Monday Update On True Love Sept 17

Monday Update On True Love

Sept 17 Episode

Veer lighting up the Diya in the hut and telling Ichha about how he used to light up the diya earlier as well in her room but chup chup ke on which Ichha tells Veer that now he can lgiht up the diya openly in front of her ;But then sit together and talk ;Ichha rests her head on Veer’s chest when Veer promises to her that there will b no darkness in her life from now on ;Hearing this Ichha stops Veer from making any promises and tells him that earlier also they made several promises to stay together but those promises were all broken into pieces and so now she is scared of any more promises ;So then Veer takes Ichha in his arms again and tells her that this promise will never be broken sinse this promise is meant to last forever ;Veer then further tells Ichha that now he will never ever leave her and will always b there with her and now slowly they can fill some colours again in both their lives ;(I hope this time at least both r living upto their promises )

Veer and Ichha then both remembers their first encounter with each other which started with that umbrella fiasco ;Veer then reminds Ichha of how he never lost hope and won her heart and also got an entry into her school ;Hearing this Ichha tells Veer that he never lost hope in love but she was a total failure in this relationship sinse she kept loosing hope always ;Hearing this Veer once again hugs Ichha and tells her that now we both will never loose hope again and will always b together for each other Veer then tells Ichha about how he agreed for the engagement in anger when Ichha tells Veer that she knew it from Mai and she also knew that the girl’s name is Kinjal;So then Veer tells Ichha that he was just about to put the engagement ring on her finger when he got a call from the Aashram and came to know about the fire incident ;Veer then tells Ichha about how that was the time he realised what she meant for him and that he cannot even imagine his life without her presense (Some wonderful dialogues were given to Veer and Ichha today );

Hearing this Ichha is overwhelmed and they hug again (Just keep counting the number of hugs here ); Veer then asks Ichha that when she was fine ,why din’t she bother to call them up or at least inform Ammo that nothing happened to her ;Hearing this Ichha remembers Tappu’s words about how Jogi is reponsible for her father’s death and so she tells Veer that she just wanted to stay alone that time and not call up anyone ;Hearing tihs Veer is shocked that Ichha doesn’t even wanted to inform about her well being to Ammo So then Veer asks Ichha whats the matter ?;Veer also tells Ichha that he knows something is bothering her which may not b related to their relationship but there is something else which she can share it with him ;So then Ichha finally decides to tell Veer everything about her father’s accident which happened because of Jogi Ichha tells Veer every detail about her father’s accident and also questions whether Jogi’s love for her as a father was only sympathy out of guilt and also questions why Ammo had hidden such a big truth from her for so long ?? (This is Ichha’s problem..she always wants to run away from her problems instead of confronting it ..Why can’t she question the same directly in front of Jogi and Ammo ?? )..

So then Veer explains to Ichha that sinse she was very small that time,so mayb thats why Ammo never told her this big truth about her father mayb because she won’t b able to grasp it ;Veer then further tells Ichha that “Just imagine Ammo’s plight that time when she came to know such a big truth about Jogi but yet she decided to forgive him and work in that house..that must b a very tough decision for her to take but she took it because she realised that her daughter will get all the love from that family…also it was just an accident and not any deliberate attempt ..so she should try to forget and forgive the past and look forward to your present” ;Hearing this Ichha thinks about her childhood days with Ammo and looks convinced with Veer’s words as well, READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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