Monday Update on Promised Love 5th April 2021

Monday Update on Promised Love 5th April 2021

Shayra comes to Razia’s room. Azaan is also there. Razia is planning to send Shayra on vacation, so she can have change, but she rudely refuses as she recalls Surraiya giving her 24 hours. Razia wonders what’s wrong with Shayra, she never behaved like this. Azaan says he will talk to her.

Gazala asks Shayra whether she talked to Razia. Shayra says she can’t do it. She can’t tell Razia to give Bahu Begum title to Surraiya. Gazala begs her saying she did everything to save her, Azaan, and this family and now she will have to go jail.

Azaan is thinking how to fix Sharya’s mood. Noor suggests him to organize a date. He makes faces. She says if suggestion is good, then one should take it.. doesn’t matter even if it’s from an enemy. He likes the idea and sets everything up. Noor comes to see the set up when she sees someone in burkha going in the house. She follows. That person comes to Surraiya. Noor comes and tries to see the face. Surraiya tries to stop her. Noor manages to move the burkha, but before she sees the person, Gazala comes there and is shocked to see Alaadin. Noor asks what happened? She saw a ghost or what? Gazala rushes and puts burkha back before Noor sees Alaadin. She pretends that person is Shabana. Gazala then sends Noor away.

Gazala slaps Surraiya saying she warned her not to mess anything. Surraiya says she didn’t call Alaadin there. Alaadin says it’s impossible for him to stay outside as everywhere he goes, he finds his missing posters and police are searching for him all over. Gazala tells him to change his look or leave the city. She sends him away. Surraiya praises Gazala’s plotting and asks when why she did photo drama. Gazala says because Shayra was ready to go to jail. Now she won’t open her mouth to save Gazala from going to jail and will be forced to give Bahu Begum Paash to her.

Azaan brings Shayra to the date location. He says he knows she’s tensed about something and he can’t see her like that. So they can forget it for few moments and enjoy the date. She says she is not in mood, but he tries to stop her. She gets mad and says she can’t share everything with him. He keeps his calm and still tries to find out, but she runs away from there. Razia, Noor, Azaan all try to talk to Shayra.

Shayra says she doesn’t need anything, she just wants peace which she is not able to get in this house. She is bahu but still has no authority over anything. She has to share Azaan with everyone which she doesn’t like. She tells Azaan to go back to London. Razia asks how she can go to London. Azaan is going to be Bhopal’s Nawaab and she is going to be Bahu Begum. Shayra says she is not Bahu Begum yet. Razia says just few more months and then she will be Bahu Begum. Shayra says who has seen tomorrow.. how she can believe Razia. She demands for Bahu Begum Paasha tomorrow only if she truly wants her to stay there. That will be surety and security for her.


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