shocked