Monday Update on Strange Love 6th September 2021


Monday Update on Strange Love 6th September 2021

Ankush listening music. Kalindi comes to her with haldi milk, and thinks he should agree to have it, he will be fine. She keeps the milk glass and starts leaving. Ankush stops her and asks her to take the glass with her, as he is fine. She says I know you don’t want it, but have it, it will heal the wound. He says he is the good medicines and shows wine. She is shocked. He says cheers and drinks it. He says its medicine for every pain. Ankush asks will she beat him now and asks her to beat him, as such chance comes once in life. He says you were not there when I started drinking, you did not slap me in childhood, I m this way becasue of you, don’t have any problem with this, get out from here. She leaves.

Mansi asks Varad what is he saying, asking me to go back to Singapore. Varad says please try to understand, I think this is right at this time, you also took this decision and I think you were right. I promise I will come to meet you, Astha told me something which I did not understand after understanding, Kavya can get affected which I don’t want, I m sure you also don’t want this, please go. Mansi cries and says fine, if you want this, I will go, anything for you. He smiles and hugs her thanking her for understanding. Mansi thinks its because of Astha, I m going from this city and Varad, I promise I will take revenge from you.

Jyoti cooks food and keeps the table ready, Renuka comes and eats food. Jyoti serves her food and smiles. She thinks its Pakoda Kadi, but of Lohki, Sid is right, I have to handle you well and keep both of us happy. Renuka thinks she got the kitchen and will control everything with time. Astha feels pain in her wound. Anjali gives her Kada and Astha refuses to drink it. Anjali asks her to drink it fast. Astha says no, the taste is bad. Anjali insists. Sojal comes and Astha shows the lighting. Anjali says she will do it, you will take rest. Sojal says she will do everything.

Kavya comes and talks to them. Varad hears them. Kavya says my friend told me that second mum came in her home, that’s called step mum rigjt, will I also get step mum, will you leave me. Sojal hugs her and says no. Varad looks on. He tells Kavya that no step mum will come, only, you, me and mum. He promises her. Sojal is stunned. He says you forget everything now. He says I m sorry Sojal, for what I did, whatever happened, if you can forget that and forgive me, then I can leave everything and I came back to you. Sojal says it will take time for me to get my wounds healed as you have given my place to someone else, maybe for some time, but it was given to Mansi. He says fine, take time as much as you want, but I will not let the family break, so I can do anything.

He leaves. Anjali and Astha smile. Sojal gets glad and Astha says I told you everything will be fine. She says Varad has diverted for some time, but you are his wife, you have to understand him, and become the life partner like he wants, now I m sure you will see do. Varad thinks he does not understand how will be stay without Sojal and with Kavya and totally without Mansi, I m stuck in a bad situation. Shlok comes to him. Shlok says I know what you are feeling now.

Shlok tells how Astha won and its funny that he is happy with her victory, he is feeling like he won, I m happy for Astha. Varad smiles and says if you love her so much, then why don’t you end this fight and remove the rope. Shlok says how can I forget this, you know this thing can happen again. Niranjan hears them. He says I don’t hate her, but I love my dad, I can’t bear anyone insulting Baba, I don’t know what to do, one thing is clear I love Astha a lot. Niranjan thinks Astha, I will fail every try of yours to come in between me and my son, you are a thorn for me which hurts me always, this pain will go when I make you away from my son’s life.

Sid plays with Anaya and asks Jyoti to get milk for her. Renuka says she is bored. Sid says its Dusshehra today, else watch any serial. She says she is thinking to do some work, like helping Jyoti. She does everything alone, so I will see accounts from today, fine? Jyoti says its very good thing Maa, my big tension will be gone with this, I will just come. Sid smiles. Jyoti gives the book and remaining amount to her, and says its Dusshehra its good if this starts today. Renuka goes.

Anjali lights the diyas and Sojal makes the rangolis. Sita brings the Sonpatti and Anjali asks her to keep it and takes some. Anjali asks Sojal to prepare for the puja. A man comes to her and greets her. He gives the invitation card to Raavan Dahan in Ramleela ground. He says your family will be VIP guests for us. Anjali says they will come. Niranjan comes and Anjali gives him sonpatti touching his feet. She tells her about invitation. Niranjan scolds her. He slowly threatens her and Astha. He says its my open warning, something very big is going to happen. Thanks for giving me this sonpatti. He leaves. Anjali thinks of his words and worries.

