Monday Update on True Love August 27

Monday Update on True Love

August 27 Episode

Ichha and Veer together travelling in the bus among the crowd ;A romantic background song is being played ;Both r feeling awkward travelling together in the bus in close proximity of each other … Tapasya in the hotel is again blasted by the supervisor for being extra lazy in her work ;The lady supervisor then takes Tapasya to the hotel bathroom and asks her to clean the dirty wash-basins quickly ;Seeing those wash-basins ,Tapasya refuses to clear it and shows her typical attitude to the supervisor on which the lady supervisor warns her that if she is not cleaning them ,then she will b fired from her job ;Hearing this Tappu too in anger tells the lady supervisor that she herself wants to resign from such a nasty job ;Tappu then walks out in anger (This girl still needs a reality check )..

Tapasya reaches her new house..I mean that kholi ;She keeps on blabbering about how that lady misbehaved with her and so she resigned from that hopeless job ;Jyoti overhears this and questions Tapasya about why she left that job on which Tappu tells her the entire washbasin story and how she was asked to clean those dirty wash-basins ;Hearing this Jyoti blasts Tapasya for her stupidity of leaving this job and also worries about the fact that this way Tapasya will not get any job ;But Tapasya assures Jyoti that soon she will find out a good job for herself (I think she is educated na..then why can’t she go home and take her ceritificates which belongs to her..then it will b easier for her to get a decent job na ..)

Jogi returns home from office looking very tired when Nani asks him whether he has too much of work load these days on which Jogi in a defeating tone tells everyone that “sinse years..I hv been working non-stop for my business and money..but whats the use..whenever I think of all the deeds that Tapasya did ,my soul just stirs up..I feel as if all this money which I hv earned is nothing but a waste…” ;Hearing this Nani asks Jogi to rest in the house for sometime when Divya tells Jogi that he should take Masoom to the office with him for some help (Divya needs some mental help now );Hearing this Pushkar too supports Divya’s words but Nani talks against it ;So then Divya sarcastically asks Nani that if Masoom is not fit to go to the office with him then who is fit..Damini or Ichha ?? (Why all of a sudden Divya is going so much against Damini and Ichha );Jogi remains silent on this matter..gets up from the sofa and asks Divya to get his coffee in the room if no other servants r available ;While Jogi is going upstairs Masoom tells Jogi that if he is hesitent to tell everyone in the office that she is his daughter ,then no need to tell this fact and that she can go with him to the office just as a helper ;But Jogi gives very tough look to Masoom and tells her that he is the one who will decide what to do and what not to do Tapasya is shown going to a saree shop to purchase some sarees for her;She selects a very expensive saree but after coming to know that its costs Rs.12,000..she drops the idea of purchasing the saree ;So the shopkeeper then shows her some cheap rate sarees of Rs.3000 but she is not in a position to buy those sarees as well and so eventually she gets out of the saree shop without buying anything ;From outside the shop,Tapasya looks at those expensive sarees and tears come out of her eyes. READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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