Monday Update on Strange Love 5th July 2021

Monday Update on Strange Love 5th July 2021

Sid thinking what to do. He calls Jyoti but stops thinking if anyone else picks the call. Jyoti too is missing her. Sid calls her. Jyoti thinks to call Sid. She gets Sid’s call. She is happy to get his call. She says I was waiting for your call, and I was about to call you. He gets happy. She thanks him for taking care of her for so many days. Sid says fine, I think you should not thank me. Jyoti says I had to tell you many things, but it was not easy to tell you. Sid says can we meet for lunch, outside. She says no, I can’t come, and you know the society, a woman and a guy can’t be friends, so no one can understand our friendship, now I don’t have strength to face anyone’s questions.

Sid says I realized it today that we got much far from each other, take care. He ends the call and says I care only for you, I love you, but you can’t understand this. Astha is happy seeing Ajju come home. Ajju brings laddoos for Jyoti and says Kalindi said you asked for this. Astha sees Anjali and tries to make her jealous. Anjali comes and greets her. Anjali says why do you worry for Jyoti. Ajju says she is like Astha for me. She tells Astha that she has put all dry fruits in the laddoos. Anjali asks did you add Gond in this. Ajju says I added. Anjali says what about walnuts, you would have forgot it, its costly. Ajju says no, Jyoti is giving us a happiness which we can’t equate with money, don’t worry, I added everything.

Anjali says you are happy as if Astha is pregnant and you are becoming grand grand mum. Ajju says yes, you understand it better. Ajju says I will leave you. Astha goes with her. Astha calls the maid and asks her to keep the laddoos safe. She says Aai you are the best and leaves. Astha comes to the kitchen and asks the maid to give the laddoos. Anjali comes and Astha sees another box. She smiles understanding Anjali also made the laddoos for Jyoti. Anjali asks Astha to give the laddoos to Jyoti. Astha tastes it and says its very tasty. Astha leaves. Anjali says I know Jyoti’s likes and dislikes. Astha comes to Jyoit with the laddoos. Jyoti thinks Sid is annoyed with her, did she tell him a lot, he cares for her and she let him down.

Astha asks Jyoti what happened. Astha says have this laddoos, Anjali made this. Ajju came to give the laddoos, but this one Anjali made. Jyoti gets happy and asks really. Astha says yes, its very tasty. Jyoti eats the laddoos and says I like such laddoos. Jyoti says Anjali used to make laddoos for Shlok and Varad, and I used to eat it. Astha says I told you Anjali looks hard from outside, but her heart is very nice. Astha sees Anjali outside. Anjali smiles and leaves. Astha gets Shlok’s call. Shlok asks her to get ready well. She asks how. He says wear the saree somewhat low, use kajal and bangles, keep your hair loose. She says I understood, you come home, I will get ready as you want. He says ok, see you.

Shlok says I will go home now. He comes to his room and Astha says I m here. He comes to her smiling. He is shocked to see her in bad clothes and having chameli oil in her hair. He says have you lost it, don’t try to become ugly. She says I was having head ache so I applied oil. He says look at you, oil is dropping from your hair. She says you told me you love me in all looks. He says yes, Astha’s look is fine, but this oil. She says I can’t wash my hair oil. He asks why this sweater. She says I m feeling cold. He says are you mad, its so hot. She says I m feeling ill, like having fever. Shlok says drama queen, I will not let this work. He removes his coat and throws. She looks at him.

Shlok holds her closer. She says what are you doing, I m ill. He says you use Champa oil, or chameli, but today you won’t be saved from Shlok, good news. She says huh? She thinks I won’t be saved today. He gets close and says Chee, such a bad smell, it stinks, I love you, not chameli oil. He leaves. Astha smiles and dances saying mission accomplished. Its morning, Sid looks for his file. He says maybe Jyoti knows, I will ask her. He calls Jyoti and asks for the file. She asks him to check in drawer. He gets the file and smiles. He says I got it, life was sorted when you were here, you come back. Jyoti is stunned. He says ok bye and ends the call.

Sid says I have to meet you Jyoti. Astha sprays in the room as she is really stinking. She says Shlok should understand, every girl gets nervous. Astha says I will die with this bad smell. She goes to take bath. Shlok comes in the room and says hmm….. looks like she too could not bear that smell, do you think only you get ideas, she is ahead of me, but I can teach her a lot. Astha comes having a bath and sees him. He looks at her. He thinks she was avoiding him, so fine, now I will ignore you. Astha thinks what happened to him, I thought he will come close to me, but he is……………

She sings a tune. He thinks do whatever you want, but I will not look at you. He says Astha, I think we should give time to each other, and goes to bathroom. She says what happened to him, is he angry on me, now what should I do. Sid is in office and thinks how to meet Jyoti. He says when she was at Kalindi’s house, I used to meet her, but now……. Varad asks someone to send a file at his home. Sid hears this and gets an idea. He smiles and stops the peon. He says take leave today, I will give the file. Everyone have breakfast. Niranjan asks about Varad. Anjali says he left for office early. Astha serves food to Shlok and he ignores her.

She touches his hand and he feels it, but ignores her. She asks how is the food. Kaka says very nice. Shlok says Baba, I will leave now. Astha asks what will you have in lunch. He says I will eat outside. She runs after him to give the phone and asks what happened, are you annoyed with me, why are you behaving like this. He leaves.

