Monday Update on True Love 13 January 2020

Monday Update on True Love 13 January 2020

Divya asks him what they would say if she asks for Iccha. He tearfully replies….tell her that she has gone far from us. The truth is that she has indeed gone very far from us. But we will have to hide the truth that she will never return. He breaks into tears and Divya consoles him. All compose themselves and go inside to meet Tappu.

Meethi comes with everyone to the spot where she had met Sankrant. He is nowhere to be found.
She explains she had met him here only. See the pot is here he was asking for water and his alcohol bottle was lying here. I sprinkled water to wake him up.
Akash repeats that it must be some drunkard. Leave it. Meethi again asks yes but how does he know my name? Maiyya replies you are after all our daughter-in-law. The whole village knows about you. Tell me how he looked. Did he wore pant and shirt, had red eyes and was completely drunk. Meethi nods in agreement. Maiyya says he must be the same scoundrel. He keeps telling the same thing to everyone. Don’t fall for his words. Vishnu take her home. There is nothing to worry about it and don’t let her go out alone.
Akash replies ji. She asks him to go she will come after him. Akash turns to leave with Meethi and exchange glances with Maiyya who signals him to go.
Maiyya looks around and says, Sankrant! My own son has become my enemy. What do I do with you know? What solution should I find for you?

Jogi enters Tappu’s ward followed by everyone. He kisses her on her forehead lovingly. Mukta touches her calling out to her Ma. The nurse tells them not to be so close to the patient as she is still weak. Mukta asks her to get well soon so that they can live together. We all are waiting since so many days for you to return.
Tappu looks at everyone and asks for Ammo and Iccha. Jogi tells her that Iccha has gone to pray for her at the temple. When you will come back she will be back too.
Tappu says she should have come. Jogi’s eyes are filled with tears. Divya pats him on the back to control himself. He says she wanted to. Tappu says she is my friend. Why did she go so far leaving me like this? No she should not have gone.
Divya comes near to her. Beta, she is near you only. Just close your eyes you will feel her in your heartbeats. Tappu says was it important to go the temple.
This time Rathore enters saying she is favourite to God. Let her come back after the aarti we will see.
Dr. Murthy asks them all to go out for some time. Tappu mutters tell Iccha I am alive. Jogi and Divya tell her to relax Iccha will be back. You will be fine soon. Nani leaves hurriedly. All the others follow.
Rathore stays back and looks lovingly at Tappu. He goes to the door where Jogi and Divya are standing and tells them to come. He turns and gestures her to smile. She smiles back at him.

Rathore gets information about Meethi and Vishnu that they are staying in some industrial are in Switzerland. He wonders when their hotel was booked then why are they staying there. The guy says he will message him the number and disconnects.
Rathores thinks where you are Meethi. I will surely find you.

He gets the number and calls up. A foreigner lady picks up and in the background snowfall can be seen. He asks for Meethi Bharti. The lady asks him to hold and calls out to Meethi.
He asks her who is she. He wants to talk to Meethi Bharti. The lady replies that she is Meethi Bharti only.

Rathore asks for Vishnu. Initially, she asks who Vishnu then she says yes he is sleeping inside.
He very calmly tells her that you do not know me. I don’t lie and don’t let anyone lie to me as well.
I have 3 choices for you. One – you can tell me on your own. Second – the police will come and ask you the truth. And third which you will never want – I will come and ask you.
The lady becomes scared. She begs him not to say like this. I and my husband have come here after forging our passport and visa on our agent’s saying. We have already spent so much money to come here. If police comes here they will take us back. We will be ruined.
He asks why you do it. How can you let someone else use you? Don’t cry now. He asks for the agent’s details. She shares everything with him and this conversation is muted. He disconnects the call and wonders where Meethi would be. But wherever she will be…he will definitely find her.



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