Monday Update on True Love 24th August 2020


Monday Update on True Love 24th August 2020

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Akash greets Yuvi. Its been so long that we have met. Yuvi recalls that they met to sign on the property documents last time. What are you doing here? Akash tells him that his brother in law works here in Yuvaan Enterprises. But how come you are here? Anyways, I wanted to talk to you about something. It was another time when I bought your house from you but it is still your house. Does anyone from your family know that you are in the same city? You have anyways changed your face. Even if any of them collide or walk past you then no one would be able to recognize you. He notices that Yuvi looks lost. Yuvi says I like it that you have so many questions but you need all the answers today itself. Akash agrees with him.

Vishnu has done all the work and is all set to leave. Yuvi requests Akash not to tell any of his family members that he is here. I am trying to stay away from my past. Please don’t tell anything to anyone. Some of his employees leave for their homes after wishing him goodbye. Akash finds him to be quiet popular here. Is your office around? yuvi denies. I often come here for meetings. He is getting late for a meeting so tries to leave. Vishnu is heading towards the exit. Akash stops Yuvi. I would like to suggest you something. One day it will be time to return to your own people / family. Don’t hesitate when that time comes.

Vishnu notices Akash talking to someone but Yuvi has his back towards him so he cannot see. Yuvi is getting worried with each passing moment. Yuvi nods and leaves. Vishnu goes to meet Akash. People know you here as well? Akash tells him that he was Meethi’s brother. Vishnu thinks it to be Kanha but Akash tells him about Meethi’s real brother. Vishnu thinks of something and doesn’t look too happy about it. Akash agrees to tell him everything later. Make sure neither Meethi nor Mukta gets to know about it. Our wives are waiting for us. We have to cook the meal today. They both leave.

At the campsite, Meethi, Ambika and Mukta are at one side while Rathore is at another side. They are playing tug of war. Meethi teases him about his age. You wouldn’t be able to win from us. He pulls them in one go and they lose. Mukku says you only will win in such games. Meethi agrees with her. We must win so. He remarks that they are mean. Why to play such games where you only will win? Meethi replies smartly as he has brought them for picnic. The girls agree in unison. Rathore smiles and gives up. They blindfold Rathore and play the game. Rathore catches hold of Ambika finally. He touches her face and comments that she is his daughter. Mukku calls him wrong. I am here. Rathore has a smile on his face.


Pavitra and Gomti are massaging Maiyya’s hands and feet. Gomti says that Maiyya is losing out to that Ambika in everything. Maiyya says even the electrician lied. I had brought Meethi on my side with so much difficulty now she wont trust me again. I will have to think like her. What will Ambika do on this picnic? My sixth sense is telling me that this time she will definitely make a mistake.

Rathore gets corn for all of them. What should we play now? Mukku tells that we will play this game once our husbands join us. Both Vishnu and Akash don’t know how to sing. It will be fun! Rathore again calls them mean. They decide to play a new game game. Mukku explains you have to close your eyes and name five items from your purse which are there all the time inside your purse. They start with Rathore. He points them out and then shows them to the ladies so that they can cross check if he is being true or not. He notices Ambika’s picture in his wallet but then takes out only Meethi and Mukta’s pic. It is Ambika’s turn now.

Ambika takes out four items she has talked about and her and Akash’s photo comes along with the money she was taking out. Everyone is taken aback to see the pics. A chant plays. The atmosphere gets tensed. Mukta asks her about the pic. I know you both were engaged and were about to get married but that dint happen. Why is this pic still in your bag? Ambika says this is what happens when we pick up a random purse by mistake. I dint check inside. I used to take this purse at the time of my engagement. Meethi tries to take it lightly. It happens with me too.

Mukta asks Ambika to clean her purse now. You anyways don’t need this pic now. She tears the pic in two halves giving Ambika her pic while she gives Akash’s pic to Meethi. Ambika isn’t happy with the turn of events. Mukku tells her to keep this pic with her now for as long as she wants to. There wont be a problem. Rathore coughs to divert the mood. Meethi wears her shades again and offers to go get water for everyone. Mukku too joins her.

Mukku again talks to Meethi about Ambika. I told you already and I am saying it again. I don’t like Ambika. Did you notice how white she looked when that photo fell from her bag? I think she still loves him. She recalls what she had seen. I don’t like her at all. Meethi too was shocked / hurt to see that photo in her bag but I have been proved wrong whenever I have doubted her. This is why I don’t want to doubt on her. She has a nice heart. She always takes care of me and loves me too. She isn’t bad.

Rathore tells Ambika that his Mukku isn’t bad at heart but is straightforward as she is my daughter. Don’t take her wrong. Ambika denies. She is Meethi’s sister. If it would have been me in her place and if it was Sankrant’s picture then I too would have felt bad. I am not angry with anyone. It is fate’s game. The marriage was about to happen but it dint turn out that way. I have accepted this.

Mukku cannot explain it to Meethi. You are good that’s why you don’t see faults in anyone. I will only suggest you to stay away from Ambika. I don’t like her. meethi agrees to take care. They turn to see their husbands coming in. We will make them work too much. First we will play antakshri.

Akash wants Meethi to be in his team but Mukku holds her back. All the men make one team. Ambika too walks at their side wanting to be in their team (Akash’s team). Almost everyone finds it odd especially Mukku, Meethi and Rathore. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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