Monday Update on Sacred Relationship 12th July 2021


Monday Update on Sacred Relationship 12th July 2021

Kuhu and Kunal argues. Kuhu says I had a problem with Meenakshi’s decision, I came to discuss it with you. Kunal says you can discuss it, but I don’t want to talk about property, everyone got equal amount of love and respect in the family. She says fine, sorry. He says you should learn to realize your mistake, if you want us to get same treatment as Abir and Mishti, we have to become like them, Mishti handles situation maturely. She says I agree, I m scared that our future can get ignored. He cheers her and hugs. Mishti comes running. Abir asks her to listen. She says stay away, I destroy everyone who comes close. He says I can support you. Mishti says when the baby left me before coming in this world, why would you support me. Kuhu and Kunal get shocked. Kuhu asks what did you say.

Mishti says get happy, I lost everything, I got to know that I can never become a mum. Kunal asks what. Mishti says Abir will never get a child, I m such, right happened with me, we were thinking that baby will be lucky, but I m unlucky. Abir says enough, I will not get away from you. Mishti says I don’t deserve you. She runs to her room. Abir shouts and runs after her. Parul and Nidhi hear this and cry. Khushiyaan bhi baaten….plays… Abir says we will handle this situation also. Kunal and Kuhu ask her to open the door. Parul encourages Mishti. She asks Mishti to open the door. Mishti doesn’t listen. Meenakshi sees a kid and his grandma. She smiles. Doctor meets her and gives the file. She says whoever you like… Meenakshi says inform her that I will meet her. Meenakshi thinks its great joy to become a Dadi. Kunal says we have to break the door. Abir kicks the door. They get in. Abir runs and hugs Mishti.

Abir says I m with you. Nidhi says we all are with you. Mishti thanks them. Varsha thinks to call Kuhu. Rajshri says I regarded you my daughter, not bahu, will you not tell me why are you worried. Varsha says Abir and Mishti get all the importance, everyone leaves Kunal and Kuhu behind. Rajshri says we don’t differentiate between them, why are you worried. Varsha says Kunal isn’t Meenakshi’s real son, Meenakshi gave business share to Abir’s child, its injustice with Kuhu, she is Parul’s bahu, you are thinking of Mishti, I have a right to think of Kuhu’s future. Rajshri says we will talk later. Varsha says you are just thinking of Mishti, not Kuhu. Rajshri asks her to mind her words.

Mishti cries and washes her face. She recalls Abir’s words. Kuhu surprises her. Mishti smiles and asks is this our private party. Kuhu says yes, I will tell my secret. Mishti spills a drink on her dress. Kuhu says this dress is old, don’t worry. Mishti says you want to celebrate, as Jasmeet won’t force you for baby now. Kuhu asks how do you know. Mishti says Jasmeet wants us to race. Kuhu says you are so intelligent, we will open a secret detective agency. Mishti asks why are you happy. Kuhu says you are feeling better now and now none can force me now. Mishti says at least someone got an advantage from this. Kuhu says we shall go to Abir. Mishti hugs and says sorry. She thanks Kuhu.

Kunal says you deserve life’s every happiness, what now. Abir says we have to move on and deal with obstacles. Kunal says I wish I could say something to make you feel better. Abir says you are my courage, I wish I didn’t talk about baby, I got to know Mishti is so imp, she is with me, I love her. Kunal says Mishti is lucky to get you. Abir says I m lucky to have you, you and Kuhu will fulfill the dreams I have seen for the baby. Kunal says you are amazing. Kuhu and Mishti come. Mishti asks shall we go out, Abir. Abir says yes. Kuhu says perfect idea. Kunal says we aren’t going with them. Mishti and Abir leave.

Meenakshi comes to Maheshwari house. She says Mishti can’t become a mother. Rajshri says you are saying this, because of Kuhu and Mishti’s fight. Meenakshi says try to understand, Mishti’s ultrasound tests state that she can’t give birth to a child, she can never conceive. Rajshri and Varsha get shocked. Meenakshi shows the doctor’s file. Rajshri says this can’t happen. Meenakshi says face the truth, I have also faced it, just I know my husband cheated me, my son stayed annoyed with me, I thought to get my grandchild, I have made my business empire for my heir, but I regret Mishti snatched my hope. Varsha asks how is Mishti. Meenakshi says I m not happy.

