Monday Update on True Love 9th November 2020


Monday Update on True Love 9th November 2020

Ansari turns to Meethi. You had gone to attend Aman Ki Dua event in India with Asgar. Ashfaque and his family members here have been swearing that you went back to your home. Where is your home? In India or in Pakistan? Ansari wants to know why Meethi went to India. Asgar answers on her behalf – to marry me. Ashfaque and Meethi are taken aback. Asgar confirms it. She is my wife from now onwards. Ansari reminds him that as far as he knows Asgar is already married to Zubeida. You had gone to attend Aman ki Dua or to get married? Asgar laughs that he was kidding. Someone kept a bomb in the event venue so we had to come back early. Ansari points out that he had met him while he was on the way to India but why dint he tell about Meethi.

Asgar says he wasn’t doing anything illegal that he had to give so many explanations. Ansari deduces from the family member’s reactions that they had no idea that Meethi was with you. Why did they keep telling that Fida has returned to her home? Meethi gives an answer now. I had gone to participate in Aman ki Dua. I enjoy music and dance which is why I had gone there. My Ammi doesn’t like it at all. If my family would have come to know about it then they might even break relations with me. Only Asgar ji knew about it that’s why he took me there. Ansari agrees to take it as truth for today.

Meethi wishes him Allah Hafiz. He is curious to know when she is returning. Asgar’s wedding anniversary is next week. We have requested her to stay till then. Ansari wants to meet Meethi again. I feel good as I get to know new stories every time. Next time do inform me when you think of going back to your home next time. Mushtaq Ansari will drop you at your home with all due respect. She nods. Can we go now? He nods. She finally walks out of he station with Ashfaque and Asgar following her. Ansari is still doubtful about everything. Enough of the stories. Now I want to know the truth. Don’t know why my doubt is increasing on you by every single minute instead of trusting you.

Akash is hiding under the truck which stops at the Pakistan border. The truck gets clearance after checking the carriage but Akash drops Meethi’s anklet by mistake. He looks at the anklet which has fallen on the ground. Meethi is sad that she had to return even after being so close to her home. What’s written in my fate? How long will I have to stay in this country? I cannot take it anymore. I want to go back to India. Zubeida comes there and notices that Meethi hasn’t even touched her food. She understands Meethi’s pain but only wishes that Meethi considers them their own till she is here.

Meethi is grateful to them for what all they have done for her. I cannot stay here anymore. I have to go back to my home. Zubeida has full faith in her husband. What if he failed this time? He will surely find another way to send you back to your home very soon. she feeds Meethi and goes from there. Meethi decides to find a way out on her own. There must be a way. I dint break any rules when I came in this country then why am I so afraid? How long will I stay here in this country as Fida?

The guard (Rehmat Ula Khan) feels something fishy and moves around to check under the truck. Meanwhile, the truck driver tries to start the engine but in vain. Akash notices the guard’s feet near the anklet and then looks at the anklet. He picks it up before the guard but they both see each other by then. The truck driver hears him shouting and drives off. The guard follows the truck in his jeep. Akash is tightly holding onto some lower part of the truck while hiding.

Nilofer thanks Meethi for coming back on time. Ashfaque would have been in jail otherwise. Meethi calls it God’s will. Nilofer is sad that she is still away from her husband. I can understand your pain. Saying so, she hugs Meethi. trust Allah for he will definitely help you. Meethi recalls the doubts in Ansari’s mind. How long will I live with this fake identity? I dint do any crime or have broken any rules. Why don’t I tell everything to Ansari? Please God show me a way. I know truth is the best way. I will tell Ansari everything.

Rehmat Ula Khan fires bullets at the truck. Akash lets go of the pipe and rolls down on the road. He runs towards the jungle to take cover while Rehmat Ula Khan’s jeep continues to follow the truck. Maiyya wakes up screaming for help for her son. Someone save my son. She wonders about her dream. She calls out for him worried. Gomti and Sankrant come to her room. She tells them about the bad dream. Your elder brother is in danger. Sankrant calms him down. Akash has gone to Pakistan to bring bhabhi. He will bring her along. She blames herself for everything. I let Meethi go. What will I do if something happens to Akash? Gomti is worried about her sleep only and tells her sister to sleep too but Sankrant interrupts her. He gives hope to his mother and puts her to sleep. Maiyya is still very much worried for her son.

Meethi happens to be going out when Ashfaque and Ansari meet her. They are curious about her intentions. Ashfaque asks her sweetly while Asgar is upset with her. my brother had to spend a night at police station. Do you want my whole family to be put behind bars now? She declines. I don’t want you all to go through anything because of me anymore. I am going to put an end to everything. I am going to meet Ansari ji. I will tell him everything. The root cause of the problem is the fact that I am a Pakistani. I will tell him everything today. he will surely help me after knowing everything. He is a good guy. He will help me in sending me back to my home.

Asgar is sad that she trusts a police inspector more than them. she trusts them too but she has understood that she can never go back to her home like this., illegally, which is why she has decided to share everything with Ansari. This will be best for us. Asgar tells her against it but she stays out. My Anni too says the same. Tell the truth when you don’t see any other way out. This is why I am going to tell everything to Ansari ji. I don’t care about the consequences. But yes, you guys wont be in any problems because of me from now on. She folds her hands to apologize and tell them that she wont stop now. I have made up my mind. Asgar holds her hand forcefully. You wont go anywhere.

Ashfaque is taken aback at his reaction and puts a hand on his shoulder. Meethi asks him to leave his hand but he tells her to go to her room right away. she finally frees her hand. Ashfaque puts his hand on Meethi’s head. I swear by God that I will make you meet your husband. Asgar is shocked. Ashfaque asks her to trust him. don’t go anywhere at the moment. She finally goes back to her room. Asgar looks at his brother questioningly. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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