Monday Update on True Love July 16

Monday Update on True Love

July 16 Episode

Daddaji asking Veer how it all happened when Ichha comes out in the hall and tells everyone that “I will tell what happened…Veer killed my Husband..I saw it with my own eyes..First Vansh called me up and told me how he saw the real face of someone..then when I went there..I saw gun in Veer’s hands..his hand was having Vansh’s blood on it..Vansh was lying in Veer’s arms..and there was noone in that place apart from Veer and Vansh..then Vansh even pointed his finger towards Veer..this guy killed my Vansh..he is a murderer” (Woww Ichha u really claim that u understand relationships ..how on earth u can blame Veer for his own brother’s death when u know very well the amount of sacrifices this guy has done for his brother’s happiness ..Now who thinks Ichha really loved Veer ??..well if this was her love..then I m sorry to say from no angle it looks like eternal or real love..I seriously now doubt whether Ichha ever loved Veer or not );Hearing this all are shocked ;Veer is just not able to believe what Ichha just said ;Damini tries her best to shut Ichha’s mouth ;Mai gets up from the floor..walks towards Ichha and gives her a tight slap for accusing Veer (For the first time I feel Ichha deserved this slap );Daddaji then asks Ichha if she had any sort of misunderstanding on which Ichha again tells everyone by shouting that Veer killed Vansh ;Ichha goes on to attack Veer by telling everyone that “Why Veer never went to America and stayed here..why Vansh pointed his finger towards Veer only…He killed my husband” ;All r shocked and speechless now

While Ichha was accusing Veer for this murder,the entry of the new inspector is shown in the house ;The Inspector tells everyone that “I know this is not the right time and you all r in grief but when the victim’s wife hv accused Veer of killing her husband then I will hv to take Veer under my custody” ;Hearing this Daddaji tries to cover it up by telling the inspector that right now all r in a state of shock..mayb thats why it slipped from Ichha’s mouth when the Inspector tells Daddaji that “I really hv respect for you and your family and I can also understand the situation right now..but I m here doing my duty..I got the information from the hospital only and so I m here to investigate this matter as from the hospital I got the news that it is a case of shooting” ;The Inspector then walks towards Tapasya and tells everyone that “Sinse I m investigating this matter..I will b calling everyone for further investigations” ;Hearing this Tapasya feels a bit scared sinse the inspector was standing quite close to her (point noted );Inspector then moves towards Veer and tells everyone that “I will first start the investigation with Veer sinse he is under the scanner right now” ;Hearing this Mai runs towards Veer and stands in front of him and tells the inspector that “You cannot take away my son this way..Vansh is not dead..he is only sleeping and will get up anytime..dunno why all of a sudden someone is trying to snatch away both my sons” (Beena is just excellent in these emotional scenes );Daddaji then requests the Inspector if he can give them some time before going ahead with the investigation as they need to perform the last rites of Vansh ;Hearing this inspector tells Daddaji that he can give maximum 3 hours for performing the last rites but after that Veer will hv to come with them on which Daddaji agrees ;Inspector then leaves from there but he appoints two of his policemen outside the house and also orders Veer that during these 3 hours he cannot talk to anyone ;Veer is still standing there in shock ..

Tappu in her mind thinks that if she opens her mouth then she will b caught but if she keeps quiet then Veer will b trapped ;Tappu prays to God for help (Seriously this woman can never change );Tappu then goes near Ichha and tells her that “I know u r going through a painful phase right now..but how can u blame Veer for this..Veer din’t go to America because he was here for his brother’s treatment..he left this house to save your and Vansh’s married life..he did so much for you..and still u r blaming him” ;Tappu then joins her hand in front of Ichha and pleads in front of her by telling her that “I m even ready to join my hand in front of you..if u want you can put the blame on me..but please don’t put this nasty blame on Veer” (Hmm so Tappu is indirectly trying to confess her crime here ..She doesn’t hv the courage to confess it herself..so using this twisted technique now ..but she knows very well that Ichha will never do this..so then whats the use of this fake drama..if u r feeling so much for your husband’s life..then why don’t u confess your sin in front of police directly ?? );Ichha remains quiet and keeps giving hatred filled looks to Veer ;Veer is consoling his mother and keeps giving sad looks to everyone

Daddaji then asks both Ichha and Tappu to keep quiet and stop accusing each other for the time being as right now they all need to b together and become each other’s strength ;Daddaji in emotional tone then announces that Veer will do his brother’s last rites as he doesn’t hv the courage to carry his grandson’s arthi at this age ;Daddaji then asks Divya about Jogi’s arrival on which Divya tells him that Jogi will b coming straight from the airport on which Daddaji tells Divya that they can’t wait till Jogi’s arrival sinse they hv only 3 hours time left after which the police will take away Veer with them ;Daddaji then asks everyone to get ready for the funeral (I think Actor Ayub Khan who plays Jogi’s role is not available at the moment..so this excuse is given for his absense )

Veer goes to his room and starts remembering his childhood days with Vansh when in childhood Vansh got hurt with a stone and Veer comes to his rescue ;Veer also sees those photos of his and Vansh together during happy times and starts crying silently ;Veer then sees one of the childhood shirt of Vansh and we can see his eyes getting even more moist now …Episode ends on Veer’s teary-eyed face (Veer is one of those guys who cannot show their emotions in open..so we can see him crying alone in a room when noone is there..finally we can see how much he is in pain after losing his brother )