Monday Update on Promised Love 22nd February 2021


Monday Update on Promised Love 22nd February 2021

Azaan coming to Razia. Razia says this is wrong to divorce Shayra and marry Noor and asks if he will live without her. Azaan says I will die without her. Razia asks how can you take it casually and asks why he is not doing anything. He asks her to relax and says sometimes we have to take such decisions. Razia says how can you both bend down infront of Noor’s stubbornness. Azaan says Shayra has accepted defeat. Razia says Shayra is doing a mistake and asks him not to let her do it. Azaan says you will see my such face which you won’t like. Razia says I don’t understand. Azaan says I will fight back for my love.

Dilruba catches Mashuqa having cashewnuts. He asks her to give the box. Mashuqa asks him to think about Noor, who is going to be bahu begum even though she is a Servant’s daughter. Noor comes there and asks if they are talking about her. Mashuqa says we were talking about you. Noor hurts her with her hairs and says she is not like Shayra who will bear their nonsense. She asks them to call her begum noor and tells that once she becomes bahu begum, she will throw them out. She asks her to come to room and clears the mess in her room.

Surayya calls her Noori and admires her attitude. Noor says I am the one whom you have rejected for your son. Surayya says that is old thing, you have changed, time has changed. Noor says Servant’s daughter will become Bhopal’s bahu begum. Surayya says I knew it and says you have showed their value to Razia and Shayra and asks her to take back the complaint and free Khalid. She says I will dance in your marriage and says I respect you more seeing you insulting Razia and Shayra. She says she felt bad when Azaan snatched her Pasa. Noor says she gets what she wants, either it is Pasa or Azaan. She pushes her out of room and says next time, you shall knock on the door and enter only if I give permission. She says this is bahu begum’s room now.

Asgar tells Surayya to get habitual to such insults now. Surayya gets upset and goes. Azaan makes Shayra wear bangle and ring and says this suit you and you will wear this. Shayra says she shall shift in other room. Azaan asks her to decide what to wear for haldi. Shayra says you are not understanding. Azaan says I am a joker for you both. Shayra asks him to leave her. He says he will leave her. He gets closer to her. Noor comes there and asks if she is shameless since birth and blames him for trying to get intimate with her would be husband. She says you might try to get intimate with my husband on our wedding day.

Shayra tells Noor that this is her room and Azaan is her husband. She says it is shamelessness on her part to spy on a married couple’s room and asks her to show right on Azaan after marrying him, Noor goes out. Azaan gets happy and asks Shayra to change her decision and says he will cancel the marriage. Shayra says she can’t cancel her decision. Azaan goes to sleep. Noor tells that just like she threw her out of room, she will threw her out of the haveli. Shayra gets worried thinking what Noor will do.

Next day, Noor asks the guests to dance and says my janaza will be grand, this is my haldi. She calls Surayya and asks why she is upset? Surayya asks her not to hope anything from her. Noor asks Asgar to tell her. Asgar says you have snatched our happiness and asking us to smile. Noor says she has a surprise for them. She asks Shayra to call Razia. Azaan comes and says Ammi will not come, says I don’t want to hurt her. Noor looks at the door. Azaan asks for whom she is waiting? Noor says a special guest is going to come. Mashuqa gets happy seeing Khalid and calls his name. Asgar and Surayya get happy. Asgar says so he is the surprise. Azaan comes there and holds his collar, asks how did you come out of jail? Noor says I got him freed. Azaan and Shayra are shocked. Khalid says Noor took her complaint back and Police freed me with respect. He looks at them angrily. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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