Monday Update on True Love 2nd October 2020

Monday Update on True Love 2nd October 2020

Ambika talks rudely to Rathore and he tells her that he thought she would change by staying in jail. She says by staying here, she has more hate in her now. She will take revenge from everyone, especially him. Rathore is about to leave when she asks about Meethi. He gets surprised how she knows about her. She says she is inside, but she keeps all news. Rathore leaves. She laughs and looks at notice board which has Meethi’s photo in missing section.

Akash returns home and tells Damini he felt he was very close to Meethi. Damini tells him about the sketch and then gives him prasad. She sees Fida’s photo on that paper. Akash reads the news and goes somewhere.

He comes to the lodge and inquires about Fida. The manager checks and there was no one staying with that name. Someone hears their conversation and calls Asgar. Asgar asks him to look after Akash. Asgar informs Shoaib about it, but tells him not to worry about it. They have a big mission coming up and no one can stop them. The manager gives some event card to Akash saying he got it from Fida and her husband. Akash decides to go there. Other hand, Asgar also looks at the same event card and says next blast will be there and he’ll use an Indian this time, Meethi. He laughs.

Meethi shares about Fida to Asgar’s wife and Asgar hears it. Meethi tells him that she met her in train, but she couldn’t see her husband. He laughs and tells her to forget her dark past.

Ashfaque returns home with a gift. Nilofer asks him if it’s for her. He hides and says no. She goes to get towel for him. Meethi also leaves. Ashfaque’s mum talks to him about his marriage. He first seems to be interested as he’s looking at Meethi, but when his mum takes Nilofer’s name, he says first he has to make a big name, and then he’ll think about marriage. He leaves. Saba asks her mum not to listen to him, but her mum says to give him time.

Asgar is watching some blast clips. His wife comes and asks him to do something about taking Meethi back to India. He gets mad at her and asks if she doesn’t even know it requires visa to go to India. He comes out and laughs. He says, don’t worry Meethi, I have found out solution to your pain. He looks at the event card.


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