Monday Update on Strange Relationship 14th June 2021


Monday Update on Strange Relationship 14th June 2021

Kuhu likes the birthday surprise. Abir says this is for you Kuhu. Mishti says this is for you Kunal. Kunal says thanks, this is for all of us, a magic show for my wife. He says it was Mishti’s idea, I helped her, Kuhu you got magic in our life, some magic for you, welcome to Mishbir magic show. Abir and Mishti show the magic tricks. Khushiyaan bhi baatein….plays…..

Kuhu sees Kuhu tree and says wow, are the gifts mine. Abir says it would be yours if you guess you gifted it. She sees a gift. She says my fav boutique voucher, Ketki gave it. Ketki hugs her. Kaushal says I paid for it. Kuhu guesses Meenakshi’s gift. She likes the diamond earrings. She says Nanu and I gave this gift together. Nanu and Meenakshi hug Kuhu and wish. Kuhu asks where is Kunal’s gift. Abir says maybe he wants to give it in private. Abir jokes. Kuhu gets dance performance invite, on company letterhead. Kunal says just know my feelings. Kuhu thanks him and hugs. Kunal says happy birthday. Kuhu says Abir gifted me best birthday surprise. Abir says yes, its from my and Mishti’s side, you forgot one gift. Mishti picks it. Parul says let it be with me. Abir says come on Kuhu, its your Saas’ gift. Kuhu likes the earrings.

Parul says its simple… Kuhu thanks her. Mishti says its beautiful. Parul says I will give anything else if you don’t like it. Kuhu says sorry, I don’t wear silver ornaments. Meenakshi asks her to keep the gift, they will gift her something else. Parul says Kuhu is a diamond and should wear diamonds. Kunal says your blessings are enough for us. Abir thinks where did mum go. Mishti sees Parul upset. Meenakshi asks Laxman are you getting the papers, where did you reach. She thinks everyone is preparing for holika dahan, Kuhu is so jealous of Mishti that I have to just add ghee in the fire. Abir calls her out. Parul asks Jugnu to get sweets for holika dahan. Mishti and Nanu do a drama. Mishti demands a gift for doing so much work. Nanu says you want a gift. She says yes. Parul asks what do you want. Mishti says something, I want that earrings. Parul asks will you wear it. Mishti says I liked it a lot, Kuhu refused to take, can I take it. Parul says yes, why not, I will just get it. Mishti smiles.

Meenakshi says I came to collect official papers, Kuhu’s birthday party is going on, you go. Abir says I will be here. She says fine, as you wish, I will check, where is he. She thinks if Abir sees Laxman, then…. A man and gives papers. Meenakshi thanks him. She asks Abir is he satisfied now. She gets Laxman’s message…. Abir was standing with you, so I sent papers this way, did I do any mistake. She replies you did good, thanks. Mishti comes to Abir and cheers him up. She asks what’s the matter, tell the truth. He says your mood will spoil if I tell you about mum.

Parul comes and says sorry to trouble, I got the earrings for you. Mishti thanks her. She winks to Parul. She says I worked hard, so Parul gave me nek. Abir jokes. Parul asks will you wear it. Abir says why not, my mum would be happy now, she always dreamt to have a bahu like you. Mishti says you can give it to Kuhu. Parul asks why, are you not my bahu. Mishti thanks her and hugs. Abir thinks I was worried, until Mishti is with me, the happiness in the family can’t get less. He sees Meenakshi at the door. She signs thumbs up. Meenakshi goes to Kuhu and says we both are same, but few people think we are wrong. Kuhu says I was thinking to take earrings from Parul. Meenakshi says no, you can’t do this now, Mishti took the earrings.

Maheshwaris come. Meenakshi thinks spark has got ignited, now fire has to catch up. Varsha gifts Kuhu. Mishti and Abir come and greet. Rajshri likes the earrings. Parul smiles. Rajshri says end all the evil in holika. Abir says yes, but evil always looks back. Rajshri says hatred can’t win over love. Meenakshi says I also believe so, Abir I want you to burn your doubts and complains. Kuhu asks can Kunal and I do it. Varsha says elder son does it. Abir says I can give my place to them. Meenakshi says its okay, its Mishti’s first holi, so its her right also. Mishti says I will get many chances. Meenakshi says fine, Kunal come here. Abir teases Mishti and signs to kiss. Kunal and Kuhu light the holika. Everyone prays. Meenakshi says I have promised to make Mishti and Kuhu my daughters, its their first holi, Kuhu got the holika dahan chance, this gift is for Mishti. Mishti thanks her. She says no, I can’t do this.

Abir asks what. Mishti shows the letter to Vishwamber. Vishwamber says Meenakshi and Kunal transferred company to Mishti. Kunal nods. Everyone smiles. Meenakshi says yes, because Kunal and I are sure that Mishti can keep this responsibility. Kunal says we thought to do this as Kuhu already has her business. Kuhu says but we worked together. Kunal says yes, and we knew this work isn’t for you, you made many mistakes, the way Mishti worked in Abir’s NGO, this is for her. Mishti pulls his ear. He asks why. She says you defeated me before the race, I thought to become best Bhabhi, but you welcome best Devar. He says you are welcome. Mishti thanks Meenakshi. Kuhu cries. Mishti thinks Abir’s family accepted me, I did right to not tell about Kuhu, so the family is together. She goes and falls near the holika. They get shocked.

