Monday Update on Promised Love 8th February 2021


Monday Update on Promised Love 8th February 2021

Shayra and Azaan’s marriage completed. Razia tells that they will do Shayra’s Valima and Noor’s marriage. Shayra will make sheer khoorma. Yasmeen brings Shayra to room. Azaan comes to room and finds Noor resting on bed. He asks what are you doing here? Noor tells that she is resting and says she didn’t see despo groom like him. Yasmeen scolds her politely. Razia asks Noor to get ready and says just 3 hours left for Nikah. She asks Shayra to make Sheer khorma in kitchen with Dilruba and Mashuqa’s help.

Shayra says you had made Sheer Khoorma for 500 people after your marriage and tells that she will also make sheer khorma single handedly. Yasmeen praises her. She tries to help Shayra. Shayra asks her to help Noor get ready. Noor scolds the hair stylist and tells that she doesn’t like make up and hair style. Azaan smiles and tells that he will make Noor ready for her marriage.

Razia compliments Shayra and says Sheer Khoorma is smelling good. Shayra asks if Noor is ready. Razia says she sent Saba and others, Azaan is helping her. Azaan tells that he feels pity on her would be children as they will get such a bad mother. Noor says you are with me to help me. He gets her ready and makes her wear bangles and sandals. Yaari hai plays….Baraat comes. Noor tells that she don’t want to go. Azaan says if Faiz hears this then he will die. Noor says let him die, but I don’t want to leave this monkey. She hugs Azaan.

Azaan says you are pagal noori, stupid, talks strangely but I will miss you too. He says when you leave from here then with whom I will fight. He hugs her. Azaan comes to the kitchen and asks Shayra to cook fast. Shayra says just 5 mins. Azaan talks to Noor from kitchen and asks her to get ready fast. She says just 5 mins. Shayra makes Sheer khoorma and goes from kitchen.

Faiz is nervous and goes to the washroom. Dilruba and Mashuqa see the fire and drop the oil can mistakenly. The fire broke out badly. Azaan, Shayra and others are shocked. Someone say that fire broke out in the back side of haveli. Shayra says where is Noor? They get worried for Noor. Noor is caught in fire and shouts Azaan’s name. Surayya smiles. Everyone see Noor shouting for Azaan. Razia stops Azaan form going there. Azaan says I have to go Ammi and runs there. Yasmeen cries badly. Surayya thinks if Azaan also dies with Noor then enjoyment will be double. Faiz’s parents realizes he is missing and gets worried.

Faiz shouts for help. Azaan comes to Noor and saves her. He brings her out. Azaan asks where is Faiz? Yasmeen thinks Noor’s dupatta is in her room and thinks of her words. She thinks I can’t let her marriage dupatta be burnt. She goes inside, takes dupatta. Faiz’s father asks Azaan about him. Yasmeen shouts standing in the window and kisses Noor’s dupatta. She throws the dupatta from the window. Shayra catches it. Burning debris falls on Yasmeen. Shayra and Azaan shout. Noor is in shock. She shouts Ammi. Azaan runs inside. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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