Monday Update on This is Love 6th July 2020

Monday Update on This is Love 6th July 2020

Arijit saying they have a doubt on me, I have to do something. Arijit gets Bhuvan’s call. Bhuvan says there is much police and private security guards. Arijit shouts on him. Doctor asks Arijit not to talk loudly, Neeti may get an attack. Arijit says sorry, you go. Bhuvan asks who is Neeti, where are you. Arijit says you don’t do work and question me, keep me updated, give me some good news, guests have come out, I will meet you outside.

Simmi asks Mihika what is she doing here. Mihika says I don’t know, was that the real Raman, whom the nurse has seen. Simmi says we are living with real Raman, maybe the enemy has sent the imposter to mislead us. Bhuvan looks on and says I will stay here and find real Raman. Sudha says how can this happen that someone looks

like Raman. Karan says yes, we should talk to him. Sudha calls to get that lab technician. The lady asks nurse Jaya about Ishita’s husband. Nurse says you don’t tell all that, Ishita is Sudha’s would be relatives, why to create a problem.
Bhuvan follows the lady. Sudha says we are mistaken, there are lot of people coming here, we got Raman’s Dna test, report is positive. Ruhi says we shall meet the surgeon and confirm it from him. Sudha says not a bad idea, the matter will solve. Manager says that lab technician went home. Sudha says give me her number. Bhuvan asks the lady to check the envelope. She sees money. She gets Sudha’s call. He says don’t answer it. Sudha says why did she cut my call. Bhuvan says come with me please. The lady goes with him. Karan, Ruhi and everyone look for the lab technician. They see the cab leaving. Yug says I have noted the number.

Karan says I will call the manager to get her address, there was someone in her cab. Karan and Yug follow the car and see the lady. They ask about the man. She says what nonsense, I booked this cab to come home. The cab driver says she was alone in the cab. She recalls going with Bhuvan. Bhuvan says I m bringing the lab assistant to you. Arijit asks are you mad, switch off her phone and drop her, end all the mess and don’t come here, else police may follow you. Bhuvan gets down the car and asks the lady and driver not to tell anything to anyone. FB ends. The lady thinks I won’t tell them anything.

Karan asks Sudha where is she. Sudha says I went to surgeon’s house, he is not there. Karan says fine. Arijit says she has seen Raman Bhalla, it means real Raman is alive. Bhuvan says he donated blood to Ishita. Arijit says it means real Raman is hiding in the hospital. He recalls everything. He says it means Natasha is telling the truth, the one living there is Shardul, real Raman is hiding in hospital, he will identify me, he will find out that I tried to kill him, these people have played the drama of memory loss well, I have to do something, I have to go inside the hospital.

Ruhi asks what, how did you let him go there. Karan and Yug say the technician will come out now for night shift. Sudha comes and says she won’t come, her name is Mamta, she has emailed that she is sick, she has gone on sick leave. Ruhi asks what, she was fine. Manager calls her and says Mamta went somewhere. Karan says call on her number. Sudha calls her and says her phone is switched off. Karan says its our mistake. Sudha says there is a huge tree in front of the parking lot, we couldn’t identify the staff. Karan says I m sure that its same person who had hurt Raman and Ishita. Ruhi gets Simmi’s call. She tells everything. Mihika says its strange. Mrs. Bhalla comes shouting and takes them.

Ruhi asks what happened, Dadi was sounding so worried. Mrs. Bhalla says phone.. Simmi asks whose call was it. Mrs. Bhalla says it was Raman’s call. Raman comes and asks what’s the matter, whose call was it. She says it was Raman’s call. He says I m standing in front of you. Mihika messages Ruhi. Yug asks shall we go and check. Sudha says someone should be here with Ishita. Mihika asks Raman not to worry. Raman gets thinking. Mihika gives him tiffin and says I will take care of mum. Simmi asks what did you say, Raman stays with us. Mrs. Bhalla says I know, his voice was similar to Raman, he said he is hiding somewhere, as his life is in danger, he also said that he is worried about Ishita, because he has donated blood to save her. Simmi and Mihika worry.

Simmi saying someone is misleading. Mrs. Bhalla says maybe real Raman called, and the one living with us isn’t Raman. Mihika asks her to trust Ishita. Simmi says yes, we have done his DNA test also. She goes. Mihika takes care of Mrs. Bhalla. Simmi tells everything to Ruhi. Ruhi asks who is doing this to disturb us, please keep this matter to yourself, Raman shouldn’t know this, not even Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla cries. Mihika says you are thinking a lot, that person is doing this intentionally so that we doubt on Raman. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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