Astha talking to Jyoti. Jyoti says call Shlok and talk to her. Astha says I m trying, your rude brother is to taking my call. Astha calls Shlok again. Shlok thinks my beloved wife, its time for you to get worried. Shlok comes to Niranjan and says I told you there is a plot near Mahabaleshwar for our institute, the owner is a woman, so I was thinking I should take Astha. Niranjan says take her, a woman can talk to a woman well. Shlok gets Astha’s call and he disconnects. Astha says I will keep calling you till you take my call. She calls him again and thinks is Shlok much annoyed with me. No, maybe he is busy in work.

Shlok sees her calls. He takes the call. She asks what are you doing, are you annoyed. He says yes, bye. She says he is so rude, but you don’t want I m the Devi. She calls again. He says she troubles me so much, I m planning surprise for her. He says I m busy, in an important meeting, bye. Astha says Shlok its not easy for every girl, what to do now.

Astha comes to Jyoti and asks did you not eat anything. Jyoti says she wants to have chaat which she used to have at Kalindi’s house. Astha says fine, I will ask mum to send it. Jyoti says I don’t know how to tell him, I should have not told him like that, he did so much for me and I behaved bad. Jyoti comes in the hall. Sid comes there to give Varad’s file. He rings the bell. Astha goes to see. She says Sid, you here. Jyoti smiles seeing her. Sid says I came to give the file. Sojal takes Jyoti inside, for taking rest. Sid brings chaat for Jyoti saying she likes it a lot. Sojal comes and sees Sid.

She says you are Jyoti’s friend and what are you doing here, whats this. Astha says Sid works in Varad’s office, he came to give file, he brought chaat. Sid leaves. Sojal takes the file. Astha smiles and goes to Jyoti. Jyoti sees out of the window and thinks Sid went. She sees him and smiles. Sid sees her too and says hi. Jyoti hides behind the curtain and says what happened to me, why do I get happy seeing Sid. I feel restless when he leaves. She sees him again. Sid takes an auto and leaves. Astha tells Jyoti that Sid brought the chaat, you have solid telepathy between you and Sid, he is so nice to take care of you, come sit and have this chaat.

Astha thinks Sid really worries for Jyoti. She leaves. Jyoti eats the chaat. Its night, Shlok packs his bag. Astha comes and brings tea for him. She asks are you going somewhere. Shlok thinks not me, but we are going finally on our honeymoon. She says I m sorry, I promise I will do what you say, don’t be angry in me. He acts rude to her and asks for coffee. She says I will bring and leaves. Shlok hurries up and packs her clothes too. He sees her coming and hides a bag. Astha comes back and says Baba is calling. Shlok goes to meet Niranjan.

Niranjan himself comes and says I m sorry you have to cancel your Mahabaleshwar plan, Guru ji called and asked us to come to Kolhapur and do the Kuldevi puja. Astha smiles and thinks now you can’t go. Niranjan asks what happened. Shlol gets upset. Niranjan says you know Guru ji does this ouja for our family’s peace, get ready tomorrow morning. Astha says I will do the packing tonight. Nirranjan leaves. Astha asks what happened Shlok, you wanted to go Mahabaleshwar alone, it looks Bappa does not like this, think it will be fun. Shlok says why Guru ji had to keep the puja tomorrow, my plan flopped.

Astha says I m happy to go with the family. Shlok says my excitement is over, duffer, I m thinking to spend time with her and she is happy with family. Niranjan comes to Anjali. Anjali says I did pcking, did you tell Shlok and Astha. He says yes, I told, but when did you start questioning me. She says I m sorry. He asks her not to tell Guru ji about Abhay and Jyoti. She says yes. He gives her some papers asking her to take Jyoti’s signs. Anjali is shocked seeing the papers. He says why are you shocked. She says no. He says take her signs whenever you get a chance, as till Jyoti takes her complaint back, Abhay can’t be free.

Niranjan says do this work fast, I will be free from Jyoti soon. He says I m ashamed, I m sure you won’t like my low head. She says yes. He says your goal should be to do this work soon. He says wake everyone early in the morning. She says yes. He sleeps. Its morning, Shlok looks at him in the mirror and says you can win, do something to take at home, it can be fun even at home, if not in Mahabaleshwar. He takes steam. He checks his temper. He hides it and lies on the bed. Astha comes with tea. She says I will do the packing. She opens the bag and sees the bag full of clothes. She says when did I pack, I think in sleep as I was excited, very good.

She asks what happened to you. He says I m not feeling good, I have fever I think. She checks him and says yes you have fever. I will check. He gets tensed. He puts the thermometer in the tea. She checks it and says you have high fever 102. He says I told you I m not well, I can’t even get up. She says I will tell everyone and leaves. He says why don’t she stay at one place. Niranjan gets ready and says lets go Anjali. Astha comes running and says Baba, Shlok has very high fever 102. Niranjan and everyone come to see Shlok. Niranjan says you should have told me at night, how are you feeling now.

Shlok says I felt unwell in morning. I m feeling weak. Niranjan says fine, I will ask Guru ji to do the puja any other day, we can’t leave you. Shlok asks them to go, as Astha will take care of him. Niranjan says fine, take care of him Astha. He leaves with everyone. Astha says now your forehead is cool. Shlok coughs and says its internal fever. She says I will bring jada for you. He says fine, come back soon. She goes. Shlok smiles.