Monday Update on The Frontliners 20th September 2021


Monday Update on The Frontliners 20th September 2021

Juhi saying we have to give her shocks. Asha cries and prays for Ishani. Sid cries. Asha says if anything happens to Ishani, I can’t forget myself. Juhi asks Ishani to please respond. She pumps her heart. Asha cries. Ishani doesn’t respond. Juhi says Ishani fights always. Vardaan thinks I won’t let anything happen to Ishani, its imp that she stays alive so that I can take revenge on Shashank by using Sid. Sid asks Ishani not to joke and get up. Rahil stops Sid. Sid says you are fine, nothing happened to you, I love you, listen to me and get up. Juhi and Philo get sad. Sid says you have to get up for me, I will die if you don’t get up, come on please. He repeats himself and cries.

Ishani reacts and her heart beat is seen on the machines. Juhi says heart beat…. Rahil says Ishani is fighting. Juhi says we should be careful that heart rate doesn’t fall, Ishani just fight. She asks Sid to stay outside, she will be shifted to ICU soon. Juhi asks Ishani to not stop fighting.

Sid says its been three hours, I need to talk to you, I have to take you in my arms, get up please. Tu hi meri shab….plays…. He says until you get up, I won’t get peace, please get up, I m waiting for you since long. Juhi asks how is Ishani now. Philo says she didn’t get conscious since 6 hours. Juhi says some patients take time. She sees Sid outside and signs him that everything is fine. She says Rahil, if Ishani doesn’t get conscious soon, she may slip in coma. Sid comes in. Juhi asks Sid to sit with Ishani for some time. Rahil says Ishani can get conscious any time, don’t worry. Sid says I know the meaning, I m also a doctor, nothing will happen to Ishani, I will also fight, we will together win this fight. Its morning, Sid asks Ishani to wake up and see the beautiful morning. She wakes up and smiles. She sees Sid.

He checks her reports. He says good, vitals are normal. She says its 7am and I like the sunlight, why did you wake me up so soon. Sid says I have to give this injection to you after two hours. She asks him to show reports. Rahil comes. Sid and Rahil discuss the medicines. She says I m standing in front of you, everything is fine. She sees Anjali and says she will take my class if she sees me like this. Neil comes. Ishani greets him and asks are you feeling better now. No one listens to her. She says they don’t care for me, I m standing here, they are ignoring me, no one is talking to me. She turns and gets shocked seeing herself lying on the bed. She is just a soul. She thinks why couldn’t I touch anything. Sid turns and sees Ishani. Her soul asks her to look at herself. Sid holds Ishani’s hand and says you are in coma, but your heart voice is reaching me. Ishani recalls everything. She says that’s why they aren’t able to see or hear me. Sid asks Ishani to wake up, he can’t live without her. She cries hearing him. He leaves.

Samaira coming to give flowers to Ishani and asking her to get well soon to watch her new videos. Ishani asks are you serious. Samaira goes. Ishani asks herself to get up and not stay in coma for long, she had come to become the best surgeon. Nurses come and talk about Ishani. They pity Ishani. Ishani shouts on them. Sid and Rahil come. Sid asks nurses to leave Ishani alone. He says you wanted me to do this, I did it. Ishani says yes, exactly. Asha looks on and cries. She says I have got burdened by Ishani’s favor, I have to apologize to them. She goes to Sid. She says Sid, I have to tell you something. Sid asks her to go. Asha says I want to apologize once, I know sorry is a small word, but I m sorry from my heart. Sid doesn’t listen and takes her out. Ishani asks him to listen. Sid scolds Asha. Asha says I just want to apologize. She cries.

She says please trust me, if you want, I m ready to go to board meeting and accept my mistake, trust me once. Vardaan says Asha’s heart is melting, but I will take revenge, I promised my sister. The girl says no, I can’t do this. He says you are Sid’s namesake sister, Sid is hero, but I m villain, I have to do something, don’t forget your real brother, you know the price of refusing to me, keep this Neeti, you have no options, I know you need money. She picks the money. He says listen, my eyes are on you. She goes. He smiles.

Sid comes to Ishani and says I know you want to know what I want to say. Ishani asks him to say fast. Sid says you know I m Jugadu, Karan’s son got a heart, his surgery was successful, the boy wasn’t at fault, he will get fine, I can understand his feelings and helped him. Vardaan tells his plan to a chemist. He says you understood what to do right. Vardaan thinks Ishani got shot, come out of this drama Sid, this will shock you. Sid says I learnt fighting from you, I know you will get up and eat my head, poor me. Ishani asks what, if I don’t get up then. He says you have to get up. Asha comes. Sid says you came again. Ishani says listen to Asha once.

Asha says I want your signs on these papers. Sid says I will check it later, Ishani is in this state, your drama isn’t over. He checks and gets shocked. Ishani asks what is it. Sid asks what nonsense. Asha says its not my plan, I did a big mistake, I want to do something right, I fell in my own eyes, I want to end something. Sid asks how can I trust you, you have made my life hell, you cheated me always, you broke my trust always, how shall I trust. Asha says I know, you can’t trust me, I just have one wish, Ishani gets fine soon, I have signed the papers, its annulment papers, it means Sid and I didn’t get married ever, Sid accepted me just for the sake of my child, get up Ishani. She asks Sid to sign the papers.

She says I can’t tell you who made me do all that, these papers aren’t fake, Ishani took my death on her head, trust me, bad Asha also died in that moment, forgive me, I know you will care for my child even after our separation, its not needed, I will raise my child as your mum raised you without your dad, I will make sure I make him like you, a good person. Ishani asks are you saying truth. Asha says Sid is just yours Ishani. Ishani says Asha decided to give you divorce, annulment papers, it means we can get together finally. Sid cries. Asha asks Sid to sign the papers.