Monday Update on This is Love 13 January 2020

Monday Update on This is Love 13 January 2020

Doctor saying we have to get Aaliya’s tests done. Rohan comes and asks where is Yug, I will not spare him. Mani comes and stops Rohan. Rohan says Aaliya is ill because of him. Raman says Aaliya’s health is the priority, don’t do anything. Mani asks where is Aaliya. Ishita says she is not well, she couldn’t handle stress. Doctor asks her not to worry.

Mihika comes and says Aaliya got conscious, come fast. They all come to see Aaliya. Ishita asks what are you doing here doctor, is someone ill. Doctor says yes, you are. Aaliya says I m fine. He says you got giddy and fainted, you got a head injury and swelling, don’t worry.

Ishita says we shall go out and let her rest. They go. Yug says you are fine, I m with you. Aaliya says you are with me, I m fine. Rohan looks on. Doctor says that’s shocking, Aaliya doesn’t remember anything. Ishita says yes, she fainted. Doctor says sometimes memory lapses, she shouldn’t vomit, get her tests and scan done. Ishita says right, I will get her reports to you. Doctor goes. Rohan and Yug argue.

Ruhi asks them to stop it. Mani asks what’s happening. Ishita asks what are you doing. She asks Aaliya to come for tests. Aaliya says I m fine. Mani says routine tests. Yug says I will take her. Rohan says I will go. Aaliya says I will go with Adi. Rohan gets angry. Ishita says please don’t be upset, give some time to Aaliya, she is not fine, sorry. He goes. Ruhi shouts Aaliya had a vomit. Ishita says we have to take Aaliya for tests soon.

Ishita says we are waiting for reports, come home. She gets a call from International dental association. The lady says our team is impressed with your paper, we want you to go for the conference. Ishita says sorry, I have a busy schedule. The lady says its a big opportunity, we will manage travel and stay. Ishita says sorry, I can’t make it. Raman comes and asks her. She says it wasn’t so imp. They leave. Raman says what, its a big contract but I can’t meet, I m busy, my family needs me now. Ishita takes the phone and says Raman will come tomorrow, fix the meeting. She asks why won’t you go for meeting, we are there for Aaliya. Raman says I want to say the same to you, the matter is not just for meeting, why did you refuse for conference. Ishita says Aaliya is unwell, how shall I leave her. Raman says everyone is here, don’t let this good chance go. Ishita says I will go if Aaliya’s reports come normal, call back and fix meeting. Raman says I didn’t get any call. Ruhi says you two are great.

Raman says I did this drama to convince you, reports will be normal, prepare to go to London. Doctor says thank God we got the reports, what happened to Aaliya, don’t hide anything, I should know patient’s history. Ishita tells everything about Yug. Raman says Aaliya knows Yug isn’t Adi, she has seen me giving fire to Adi’s pyre, she is assuming him to be Adi. Doctor says she thinks Adi has come back, she lost control when Yug came in front of her, the trauma could lead to chemical reaction in her brain, she knows Adi is dead, but her brain isn’t ready to accept this, if she accepts, she has to bear same sorrow, which she is avoiding. Ishita says I will kick out Yug. Doctor says don’t do this mistake, just Yug can bring out Aaliya from this stress, she is living in an illusion, if this illusion breaks suddenly, she will not be able to handle this, we have to maintain this illusion. Raman says that we accept Yug as Adi. Yug looks on. Doctor says we can solve this issue, it will take come, we have to keep Yug in front of her, we can solve with care, love and medicines. Raman agrees. Ishita thanks doctor.

Mr. Bhalla asks Ishita will Aaliya be fine. Ishita says she will be fine, we didn’t know this. Yug says I won’t let anything happen to you. Aaliya says until you are with me, nothing can happen to me. Raman says we have to give medicines cleverly. Ishita says sorry, I m responsible for this, Yug should have not met Aaliya. Aaliya asks did my reports come. Yug says Ruhi has gone to collect reports, don’t worry, we will tell you, relax. She says no, I want to see the reports. He says look at me. Mani says we have to accept Yug. Ishita says I understand, its imp to keep him away from Aaliya, he is a fraud, how will we strike this balance. Aaliya says strange, when I got ill, my family used to be with me, where is everyone, you are lying to me, tell me Adi. Yug smiles and says you are being stupid, you are fine. She says you are hiding something from me, I have to talk to them. He says I will call them here. She goes out and asks Ishita about the reports. Mihika and Ruhi hide the file.

Ishita says reports are normal. Ruhi says Adi is crying, I will go and see. Aaliya asks why did I get unconscious, why are you all tense, you called Mani here. She asks Mani to tell her what happened. Mani says nothing Aaliya. Raman says I had called Mani for some work. Aaliya says let me make dinner. They say no. Ishita says its not needed, I have ordered your fav food. Mani says since the reports and normal, Mrs. Bhalla said we should celebrate it. Aaliya thanks and hugs him. She says Adi, I told you, they love me a lot, they are much concerned for me. Ishita says while you freshen up, food will be here. Aaliya goes. Ishita says Yug, you don’t follow her all the time. Yug says I care for her, I can’t let anything happen to her. He goes. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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