Monday Update On This is Love Sept 24

Monday Update On This is Love Sept 24

The Episode starts with a man coming to meet Simmi. Simmi says I did not call you. Gaurav comes and says I called him, he is a good tattoo maker, his work is clean, I did not wish to go to any amateur tattoo maker, so that you don’t get hurt, you can check designs. She welcomes them in party. Mrs. Bhalla sees Gaurav. Simmi asks Neelu to take tattoo maker to room, I will come in some time. Mrs. Bhalla says what’s Gaurav doing here. She goes to Simmi and asks did you invite Gaurav in party. Simmi says no, he self invited. Mihika says that man is tattoo artist, I want to get tattoo made, I made him sit in guest room. Mrs. Bhalla says fine. Simmi asks Mihika how did you know this. Mihika says I overheard your conversation. Raman comes and asks Simmi about Gaurav. Simmi says he is my friend,
I invited him. Raman asks is he just friend. She asks him to come and dance. They all dance on tutak tutak…. Everyone smile.

Tattoo artist says madam can come to my studio and choose design. Gaurav asks him to wait for some time, its auspicious to get work on 1st, it will be profitable year. The man agrees to stay back. Raman asks Romi for phone to call Ishita. Mihika says ask her to come soon. Mihir calls Romi. Raman answers call and goes out to talk. Mrs. Bhalla gets the cake. She goes to get candles and asks them to come. Adi asks do you know plan. Romi says yes, you have to put cake on face. Adi says but Dadi got just one cake, if she scolds me. Romi says no, I arranged same cake, just go ahead. Adi takes cake to smear on Suhail’s face. Suhail moves and cake falls. Mrs. Bhalla scolds them for ruining cake. Adi says Romi was in plan. They all scold Romi and Adi. Romi says I did not do, Adi did this, beat him. Ruhi says smart move. Suhail says thanks, you alerted me. She says I can save you from cake smearing. She laughs. He says you look good when you laugh.

Mrs. Bhalla says leave it now, I have forgiven you. Romi says there is just 15 secs left. They count down. They wish each other happy new year and hug. Raman comes back and sees time. He says its 12, don’t know where is Ishita. Romi says her phone is not reachable. Raman worries for her and says she maybe at clinic for emergency. Adi says no, she is not there, guard told me on phone. Raman says irresponsible woman, don’t know where she went. Ruhi gets afraid. Suhail says you can call Abhishek and take help. Raman says no, he went to celebrate new year with his fiancee. Romi and Adi go to find her. Everyone make calls. Tattoo artist says its late now, you did not finalize design. I will go. Simmi says sorry, there is tension at home. Gaurav says why sorry, I paid him. He scolds the man and asks him to leave. The man says fine I will wait. Ruhi says I m worried for Ishi Maa, don’t know where she went, did blackmailer kidnap her. He says why will he do this. She says he can do this to pressurize me.

He consoles her and asks her not to react like this, else everyone will know, Ishita will come. Ruhi prays for Ishita’s safety. Raman gets Ishita’s call. He asks where are you. She asks why so much anger, happy new year, sorry, I m not with family, I m feeling really bad. He says you went missing, everyone is worried, where are you, have you lost it, how can you leave without saying. She asks why, did you not tell them, I tried to call you, landline was busy, I messaged you after sitting in cab. He says I did not get message. She says why are you lying, Pihu’s teacher scared me that something happened to Pihu, so I came here, check message. He checks and says yes, message is there. She laughs and says what’s this, you don’t check my messages.

He says phone was on charging, how is Pihu. She says you will laugh when I tell you. He asks what happened. She says she is big drama queen, she did this acting as she was missing family, she told teacher to call me here, the best part of it is she wanted to celebrate new year with me, I m feeling so good, nature’s camp is good, we enjoyed a lot. He asks when are you coming back. She says Pihu is stubborn, she wants me to stay for 2 days with her, what will be bigger achievement than this for us.

He says don’t worry, I will manage here, your phone is not reachable. She says there is no network, this is teacher’s phone, I have to make a confession, Raman I don’t like anything without you, I m really missing you a lot. He smiles and says even I miss you a lot, everything is under control, we had chance to celebrate new year together, see you are there, I m here. She says I m missing you a lot. He asks her to see moon, its common factor between us, I feel you are standing with me. She says you don’t start new year with worries, be happy, involve Ruhi in party. He says fine, I will keep you updated. Romi and Adi come back, and say they did not find Ishita. Raman comes. Adi asks did you talk to her. Raman smiles. Mrs. Bhalla asks why are you smiling.