Rajshri says Mishti lost her big happiness, you are saying you aren’t happy. Meenakshi says I don’t care, my heir was snatched from me, Mishti couldn’t make a place in my heart, there is no place for her in my house. Varsha says Abir won’t let this happen. Meenakshi says I have decided it, Abir is my son, I will convince him, I will break Mishti down. Vishwamber looks on and shouts you can’t even touch my daughter, I m standing between Mishti and you.

Mishti getting Abir to NGO. She says sorry, I can’t give you a baby. He says I got you. He hugs her. She says thanks, I want to be positive like you, can I join full time NGO with you. He says of course. She says we can try to give a good life to orphans. He salutes her and says I m proud of you. She says I won’t let this affect our relations, be with me. He says I m always with you. Vishwamber argues with Meenakshi. She says I m warning you, Mishti has to take Abir’s family ahead, she has no right to stay in my house if she can’t do this. He says you have no right to be called a mum, your thinking is wrong. She asks him to lower his tone. He shouts on her. They argue. He says I won’t let Mishti stay there. She says it will be good. He says you crossed your limit, if you do wrong with any of my daughters, then… I will support them, they are right this time, I will file a police complaint against you, its a warning. Meenakshi goes. Varsha pacifies Rajshri. They cry.

Abir and Mishti work in the NGO. He recalls her tears and cries. Mishti holds him. Saathiya….plays… she cries. He hugs her and says I won’t let you go away, even if you try. She says I love you Abir. They hug.

Meenakshi meets a lady. Lady says you can meet my daughter. Meenakshi says no need, Abir and your daughter’s marriage will happen after 3 months. She leaves. Mishti and Abir spend good time. They recall the old moments. She jokes on his dressing. He says you have stolen my clothes and then my heart. She says Kuhu snatched my seat, why did you get on the bus roof. He says I like it, shall we have a bus trip again. She asks with everyone. He says it won’t be possible, just Rajshri and Vishwamber can come. She says we will hire a mini bus, I m so excited. He says you know its a small distraction. She says families either come close or shatter in tough time. He says I won’t let you shatter. She says I want to tell them that everything is fine if we are together. Abir says Maa and I agree on same thing rarely, when I told her about this matter, she supported me, she said she is with me, I felt our problems got solved. Mishti asks really. He nods.

Vishwamber says Meenakshi wants to make Mishti out, will she get Abir remarried. Rajshri says he won’t agree. Vishwamber says Mishti will break down, Abir will become her shield, but none will support her. Varsha says don’t know what Meenakshi will tell Mishti. Rajshri cries and says we won’t let Mishti bear her anger. Vishwamber asks Rajshri to come along. He asks Varsha to stay back. He says Mishti needs us.

Kunal says I will prefer to come by flight to save time. Mishti says we have to be together, we will hire a mini bus with AC and comfortable seats. Kunal and Kuhu agree. Mishti thinks they look happy. Meenakshi comes. Mishti says we were planning a holiday, I know we will find some way if you are with us. Vishwamber and Rajshri come. He says Meenakshi found a way, I will always bless Mishti and Abir. Mishti and Kuhu hug them. Kuhu says Mishti is strong, she will win, I promise I won’t fight now. Vishwamber taunts Meenakshi. Abir says Maa is with me, she said she will support us. Vishwamber asks why did she ask me to take Mishti home. Abir and Kunal say we were worried for Mishti. Vishwamber says I feel bad for you to have such a mum. He asks Meenakshi what will they go through when they know the truth. Rajshri says we came because its about Mishti, Meenakshi came home, because she can’t conceive, we should take her home. Abir says no, maybe she told for few days. Rajshri says forever. They all get shocked.

Abir says Maa can’t do this. Vishwamber says Meenakshi wants an heir, she told us to take Mishti or she will make Mishti out of her house. Abir says Maa promised to support me. Meenakshi turns away. He gets shocked. She says I m not happy seeing Mishti in this state, but I regret that I can’t change her future, I can decide the future of the house, I want the real heir, Mishti can’t become a mum, but you can become a dad, this house’s heir will come, if not by Mishti, then by someone else. Abir and everyone get shocked.

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