Monday Update on This is Love 13th July 2020

Monday Update on This is Love 13th July 2020

Kartik and Naira going to the court. Wo jo tha….plays… They get sad and recall the old moment. They see Kairav shouting no…..and stopping them. Damini asks them to just come. Naira asks it it imp to go to court again. Kartik says then don’t take Kairav away. She says I don’t want to take him away from you. He says if you can promise me that you won’t take him away from city, then I can think. Naira recalls Vedika’s words and says we shall go in, we both love Kairav a lot. They go in and sit. They see Kairav asking them not to fight. Kartik imagines trying to get Kairav.

The custody case begins. Dadi prays. Kumar Vijay requests the court to give sole custody to Naira, she has no objection to give visitation rights to Kartik, she doesn’t accept his rights to decide for Kairav. Vedika recalls the man and says thank God he didn’t see me. The man follows the car. She turns and doesn’t see.

Kumar says Kartik has responsibility of his wife, Naira has no responsibility, other than Kairav, she should get his custody, its open and shut case. Damini says Kumar has right to defend his client, but he can’t teach the court, injustice shouldn’t happen with Kairav. The lawyer says maybe Damini got something from the past.

Damini says the question is whether Naira is a good mum or not, her entire family regards her a coward, when any problem comes, she runs away. Kumar says objection, that matter isn’t related to this, Damini says court has to know Naira’s personality, Naira is irresponsible, I want to call Naira in the witness box. Damini says you were alone during the entire pregnancy, you went to hospital alone, you were in labor pain for 17 hours, none knew if the baby will survive, the baby was weak and underweight, he had to be kept in incubator for many days, right, tell me, is this true or not.

Naira recalls and says you said true, my friend Liza, my landlords Pintu and family, church father were with me at the time of delivery. Damini asks who was with you from your family, when you had an extremely loving husband, why didn’t you call him when your and your child’s lives were in risk. Naira recalls calling Kartik. She says I had called Kartik, but I couldn’t get through. Damini asks do you have any proof. She says Naira stayed in labor for 17 hours, she had her ego and didn’t call her husband. Kumar raises an objection.

Damini says even if I agree to Naira, why didn’t she call her husband again, she had an issue with him, was the issue there with entire family, did she contact anyone from her Maayka or Sasural, what if anything happened there. Kumar says medical professionals were there, she didn’t take any risk. Damini says she took the risk, knowing she had problems in her first pregnancy, she had gone away from family in her first trimester, her intentions were bad, she proved everyone that she is dead. Naira cries and sees Kartik.

Damini asks her to answer, is this true. Naira says sorry, I didn’t listen. Damini says you don’t listen or agree, when the matter has reached the court, I have to bring the truth out, just Naira can answer about it. Vedika comes home and sees the man following. She rushes inside the house. She asks guard not to let anyone come in until everyone comes from the court. She says I m going to sleep, none should disturb me. Guard says fine, but what happened. She says nothing. The man leaves. She stays scared.

Damini says I m hurt to bring out this proof, I m a woman, a mother, some thankless people don’t value this. Dadi asks what is Damini saying. Manish says she said our chances to win is good, she has strong proof. Damini says sorry that this may hurt the family, I m helpless to say this in the court, I want permission to ask Naira about this file. She shows the medical file to Naira and asks her. Kumar raises an objection again. Damini says Naira’s face got pale seeing this file, there is something that Naira is feeling tensed. Naira prays that matter doesn’t come out.

Raman and Ishita praying. He says we will together end this evil and protect the family. Mrs. Bhalla says we all are with you. Raman says we have to end this evil together. Natasha asks Sunil how did this happen. He says nothing will happen now, don’t worry. She asks him to just tell her. He tells everything. She gets shocked. Arijit throws the tea and gets angry. He says Sunil is blackmailing me. Bhuvan says calm down, once Neeti’s parents take her, we will deal with Sunil. Arijit says she won’t go anywhere. Bhuvan asks why. Arijit says I will kill you if you ask me anything, tell me what to do of Sunil. Bhuvan says we will kill Natasha and Sunil. Arijit asks you think I m a killer, I will kill you. Bhuvan says sorry, I won’t say anything. Mihika says Natasha

has spoiled our mood. Raman says we won’t talk about her. Ishita says she is dangerous, we can’t ignore her.
Raman says its good she is here, at least we are alert now. Ruhi goes to get medicines. Mrs. Bhalla says its good the medical store is open, else it would be tough to get it on time. Ishita says the medicines are found in nearby shop, some medicines aren’t in stocked by every medical shop, Neeti would need specific medicines, available at specific medical stores, we may find her.

Karan says that’s a good idea, we can find her by talking to her doctor. Natasha says you are smart, where is the money. Sunil says I have to go to Arijit and get it. She says I have a plan to get more money. He says greed isn’t good, Arijit has a gun. She says I m not so dumb, I know Arijit is mean. He asks what’s your plan. She says I will tell you tomorrow. He says why not now, I don’t trust Arijit. She says no, I want to sleep well today, we will spoil Arijit’s day, tea was good. She goes.

Ishita and Raman meet the doctor. She asks about Neeti’s prescribed medicines. She says we will find out about Neeti through the medical store. Doctor says you are right, we gave her anti depression pill, its not available in every medical store, if the medicines get over for her, her state can get bad. He gives her the prescription. Ishita thanks him. She says we will tell you if we find anything. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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