Monday Update on This is Love August 27

Monday Update on This is Love

August 27 Episode

Raman and Ishita meeting some guy. The man calls Raman lucky to get a wife like Ishita. He praises Ishita. He says I came with my friends and you came with your husband on holiday, spend some time with us, else remember in prayers. She says always, bye. Vidyut is at the stadium and talks to cricketers. He tells about the Adelaide oval stadium. Ruhi comes there and says Mr. Vidyut Sahay. He asks what are you doing here, Ruhi Bhalla. She says its good you know me, what did you think of yourself, what were you trying to do, why are you ruining Ishita’s life, I know you are a big flirt, and casanova, you are trapping Ishita as she is innocent.

Raman and Ishita come there and look on. Ishita says I did not see Ruhi shouting like this before. Raman says she loves
you a lot. Ruhi asks Vidyut why did he send cameraman, everyone should know Vidyut’s truth, are you scared and worried for your image, you can just trap girls, you know that, I did not see more fallen man than you, how can you break anyone’s house, did you not think of our family, why did you do this. Ishita says Vidyut helped us, we can’t let him get insulted. Raman says we will tell truth to Ruhi. Vidyut says no comments. Ruhi says what, you have to answer me, I m Ishita’s daughter. She cries and scolds him. Vidyut sees Raman and Ishita. Ruhi says I know you don’t love Ishita, why are you taking her away from us, we love her a lot, she does not need you. Vidyut says Ishita is an adult, and can do anything she wants, okay. He leaves. Ruhi also leaves. Ishita says we should talk to Ruhi once. Raman says no, we have to talk to Vidyut first.

Simmi gets flowers. The delivery boy says a little girl has sent it. Simmi thinks Ananya has sent it and smiles. She reads the note and says Ananya has done this, she will not give up, she brought a smile on my face. The man asks did she find out who has sent it. The delivery guy says no, I said a little girl has sent it. The man sees Simmi’s pic and says now you see my magic.

Raman and Ishita go to talk to Vidyut. Raman says we heard everything, we are sorry. Ishita says we are sorry, Ruhi said a lot. Vidyut says stop it, why are you saying sorry, you think I m angry, no, I m jealous, she loves you both a lot, she is lovely and did all this for her parents, I should leave now, I have to look smart. Raman says oh, date with Shagun, you heard you are casanova. Vidyut says you enjoy pulling my leg, I have to fool Shagun of my love. Raman says we will never be able to repay you for this. Vidyut says I m happy with this, if you get Pihu, I will get peace. He goes. Ishita says he is a good man. Raman says I know.

Shagun says I m going on date with Vidyut, who will manage Pihu, I can’t leave her alone. Shagun calls Raman. Raman says I knew she will call. He asks Shagun from where to pick Pihu. Shagun makes an excuse about her ill friend and asks him to pick Pihu from home. He says fine and ends call. He says she is going to meet Vidyut and lying. She says its good she looked convinced, I m hoping Ruhi stays fine. He says I will manage Ruhi, don’t worry.

Vidyut meets Shagun and takes her in his car. She smiles. Ruhi tells Adi that Vidyut is shameless, I scolded him and he said Ishita is adult and can do anything she wants, we have to stop this divorce and stop Ishita from moving on. Aaliya says don’t lose hope. Adi says we will get some clue against Vidyut, keep trying. Ruhi says yes. Raman calls Ruhi. Ruhi scolds him and asks him not to call him back. Raman says I need your help. Ruhi says I will not help you in giving divorce to Ishita. He says no, its about Pihu. She says what. He says I told her you will come to meet her. She agrees. Raman tells Ishita that Ruhi said she will come. She says its positive. I hope Vidyut also succeeds.

Simmi talks to Mrs. Bhalla about her job. She gives halwa to her. Mrs. Bhalla finds her very happy and asks her the reason. Simmi says whats the big thing, I wanted to make halwa today, Ananya has sent the flowers to make me feel special, Ananya wants me to be happy always, she has grown up now and notices all this, so I decided no tears and tension now. Mrs. Bhalla smiles. Simmi receives chocolates and shows to Mrs. Bhalla, saying Ananya has sent this, I m so lucky. The delivery guy tells the man that Simmi thought her daughter has sent this to her. The man says its good, Simmi you feel lonely, I have come to end your loneliness.

Vidyut gets Shagun to a beautiful place. She likes the place. They have a talk. He compliments her. She says the saree you gifted is nice, I like it. He says it looks good as you have worn it. She asks why are you getting romantic. He asks shall I say. She gets shy and runs. He asks her to try the wine, its freshly made here. He gets a call and goes. The man stares at Shagun and smiles. He asks where are you from. She says I m sorry, excuse me. He holds her. Vidyut comes and pushes the man, shouting I love her, go….. Shagun looks on. He holds Shagun and asks are you fine. The man goes and gets paid by someone/Ishita.

Ruhi getting the call and saying yes, I will reach there. Shagun and Vidyut go the cafe and talk. He says sorry for what happened there. She asks what you said there that you love me, is that true. He says yes, I love you since the college time, that’s why I m single, everything thinks I m a flirt, but I could not confess love to you in college as you had a BF, destiny made us meet again, maybe Lord wants to give us a chance again, I truly love you. She says but Mani…. I m married. He says come on, I m not blind and can see anything, if your husband loved you, he would have left business and came here in Adelaide, its so obvious you are not happy in this marriage, come with me, every day will be an adventure, you will never get bored. She says no, this can’t

He asks why do you want to bind yourself in a meaningless marriage, you deserve this chance. He says you are a celeb, this will be talk of the town, it will be awkward. He says I don’t care of the world, I want to be with you. He thinks she is not believing him, and he has to do something. He publicly announces his love to Shagun. He says Shagun Arora, I love you. She smiles and asks what are you doing. He proposes her and asks will you marry me Shagun. Ruhi comes there and gets shocked seeing this. He says oh God this man is fraud, he was with Ishita and now with Shagun. Vidyut asks the people to ask this beautiful woman to say yes. Everyone ask Shagun to say yes. Ruhi says I will not leave him, I will expose him. Ishita stops Ruhi and takes her from there.

Ruhi bites her hand. Ishita asks are you mad Ruhi. Ruhi gets shocked seeing her. Ishita says its me. Ruhi says you here. Ishita says I will tell something, listen. Vidyut thinks Raman said right, Shagun is stubborn, but I will convince her. He shows the diamond ring. Shagun says yes. He makes her wear the ring and hugs her.

Vidyut thinks Raman the work is over, Shagun got trapped. Everyone clap. Vidyut says everyone, drinks are on me. They get seated. Ruhi asks what, no way, you are lying for Vidyut, so that I don’t go to fight to him, can’t you see he is fraud. Ishita says you have options to listen to me, or go and fight with him, you have faith in me or not. Ruhi says say it. Ishita says I agree Raman and I lied to you, about divorce and then we are not in contact since a year, we were always in contact, Vidyut is helping us in our drama, we have hidden this from everyone, we did this for a reason, for Pihu. Ruhi asks what do you mean. READ NEXT PAGE 2


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