Raman says she is fine, she told me she is at Pihu’s nature’s camp, Pihu was missing us, she called Ishita there. Mrs. Bhalla says why did she not tell us. Raman says its my mistake, she left message for me and I did not check, phone was on charging. Mr. Bhalla says you were calling Ishita careless, what’s this. Adi says you are careless. Mihika says its your mistake, we had tension. Raman says fine sorry. Simmi says you will get punished, you have to become murga. Raman says fine….. okay. Ruhi says no, and stops Raman. Romi says fine, you can dance. Ruhi says dance with me first. Raman hugs her.

Teacher asks Ishita did she talk to her husband. Ishita says yes, I wished him, thanks. Teacher says your smile shows there is much love between you and him. Ishita says yes, there is much love, even if we get away, we don’t get separated, love increases, any how thanks again. She smiles.

Ruhi saves Raman from becoming a murga (cock). All punish him to dance. Ruhi says first with him. Raman and Ruhi start dancing on High Heels song and others join them.

Simi asks Neelu to call tattoo artist. Simi is checking designs. She is confused. Raman helps her. He sees a tattoo and gets shocked. It’s same tattoo he seen on person recording the mms video. He asks the artist about it. The artist says he made it for some family. It’s tradition in that family. Raman wants to get info about the family, but the artist says his store is in a mall which is closed. Raman gets hyper. Family members come there. Raman calms down and says his old friend had same tattoo. He leaves. Simi tells the artist she will call him later. Party ends. Ruhi wonders what’s wrong with Raman.

morning, the artist is calling Raman to give him the info. Just then he’s attacked by someone.

Raman is getting restless trying to call him. He leaves to go to his store.

Bani is thinking about a new start with Shagun. He wants to give her a surprise. He is putting away alcohol bottle and realises it’s juice.. which means Shagun did drama last night. Shagun comes to him. He asks her to stay away and scolds her. He says he was a fool to think that things would change. Shagun says she really wants to stay with him. She just wanted to give another chance to their relation. Mani says he doesn’t believe her and leaves. Shagun turns and sees Adi, Aliya there.

Ruhi asks Raman whether the tattoo artist contacted him. Raman says he has been trying it, but the artist’s phone is off and he’s going to his store now. Ruhi tells him to take her with him as well. She’s still worried as video is not found.

Adi tells Aliya that Shagun can never change. How someone can be so selfish. Aliya supports Shagun saying she really loves Mani and it’s not selfish if she wants to be back in his life. Adi asks did she forget Mani when she tried to go with Vidyut? Aliya says she made a mistake and they should give another chance. Adi says she had many chances, but she doesn’t change. Aliya tells him he shouldn’t say like this.. Shagun is his mum. Adi says that is why he’s saying. He knows her better. He says he doesn’t want to talk about it and leaves.4. Aliya says how she should make him understand.

Raman and Ruhi are at the store. Other guy says that he is usually here by this time, but today he’s not. He said it’s strange that store was open, but he’s not here. Raman asks for the book where they save all customer info. Other guy says that book is missing.. maybe the artist took it with him. Ruhi wonders whether blackmailer has to do anything with this. She asks how to say to Raman and then says she can’t tell him. Raman sees Ruhi worried and tells her not to worry. Ruhi feels something wrong will happen.

Raman is trying to call Ishita. It finally connects. Raman tells her about recent events and feels something dirty is going to happen. He tells Ishita to come back soon. Ishita tells him to take care.

Ruhi is sure that the blackmailer is behind disappearance of the tattoo artist. She says 30 lakh is too much money.. she needs to do something fast. Neelu comes to Ruhi and says she is going to get some groceries and will be back soon. There is no one in home. Ruhi says she’s at home only. After Neelu leaves, Ruhi says this is the right time. She hesitantly steals jewelries from the house. She says, ‘I am sorry Ishimaa. I know what I am doing is very wrong. But I don’t have any other option. That blackmailer is dangerous and I can’t risk your and papa’s life. This is the only way’.

Ruhi comes to Sohail and tells him to give all that jewelries to the blackmailer. She doesn’t have any more patience. She can’t see Raman and Ishita in danger. They don’t show, but she knows they are scared and worried. Sohail tries to calm Ruhi, but she says they will go to the blackmailer and give him all jewelries. She is going crazy. Sohail slaps her.