Monday Update on Promised love 26th April 2021


Monday Update on Promised love 26th April 2021

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After 5 years

Azaan keeps Pasa on Razia’s head and says happy birthday Ammi. Khalid and his wife come there and wish her happy birthday. Azaan thanks him for coming. Khalid asks his wife Rubina to wish badi ammi. Rubina wish her too. Azaan says let’s cut the cake. He calls Noor and Shayra. Dilruba says they went to market to buy gift for begum sahiba. Razia is sitting in coma state. Mashuqa scolds Dilruba for breaking the surprise. Azaan says you couldn’t keep anything in your stomach. He says I had told them that they can’t surprise ammi. He says we shall cut the cake without them. He asks her to make a wish. He says we all have only one wish. They all look at Azaan, Shayra and Razia’s photo frame on the wall. Azaan holds Razia’s hand and makes her cut the cake. He sings happy birthday song. He says for my Ammi and makes her taste the cake. He says I have brought your favorite songs playlist. He makes her hear the song.

Mashuqa hugs Dilruba and pacifies him. Rubina asks if they are feeling bad. Khalid looks at her. Rubina calls them blo*dy poor and says you people started mourning again. She says 5 years have passed since that incident, we came here 2 years back and they don’t stop their mourning, calls them inauspicious and asks them to smile sometimes. Khalid gets a call and picks it. He says I will make you talk in a moment. He turns and sees Azaan standing. He gives call to Azaan. Azaan takes the call and says will be done in an hour. He tells that time has an importance that it doesn’t stop for anyone. He says this day came even though we don’t want.

Dilruba asks if nothing can be done. Azaan says nothing worse can happen than whatever is already done. He says I couldn’t give salary to you, since many months and says even today I have just 500 Rs. Mashuqa says we don’t want money. Dilruba says we work here for love and not for money. Mashuqa says we shall buy some good food with this money for begum sahiba. Azaan thanks them and leave. Rubina gets a call and goes to attend it. Khalid goes behind her. Mashuqa looks at Dilruba.

Dilruba asks Mashuqa to let ghee boil. Mashuqa says don’t know what happened that day and tells that two bullets were fired. She says Shayra and Adil are missing. Dilruba takes Noor’s name. Mashuqa says Noor is responsible for all this.

Rubina comes to kitchen and asks them to come with her. She then asks them to take her stuff to her room. They ask from where these bags came from? Rubina asks them to be Servant, else she will make them remember. Khalid asks Rubina why is she scolding them? Rubina says they are asking me as if I have done a crime. Khalid asks from where you got the money? Rubina says she has sold the painting made by yasmeen. Dilruba says begum sahiba used to like that painting. Khalid tells that the painting was precious made by yasmeen khala. Rubina curses Noor. Khalid asks her to stop him and asks her not to talk like his ammi. He says we are Nawabs, shall have atleast manners if not the wealth. Rubina slaps him hard and then hurts his shoulder with a pointed thing. She threatens to tell truth to Razia and blackmails him, calling them Poor. Khalid looks upset.

Azaan looks at Shayra and his marriage pic. He hugs their pic and recalls their marriage etc. Lawyer comes there and asks Azaan to come. Azaan says ok. He hangs the photo frame again. Lawyer asks him to wear the watch. Azaan tells that time is upset with him and year, month, date, hours are all same for him. Mashuqa and Dilruba come there. They ask him to wear the woolen jacket. She says you are still Nawab of Bhopal. She reads bismillah. Azaan tells that it is not needed now. He comes out. Reporters question him how is he feeling? Azaan says he is enjoying and feeling great. He says we have heard that you will get 1500 crores for this deal. Azaan says yes and says you can increase it, as I need the money at the moment. They ask about Razia’s take on this deal. Azaan doesn’t want to offer them. He comes out and sees his house furniture and other stuff on sale. He looks at the house sadly.

Azaan coming to the auction. One of the guy remarks on him. The guy starts the auction and tells that they will start with the begum mahal’s watch. The watch gets sold. The guy tells that next thing is the photo frame which is for sale. Azaan gets up and sees Shayra and his pic. He takes the frame in his hand. Some protestors/ Investors come there shouting his name and says Azaan Mirza and Bahu Begum..haye haye…Azaan asks who called them here. His employee says everything is published in the newspaper. Investor asks him to return his money.

Azaan says he is selling everything so that he can return his money. The investors asks each other to burn his mannequin. Gupta ji shouts. They burn his mannequin and burns it. Then they ask for Razia’s mannequin to burn and brings it there with her pic. Azaan asks how dare you and starts fighting with them. Dilruba cries seeing Azaan injured. The investors threaten him and leave.

The guy tells that the begum mahal’s house biddings start at 1000 crore. It gets sold for 1000 crores and 10 lakhs. Azaan says they are in debt and 1000 crores are not less. He is about to sign when Noor comes there in a big car. Azaan is shocked to see her. His anger boils up seeing her. She comes near Azaan and says you are making arrangements to sell begum mahal without my permission, even after knowing that it is illegal and I am the owner of the half of the property is mine. Lawyer says Noor beta…Noor says she is Noor Madam. She asks how can you get it mortgaged even after knowing that I am half owner. She asks about the bidding amount. The guy says 1000 crores and 10 lakhs, Noor says 1500 crores and says she is buying this begum mahal.

Azaan is about to slap her, but Noor slaps him in back and tells that she is not the same who used to bear everything. Lawyer checks the paper and says she is the owner of half of the property. Noor says she is the owner of full property and will see the property now. Azaan says if you touch my house or the things, then I will break your hands and legs, will take your life. Noor plays the recording and says if you touch me then you will be in jail. She asks Lawyer to teach him some law. She says it is a crime to threaten others and can be jailed for the same. She says you have to pay compensation, which you couldn’t and that’s why have to spend time in jail. She says then what will happen with your Ammi. She asks him to leave her way else. Dilruba asks Azaan to calm down.

Noor walks inside the begum mahal. Razia feels movement in her and blinks her eyes with tears in it. Noor recalls the moments between the family members. Azaan and Dilruba come inside. Noor asks how he made the house, it is now looking as a guest house. She asks Dilruba why did he get lean, asks if Sahib don’t give him salary. She then asks about Mashuqa and says everyone went on diet, but you are same. Khalid comes there and says Noor. Noor says even you are here and asks him not to tell that he still loves her.

Mashuqa says Khalid is married now. Noor asks who is that lucky girl. Rubina comes to Razia and tells that until she blinks her eyes, she will keep Pasa with her. She says today is your happy birthday, so won’t you give return gift to your bahu. Khalid tells Noor that Rubina went to meet Ammi. Noor asks Mashuqa and Dilruba to keep her stuff in Razia’s room and kick her out.