Abir and everyone running to Mishti. Abir hugs Mishti and kisses her. He asks are you okay. Meenakshi asks Kuhu how did Mishti fall. Abir asks how can you ask this. Kaushal says since Kuhu was close to her. Meenakshi says I didn’t mean that. Kuhu asks Mishti how is she. She says everyone thinks I made her fall, since she got all the property as gift on my birthday, I know I m jealous and irritated, but I m not a vamp to hurt her. Mishti says I just slipped and fell. Kuhu says too late and goes crying. Abir says we know Kuhu can never do this. Meenakshi asks what did I say. Jasmeet says Kuhu’s anger is right, its Kuhu’s birthday, everyone forgot her. Mishti says no, we wished her and gave her gifts also.

Jasmeet asks will you reply me. Vishwamber asks Shaurya to take Jasmeet home. Mishti says sorry. Abir and Vishwamber say its not your mistake. Nanu asks them not to worry. Abir says Kuhu can’t hurt anyone, now she is Nidhi’s responsibility now, Nidhi will say sorry. Nidhi asks what. Kaushal says yes, why didn’t you convince Kuhu. Nidhi says I was busy in managing my saree. Abir asks Vishwamber and family to come for holi. Nanu jokes. Meenakshi says please come. Vishwamber says fine. Abir asks are you fine. Mishti says yes.

Kuhu cries. Kunal comes to console her. She says nobody cares for me. Abir records her cry and plays it. Kunal says don’t joke. Abir says yes, she is crying. He asks Kuhu to teach her language to him. Kunal says tell me also. Kuhu smiles. Mishti stands outside and looks on. Abir asks why are you angry. Kuhu says no. Abir says you are worried, I have a right to know, its bro code. Kunal says right, you can share the problem with me. Abir says its birthday today and holi tomorrow. Kuhu says I don’t like holi. Abir says we all like holi, Mishti loves holi. Kuhu says I didn’t make Mishti fall, why didn’t she defend me. Abir asks Mishti to say. Mishti recalls Kuhu’s mistakes and says sorry, I m feeling sleepy. She goes. Abir goes after her. Kuhu says now you know why I m upset.

Abir says I have won the challenge. Mishti asks what, it wasn’t a kiss, it was for concern. Abir says I have won. She says thanks for making my mood light, sorry, I came that way from Kuhu and Kunal’s room. He says no need to say sorry, I didn’t had you last year, I told mum that we should thank jhumkawali, this holi, I have you, I want you to always stay the same. Mishti says really, I thought you want me to say sorry to Kuhu, its my mistake. He says no, its Kuhu’s birthday, I asked you to say your feelings. She says I just slipped. She says you kissed me being worried and now made that the challenge kiss. She applies colours to his cheek and says happy holi, your next challenge is, you can’t apply holi first to me. Kuhu chats with Jasmeet about Mishti. Kunal asks her to let it go now, its getting boring. Kuhu says Mishti didn’t tell anything and left. He tickles her and asks her to stop complaining like kids. She says you don’t know how is Mishti. He kisses her. She stops talking. Bekhudi…plays…She smiles.

Its morning, Parul and Nidhi make Jugnu work. He says no one loves me. Mishti says we all love you. She throws colours. He bends down. Colour falls on Parul and Nidhi. Kuhu asks what’s wrong with you, I don’t like holi. Ketki and Kaushal take colours for Mishti. Mishti throws colour at Kaushal and says happy holi. Parul says I think she has four keys. Abir throws colours at Mishti. Mishti moves. Colours fall on Ketki. Mishti laughs and says its not easy to apply colour to me. Abir says I know, so it took a year, now you are coloured by my love. Malang sa….plays… She says you are cheesy, I knew you will say such a dialogue. He says I will apply holi to you and then you have to kiss me in front of everyone. He runs after her. She says game on.

Kunal says I think we should make Kuhu manage the anniversary of the company. Meenakshi says yes, Kuhu and Mishti’s fight is going on, how can I ask Kuhu, try to make them unite. He says I don’t want to get into this, even Abir couldn’t do it. She thinks my sons can put off the fire. Abir stops Mishti and says you got caught, I will apply colours and then win the challenge. Mishti says Bade Papa.. He turns to see. She runs and hides. He throws colours at Kunal. He says I m sorry, so sorry, happy holi. Kunal says so mature. Abir asks for Kuhu. Kunal says Kuhu doesn’t want to play holi, I respect her word. Abir says Kuhu and Mishti aren’t talking, I can’t see this. Kunal says you also want them to end the fight.

Abir asks who else wants, the family will be happy if they are happy. Kunal asks why can’t they be like this. Abir says don’t know, they are our wives. Vishwamber and everyone come. Vishwamber hugs Mishti. Abir comes and greets them. Abir throws colours at Mishti. She moves and Vishwamber gets the colours. Nanu greets and wishes everyone. Shaurya says I will apply colours to Mishti first. Mishti says yes. Kunal comes to greet. Jasmeet asks for Kuhu. Mishti says she isn’t well. Jasmeet says I will get her. Rajshri and Varsha go to Kuhu. Kunal and Abir say Ketki is ready, today Kuhu and Mishti will get together.