Monday Update on True Love 18th January 2021


Monday Update on True Love 18th January 2021

Nandini is applying the sindur when Meethi comes and holds her arm and stops her. Nandini asks Meethi to let her arm go while Meethi says that drop the sindur and I will let go. Meethi says that you have no right on this while Nandini says that I will take your sindur from you. Meethi pushes her aside and says that I want to throw you out of the house but won’t do this because of Rani. Meethi says that I trusted you and gave you a home and you want to take my AKash from me. Nandini brings the photo and says that this is a happy family here and you have no place here. Meethi says that this is a misunderstanding of yours as he loves only me and there is only mine space in his heart.

Nandini says that why Akash wore the blue jacket that I gave to him and look carefully as how close he is standing to me. Nandini says that I never forgot Akash but was keeping Rani away from that dirty life. Nandini says that she had accepted that Akash is not in her life but once again fate brought them close and she is thankful for you for doing that. Nandini says that perhaps you were sent because I and Akash were to come close again. She says that don’t forget that all you have today was to hers if she hadn’t made the mistake to leave Akash. Nandini says that you only came in his life because she had left him.

Nandini says that you have done a lot for me as you adopted my daughter and if I leave this home than so will my daughter. Nandini says that if Rani leaves than Akash won’t be able to live and neither will be the grandmother. She says that If Rani has to live here than her mother will be living as well, she adds saying that you have a big heart so give Akash to me otherwise I will snatch him from you. Nandini says that do you fear that Akash comes so close to Rani that he forgets you and you have no place left in this house.

Meethi says that you have a lot of misunderstandings and the first one is that Rani is our daughter and you said it yourself. She says that you can do whatever you want as I trust mother hood and myself and if one day Rani has to choose than she will chose me. Meethi says that Akash will chose me and no power in this world can separate us. Nandini says that for all the years why didn’t Akash tell you about me as he still loves me. She challenges Meethi and says that I will take Akash away from you and you can do all you want and AKash was always mine.

Meethi says that you have a lot of confidence yourself and this munglesithur and sindur is the proof of our love and you can do what you want as nothing can separate us. Meethi accepts the challenge and gives her all the best and leaves the room.

Akash is talking to one of collegues about the office and arranging a meeting against Khana. Meethi comes and stands at the window and remembers what Maiya said to her about Nandini. Akash walks up to Meethi and asks if everything is Okay. Meethi says that everything is Okay but you as I am thinking of how to fix your mood. Akash picks her up and says that till you are with me nothing can happen to me and tells her to stay with him. Meethi says that I will stay with you forever and won’t leave.
Rani comes and Meethi asks her what she is doing here as she was sleeping. Rani says that she had a nightmare and so came to them. Rani says that she remembered that she forgot to say goodnight and Meethi says that you can always come to us when you have a nightmare. Rani leaves to her room while Meethi sets the alarm for the next day. Aksah says that he also gets frightened at night while Meethi says that she is here for him. She goes to change her clothes and they go to sleep.

At night Nandini comes in their room and changes the alarm time. She sneaks out of the room and trips. Meethi wakes up but Nandin is out of the room, she comes out of the bed looks around but Nandini is not there. Nandini comes to her room and sets the alarm and says that tomorrow morning I will go with Akash to Rani’s school. Meethi comes in the room when she steps on a strap and realizes that someone was here.