Monday Update on True Love June 25 Episode

Monday Update on True Love

June 25 Episode

Vansh continues to taunt Ichcha. He points over to Veer, who is being hugged and doted over by his and Ichcha’s family. He tells her that Veer receives all this affection only because he wears the crown of sacrifice, which makes him seem so much better than Vansh, the good-for-nothing son. Vansh threatens Ichcha to expose the truth of their relationship. This entire conversation is overheard by Nani, who is overjoyed listening to this. Vansh makes an announcement in front of the entire party, and Nani is disappointed when Vansh doesn’t make any revelations. He instead goes on to congratulate Jogi and Divya. He makes some sarcastic comments abt how he doubts it will be the same for him and Ichcha, since he is not worthy of her. Divya and Ammo are a little confused listening to this.

Vansh returns to Ichcha, backs her up against the wall and vows to tell Ammo the truth. He tells her he is going to ask Ammo why she forced her betrayer daughter upon him. Ichcha is horrified as Vansh barges towards Ammo. Nani intercepts this conversation, after an idea pops into her mind. She sends Ammo away with some work and brings Vansh upstairs to Ichcha’s room. Veer watches this.

Outside, Taps is worried and wonders abt what Sid says. She thinks that if Sid were to ever expose her, then Veer would discard her without a second thought.

In the room, Vansh is confused and asks why he was brought here. Nani says she just wanted to have a casual talk with him. She walks around the room, and starts cleaning up the clutter. She begins talking about how Ammo and Jogi were so taken by Veer that when they accepted Vansh, she was shocked. She ‘accidently’ drops Veer and Ichcha’s old wedding card, which Vansh sees and demands to see. Nani shows him and goes on saying that it is hard for a girl to forget her first love, and Ichcha is doing her best. Vansh rips the card, and Nani is glad. She asks if he still isn’t over the past yet. Vansh is furious and decides to go downstairs and make a scene. Nani stops him and warns him that it would do him no good as Jogi and Ammo would break off Vansh-Ichcha’s relationship at once’ which would leave him nowhere. She advises him to take a step that would separate Veer and Ichcha once and for all. He inquires, but Nani tells him she doesn’t think he would be capable of doing such a thing. Vansh tells her that he is ready to do anything.

Taps walks into the party, looking a little distant. Nani comes up to her and Taps tells her that she doesn’t have a good feeling about going to US in two days. Nani assures her that this is a great opportunity, since she would be able to leave behind Ichcha-Vansh and rule Veer’s heart.  Taps smiles, thinking that Sid doesn’t even know abt her leaving to US and she wud be able to avoid him for 2 days.

Vansh goes to Ichcha and tells her that he’s decided against telling Ammo and the rest abt their relationship… on a condition (of course…). Ichcha asks him what it is, and he tells her that he will remain quiet about their married life if Ichcha tells them that Veer is still not over the past and Veer looks at her with buri nazar. Ichcha gasps, and tells Vansh that she can never tell such lies but Vansh tells her that if she doesn’t… he can always go back to doing drugs. Ichcha tells him she will never allow him to return to that path. (stop being a social worker ichcha, dump him and get ur life back… not that u really ever had one)

Next morning Jogi and Divya are talking and Jogi is worried abt Taps-Veer’s married life. Divya assures him that it will all work out and also mentions how happy Vansh-Ichcha seemed yday (haha, divya is so observant).

Meanwhile at the Bundela house Vansh reminds Ichcha the announcement she has to make today.