Monday Update on This is Love 2nd March 2020

Monday Update on This is Love 2nd March 2020

Sahil seeing the police leaving from Bhalla house. He asks Munna where were you. Munna says something happened here, I couldn’t answer your call, police was here. Sahil asks who was that woman arrested by the police. He sees Ruhi, not Shaina. Simmi takes Shaina with her. Sahil asks Munna to keep an eye on Bhallas. He leaves. He comes home and sees some men there. He gets many calls from Sanju and others, who tell about raids at their godown, flat and factory. Sahil says how can this happen, how can raids happen at all the places at the same time, who is behind all this.

Raman says its great news, arrest Sahil now. Commissioner says yes, my team will arrest him, once he goes to jail, he can’t get saved, stay alert. Raman thanks him. Everyone is happy. Mr. Bhalla

says we should keep Mata ki chowki. Mihika says once Sahil is arrested, we will do this. Ishita says Shaina, you will be free from Sahil and his fear, you can live free, it will be so good. Mihika says we know, you have been through difficult times, you can make a new start now. Shaina says I have seen the meaning of family after a long time, I have to move out. Ishita says why, you can stay here. Ruhi says yes, you have become a part of our family. Aaliya says yes, we will really miss you. Shaina says I will miss you all, I don’t have a place, can I stay here for few days. Mrs. Bhalla says you can stay here. Ishita says your sacrifices won’t go waste, Sahil will get punished, you can stay here, good times is going to come. Shaina says right, I will make sweets. Mihika says I will help you. Sahil calls a minister and asks for help. Minister says matter is sensitive, I can’t help you, sorry. Sahil scolds him. He says no one is answering my call, whoever did this, I won’t live him alive. Raman says Sahil will be in jail soon. Mani says I m so glad. Raman ends the call.

Ishita asks Raman to have the kheer, Shaina has made it. He asks is Shaina okay. She says she is a good person, very brave, but she really fears Sahil, if Sahil knows she is alive, he can attack her again. He says woman can teach a lesson to anyone, Shaina will get him caught, just wait and watch. She asks how. He says I will explain it to you later. Yug thanks Aaliya. She asks why. He says you always supported me, I lied and came here as Adi, even then you have given me a chance, you didn’t believe Neha. Aaliya holds his hand and says you would have done the same thing for me. He says I love you. She says I trust you, whatever happened between us, won’t happen with others, you came in my life as Adi and now you became my love, I m very happy. She hugs him. They smile. Ruhi comes and says sorry, I didn’t see. She goes. Yug laughs.

Ruhi collides with Karan. The kheer falls over his shirt. He removes the shirt and gives it to her. Ruhi says sorry, I will clean it. He says we didn’t complete our talk. Ruhi gets shy. He stops her and says we should finish our talk, I need an answer, I m sure you have guessed it why I m staying here. He says I didn’t think of it, you stayed back for everyone. He says that’s a very bad guess, I do like your family but don’t love them. Pal ek pal….plays… He says I just love you, I can’t stay away from you. He gets close. Simmi comes and coughs. She says I hope I didn’t disturb. Ruhi says no, Karan’s shirt got spoiled I was cleaning it. He wears the shirt. Simmi smiles seeing the kheer over it. She asks him to change. He goes.

Ruhi smiles. Simmi says he is a good boy, don’t make him wait. Ruhi goes. Simmi prays and says I can see Ruhi is so happy, I should tell this to Raman and Ishita. Sahil comes to a stall and asks for tea and biscuits. He asks for change. He drinks tea.

He calls Munna and asks what’s happening. Munna says Bhalla family looks relaxed. Sahil says I will not leave them so easily. Munna asks where are you now. Sahil says don’t know, I m driving and didn’t go home, I m losing my mind. Munna asks again. Sahil shouts on him. Raman comes and says inspector, have sweets, Sahil will get caught. Raman says we can track his phone and catch him. He throws the kheer bowl and goes. Sahil says Raman I m going to destroy you. He pays the man and goes.

Ishita says Shaina, the kheer is so tasty. Shaina says I will always make kheer for you. Simmi thinks this is the perfect time to tell Raman and Ishita about Ruhi. Raman comes and says I made a big mistake, I got overexcited, I told Sahil our plan, police was tracing Sahil’s call, I messed up, now we can’t catch Sahil. Ishita says its okay. Raman says there was just one way to catch him. He shuts the door and says there is no goof up, I thought Munna has come here, police and I have made this plan to trick Sahil. Shaina says he will not lose, he is already enraged, we have to stay alert. Raman says nothing can save him now.

Shaina thinking to tell Raman and Ishita about the secret she had hidden till now. She says I have to say something. Raman says later.. Shaina says Sahil will attack and kill everyone, if he knows I m alive, he will kill me also, I will not let Sahil know this. She checks her bag and sees a pic. She thinks Sahil can’t know about you else…. Sahil changes the car’s number plate. He calls Manoj and says prepare a passport for me, I want it tomorrow morning, just I leave from here, I will be safe, don’t double cross me. He thinks to spend the night inside the car, police is finding him.

Shaina writes a letter and keeps it inside the bag. She says don’t know what happens tomorrow, Raman and Ishita will know everything by this letter. Sahil says who has

told police about my factories, who wants to ruin me, Manish and Shamshad can’t do this, they are in jail already. Raman says Sahil switched off his phone, I underestimated him. Ishita says he will be caught, don’t worry. Shaina hears them and goes. Simmi says I have a good news, your tension will go away. Raman asks what’s the matter. Simmi says we were busy in Sahil’s matter, Karan loves Ruhi, she also has feelings for him. Raman says we know it. Ishita says we can see their bonding clearly.

Raman says its a good thing. Simmi says if you both knew this, why did you not keep their engagement. Ishita says I want Ruhi to be sure and tell us. Raman says let Karan convince Ruhi to acknowledge her feelings. Ishita says it should be her own decision. Simmi says fine.
Its morning, Sahil wakes up and gets down the car. He doesn’t get water. He gets angry and drinks water at some stall. He checks the newspaper. He looks around and gets inside the car. He says they printed my pic in the newspaper, anyone can identify me, I have to change my face/look. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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