Kalindi arranging the items for the puja. Ankush comes and taunts her. He messes the place and drinks wine. She scolds him and they have an argument. He says he will do as he wish. He taunts her and lshe asks him to be good human being for one day as its Dushehra today. He says I can’t, as I m being inhuman. He leaves. Kalindi asks Ajju to see that we can’t talk to him well. Ajju says yes, you have to explain him, not scold him, it’s a good day today and everything will be fine. Renuka praises herself as she has gold hold of finance. Jyoti comes and asks for money to get some items. Renuka says we have everything, whats need to go out. Jyoti gives her a long list and Renuka worries.

She thinks she won’t go out to do this work. She gives her money asking her to go herself. She asks her to come soon. Jyoti smiles and leaves. Sojal asks Kavya to pray to Lord. Kavya prays and Sojal smiles seeing her. She gives her sonpatti asking her to give all elders. Kavya gives her and hugs her. Sojal kisses her and asks her to go. Kavya goes. Anjali asks Sojal to take this aarti plate. Sojal says yes and the aarti plate falls. Astha comes and sees this. Anjali says such a bad sign today. Astha says its fine, we should not believe in this superstitions, I make 1000 things fall in day as I m careless. Anjali says its aarti plate, and everything is going wrong, goons kidnapped you, anything would have happened.

Astha says I m fine. Sojal smiles seeing them. Anjali says you don’t go office today, I worry for you. Astha says don’t believe in all this, nothing will happen. She gives her Sonpatti and Anjali smiles. Astha touches her feet. Astha gives sonpatti to Sojal and gets in return. She says I will take this for others. Sojal asks for whom? Shlok? Astha smiles and leaves. Sojal says she will show aarti dhoop in home and leaves. Anjali prays to Lord for her family’s happiness.

Astha sees Shlok outside and smiles. She bumps into him and asks did he get hurt. He says no. She gives him sonpatti. He takes it and she touches his feet to take blessings. She says she asked for Lord to make him meet his wife soon. He says its funny. She says yes, we have same destination and different ways, its funny. He leaves in his car. She looks on.

Kalindi and Avdhoot greet Ajju and wish happy Dushehra. They see Ankush. Ajju asks Ankush to take the sonpatti and present to Lord, then give it to elders, as it gets prosperity for home. Ankush jokes and taunts her about Kalindi taking his property. He says do my work and then see how I will bring real Sona Patti for you, I don’t have problem with you. He thanks Kalindi for reminding its Dushehra, and see how I make it for lucky for them. He says I will be back with a surprise. He is unable to walk well and gets hurt. He sits in the stairs. Kalindi goes to him and sees his foot bleeding. She says she will get medicine.

She gets it and sits to apply. Ankush says he does not want drama and back off. Kalindi says don’t go out, but you don’t listen, wear slipper and go. They start arguing. She says she is his mum, she will be hurt by his wounds. Ankush says if you get hurt, my mum, I will give you gift, take this, he throws the shoes and says he will go barefoot. He hurts himself more to hurt her. She looks at him and feels bad. Jaya comes to meet Sojal and wishes happy Dushehra. She hugs Sojal and asks why did she forget her mum. Jaya is shocked seeing the rope. Sojal tells her everything about it.

She tells about Varad having affair with someone. Jaya says why did you not tell me, I thought I m changing your fate by getting you married here, I did not know this, come with me, lets go. Sojal says I m fine, Varad apologized to me, I asked for some time, Astha and Anjali worry for me, they have supported me. Jaya says they are making you do their work. Sojal says I came here by my wish, Anjali and I are understanding each other now. Jaya is stunned that Sojal is praising Anjali. Sojal asks her to come and freshen up.

Astha is on the way in auto and calls Kalindi wishing happy Dushehra. Astha says she will come home today. Kalindi says no, we will come to meet you. Astha feels weird and says you will also be busy, fine we will meet later. She sees Niranjan and those goons who kidnapped her. She thinks it means Baba was behind my kidnapping. She stops the auto and thinks its no use to talk to Baba, if he knows this, he will make everyone not believe me, I need proof against him to make Shlok believe me. She hides there behind the car and records them.

Niranjan says you could not do a simple work to keep her for two hours and gives them money. Niranjan asks them to do as he said this time. He asks them not to show their face and leave. They leave. Niranjan turns and she hides. He leaves in his car. Astha looks on. She says Shlok, now I will show you Baba’s truth, this recording is the proof f his black heart, today Raavan will have Dahan, and good will win over evil again.