Monday Update on This is Love 3rd August 2020

Monday Update on This is Love 3rd August 2020

Sudha saying Shardul would have asked you once. Ishita says his intention is wrong, but he did wrong, how will Ruhi’s marriage happen without Raman. Sudha says if we try to give this news to Raman, then maybe we can awaken him, we know Raman loves Ruhi a lot. Ishita says we should talk to him. They are on the way. Arijit says Shardul you are a genius, now she has no way than to get Raman out, we will kill Raman and take Neeti with us. Shardul says we have to be careful, Ishita can do anything for our children, we have to force her that she gets Raman in front of us. Arijit says do whatever you want, trust me.

Sudha and Ishita meet Raman. Nurse says doctor gave him medicines. Ishita asks Raman to come home, Ruhi is getting married, its time that he dances in the groom’s baraat, they know the groom, Karan. She says Ruhi got cheated in love, finally she got a guy who loves her a lot, she deserves her dad’s support, Raman you have to get up and do her Kanyadaan, if you don’t do this, then how. Sudha says we can’t step back now, don’t worry. Ishita asks how shall I stop this marriage. Sudha says I can delay the marriage by going to London and get info about Neeti’s sketches, I can manage Karan, I can fall sick again and make excuses, I will ask manager to book my London tickets, don’t worry. Ishita asks Sudha to go, she will be with Raman for some time. Shardul asks about Ishita.

Ruhi says I don’t know, we went to the wedding planner. Simmi says she went with Sudha. Karan says I will call mom, I got her missed calls. Shardul says maybe she is in some trouble, call her back. Karan calls and says her phone is switched off. Manager calls him and says Sudha called you many times, Sudha had to go to London. Karan asks what, how can this happen, what happened that she left for London without meeting me. Manager tells him. Karan gets shocked. Shardul asks what happened to her. Karan says she isn’t well, she was on pills, she asked manager not to tell me, so that I don’t worry, she went for the urgent procedure, I m not a good son, I didn’t know it. Ruhi consoles him. Karan says Ruhi we have to postpone this marriage. Ruhi says we will wait for her, don’t worry.

Shardul says Sudha will be fine, don’t worry. He goes and says there is some London that Sudha went to London. He thinks of Sudha’s words. He gets water for Karan. He thinks I have to find out why she went to London. Ishita says the day when Ruhi made us meet, we fell in love and then families joined, Ruhi got us married, its time we get Ruhi married, please come home, its too much now, I m hoping that you are listening to me, I can’t handle her marriage alone, its just one month, else I will cancel the marriage. Nurse asks her to go home now, its late.

Ishita gets up to go. She says Raman’s finger moved, did you see. Nurse says no, you are mistaken. Ishita says maybe. She sees him moving his hand and asks nurse to see his hand is moving. Nurse says no, he is calmly sleeping. She also sees Raman’s hand moving. She says I will inform the doctor. Amma says we will pray that everything gets fine. Ishita says I m so happy, open your eyes fast now, its Ruhi’s marriage, you will be glad to see her in bridal attire. She happily cries.

Amma and Mrs. Bhalla pray for their children. Raman gets conscious. Ishita holds him. Aaliya talks to Mani on phone. He says Mani spoke to commissioner, we can’t file complaint until 24 hours. Shardul asks will we sit like this at home. Yug says we should go now. Karan says I spoke to mom, she didn’t wish to trouble me so she went, she is fine now, so I can relax, she asked me to stay here and manage hospital and business. Shardul says its good she is fine, we will go and find Ishita. Yug says I will come along. Shardul says I will get my wallet and come. Ishita says its me, Ishita. Raman asks where am I. She says you are in my clinic’s basement. He asks what happened to me, I don’t remember anything. She says you were unconscious since 3-4 months, do you remember who had pushed you.

He recalls the masked man and says I can’t recall. Ishita says relax, I m with you. Shardul calls Arijit and says Ishita isn’t here, something is wrong, we are going to find her, Sudha went to London saying she isn’t fine. Arijit asks how can she go, maybe she is really ill. Shardul says no, she was here in the morning, they both aren’t fools, I feel Ishita has sent Sudha to London to find about Neeti’s sketches, or they want to postpone the marriage. Arijit says oh God, how can I forget this, you are right, Sudha has gone to London to find about Neeti and me, don’t worry, my men will manage Sudha in London, just keep an eye on Ishita, its not a good sign that she disappeared, I will ask the men to find her, I will give you info. Ishita asks Raman to relax and breath.  CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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