Monday Update on This is Love 24 February 2020


Monday Update on This is Love 24 February 2020

Ranbir asking Vishal to open the door. He says Naveen is in problem, I got a call from rehab, he is calling you. Vishal opens the door and asks what happened to Naveen, he didn’t call me. Ranbir says you are fine right, sorry I lied to you, don’t worry, Naveen is fine, Simmi has sent tiffin for you, come for lunch, I have to go washroom. Vishal says no, we will go out. Ranbir pushes him and goes to see. He sees the rope and poison bottle. Vishal says I m fed up, Bhallas are suffering because of me, I thought to die so that Ishita gets free, I wrote a letter and took entire blame on myself. Ranbir checks letter.

Aaliya slaps Neha and scolds her. Neha says Yug asked me to be quiet, it was his plan to convince your family that he is Adi, he will marry you falsely and then he will run with the money, then we will live our life happily. Yug says she is lying, I don’t even know her, I love you Aaliya. Neha says he is lying, Yug planned this, I was against this planning, I agreed for the sake of his happiness, I took Mr. Bhalla’s treatment work to come to Yug, I felt Yug doesn’t want to come to me, I thought maybe he loves you, or he wants to live here always, I can’t see Yug marrying anyone, I got to know Yug didn’t marry Aaliya, I took this step in fear. Yug says she is lying.

Ishita says Neha has proof, stop it Yug. Yug says you don’t trust me, I will call Ranbir and Vishal, they will tell you. Ranbir slaps Vishal and hugs him. He says suicide isn’t a solution, its good I came here at right time, you think everything will get solved if you die, no, none will care for your death, you didn’t think of your family and me, I regard you my brother, promise me you, won’t do this again, be strong, we have to become Raman’s strength, not his weakness, I m with you. Ranbir gets Yug’s call. Yug asks where are you. Ranbir says I m at Vishal’s house. Yug says get Vishal and come here fast. Ranbir says fine, we are coming. Raman comes and asks what’s happening. Commissioner says we have prepared the bugs and cameras, which none can detect, Ishita can track Sahil, can’t you come now, we have no time, come alone or send someone you trust, Sahil’s men shouldn’t see Ishita, else they will get alert.

Ishita says I will come along. Raman says no. She says we have to do one thing. She calls the lawyer and says its me, Shaina, did Shamshad give you next orders. Lawyer says no, his phone is off. She says you don’t have to bail out Sahil, his office is going to get raided, you will be at target then Shamshad, so he has switched off his phone, now you disappear from the city, just stay in contact with me, just answer my call, your life is in danger, I m Sahil’s wife and know his betterment, else I will make Shamshad go his work. Lawyer says I will get underground today. She says I m saying you for the sake of your son, get out of the city. He says I understood. Raman says wow, you are Ishita or Shaina Shah, I m scared. Ishita says news won’t reach Sahil. Raman asks why did you say you trust Neha, she looks fraud.

She says I will find out the truth, trust me. Yug asks Ranbir and Vishal to meet Neha, what’s my relation with her. Vishal asks what relation. Ranbir asks what’s all this, who is this girl. Yug says you are with me since childhood, who is she. Neha asks did Yug ask you to do acting. Ranbir says we don’t know you. She shows their pic in the wedding. They ask Yug when did he take this pic. Yug says I don’t know. Neha says they won’t accept that I m Yug’s wife. Vishal says Yug is going to marry Aaliya. Neha says you are lying. Yug says get out of here. He drags Neha and scolds her. He pushes Neha out and says she is lying so much. Ishita slaps Yug. She stops Neha. Neha says it will be good that Ieave, my husband left me for a rich girl. Ishita says Yug will get punished. She gets Neha home and says everyone should get chance to prove innocence, I trusted Yug and now that trust has shaken, I want Neha to stay here, Neha has proof that she is Yug’s wife, Yug has to prove his innocence, I m with Neha. She says Simmi make Neha stay in your room.

Simmi says that girl is fraud, why did Ishita support her. Mihika asks her to calm down, maybe she has a reason. She says we always do this mistake of trusting anyone, you remember that fan incident. Mihika says yes, it was dangerous, Neha saved Aaliya. Simmi says yes, how is that possible that Neha reaches there on time, Neha did all this, I told Raman about it, we should share this with Raman and Ishita. Mihika says this is the right chance, we shall go and talk to them. Simmi says this would be badly affecting Aaliya.

Ishita asks Raman to come home. Mani comes and asks why did you stop that girl, didn’t you think of Aaliya, she is happy after a long time, I don’t think Yug lied, that girl is lying. She says I know this, I want to keep an eye on her, she is trapping Yug, those pics were morphed, why did she get these pics, there will be some reason, if she takes pics to police, Yug will be arrested, we can spy on her, when Yug was dragging her, he held her hand which had a cut, she didn’t feel any pain, it means she was lying, I don’t trust her, we have to be with Yug. Mani says you are more of a detective than a dentist, I agree with you.

Yug saying I swear, Aaliya I haven’t met Neha before, I have no relation with her. Ruhi says I believe Yug, Aaliya trust him, he loves you a lot, he has changed and don’t know why Neha is lying. Yug says say something Aaliya, you can beat me in anger. Aaliya asks what shall I say, we will complete the order, I will make sure that you get the order on time.  CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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