Monday Update on My Identity 26th July 2021


Monday Update on My Identity 26th July 2021

Neil saying I can’t love anyone else except you, I want to forget everything, lets write a new beginning, lets make everything fine, after staying away from you for ten years, I can’t live away from you for a moment, I really love you. Avni says its difficult to think of staying away from you, I love you Neil. They cry and hug. She wakes up from sleep and looks around. Its morning, Neil and Mitali select the rings. Avni sees them in the jewelry shop. She hides from Neil and sits. She sells the bracelet. She takes cash and goes.

Neil sees her in mirror. He turns to see. He asks the man what did that lady buy. The man says she came here to sell a bracelet. He shows it to Neil. Neil recalls making Avni wear the bracelet. They have a moment. She asks the reason for the gift. Neil holds her close and says this is a handcuff to always bound us together, so that you never leave me ever. FB ends. Neil says I like this bracelet, can I buy this. The man says sure.

Neil comes to Avni’s house and greets Sunehri. He asks her to help him, give this to Avni. Avni comes and asks what are you doing here. She checks the bracelet and asks what’s this. He says I m allowed to donate right, I didn’t want any of my gifts to get sold at some shop, I think gifts are never sold, or do you hate me so much that you want to get rid of all my things, its my right to make a donation, you can’t deny this, I just hope you will keep this bracelet with you, you may not respect the sentiment behind it, but I do, please don’t sell it away. He goes.

Avni tears the cheque and throws. Sunehri asks what are you doing, why are you punishing Neil and yourself. Tadap tadap….plays….. Neil cries on the way. He comes home and hits the punching bag. He thinks of Avni. He falls over the bag and cries. Sunehri says you aren’t helpless now, your child knows the truth, Neil wants to keep gift alive, he is making a donation as he doesn’t want you to suffer, please stop him. Avni says he is free from my side, he has decided to marry Mitali, Neil and I can’t be together ever.

Mowgli comes to her. She asks him to sleep. He says you told that dad lives somewhere else, letters can reach there, I will write a letter to him. She says I will help you, but sleep now. He asks her to sing a lullaby. She sings Aa leke chalun… she makes him sleep. Prakash sees the preparations at home. Mitali gets ready. She sees Neil’s pic and smiles. Neil sits upset in his room. He gets angry and goes out. Shweta asks Prakash why is he upset. He asks did you invite Avni. Shweta says no, Avni will get sad, think about her. Mowgli cries. He says I forgot my car, maybe its in Neil’s house or car. Sunehri says his toy is damaged, but he is more attached to it, he wants that toy. Avni thinks how to take him to Neil’s house.

Prakash prays to Lord. Avni asks Sunehri to take Mowgli. Sunehri says kids are getting ready for school, I have to meet their teachers too, Avni please go for some time. Mowgli insists. Avni says fine, stop crying. Prakash says Neil and Avni love each other a lot, they want to get separate, you have tied their love by Mowgli, just you can unite Neil and Avni and save this relation, you can give me my entire family. Avni and Mowgli reach there. Mowgli says I will ask Neil and Prakash to find my toy, Shweta will make halwa for me. Avni sees decorations. She hears the ladies talking about Mitali and Neil’s engagement. Avni says we will come back tomorrow. Mowgli says I won’t disturb anyone. He runs inside the house.

Shweta and Bebe see him. Avni comes and says everything is fine, really sorry. Shweta says you here suddenly, is everything fine. Bebe says why are you worried. Avni says nothing, Mowgli came here suddenly. Mowgli sees Neil and shouts superman. He runs to Neil. Neil smiles seeing him. Mowgli falls down and shouts mummy. Everyone runs to him. Avni asks what happened, get up, how did you fall. Mowgli says its hurting here mumma. They all get shocked. They ask what did Mowgli call her. Neil gets restless and cries. Prakash says you didn’t bring the truth out, but Lord brought this out, it will be good if you reveal this truth to everyone.

Neil seeing Mowgli and thinking about him. Bebe says you were here and we couldn’t see you, our child…. he is like Neil. Avni sees Neil. Neil cries and goes. Shweta says you left the house, we have forgiven you, you came back and left us again, we have still forgiven you, but Mogli is our grandchild, you have hidden this truth and played with out emotions, I can’t forgive you. Bebe asks why did you do this, why did you hide such big happiness, was this your fear or selfishness, you kept our heir away from us, why, answer us. Avni cries. Bebe says we will call this a cheat. Prakash says Avni, I will manage Shweta and Bebe, but just you can explain Neil, go to him, tell him everything. Avni goes upstairs.

Lawyer tells Sunehri that the couple liked Jeetu. Sunehri says we can’t do anything till Avni approves the family, we shall wait for her. She goes. Lawyer calls Kamini. He says I will win their trust soon. Kamini says this orphanage is everything for Avni, I will ruin it. Avni says Neil, when I knew I m pregnant, I had reached Kashid, it was too late, it was impossible to come back, it was tough without you, Mowgli learnt this some days back that I m his mum. Neil says so you were worried when Mowgli was lost, but how did you decide that Mowgli is just yours, you cried and asked my help, you didn’t tell me that he is my son, but you decided this right.

He throws things and shouts how dare you, if you were pregnant, you could have told me, didn’t you trust me, we could have handled it, you chose not to tell me. She says I had to keep myself away from you, Saisha’s life was in danger. He says stop it, just one phone call, I would have reached there with entire police force, maybe you didn’t trust me, no power in the world could stop us from uniting, you chose not to, you called this a perfect family, you say you saved me, truth is you kept me away from my son, you ruined my life, Mowgli I couldn’t play with him, I couldn’t teach him walking, he lived as an orphan, you made my son an orphan, I felt he is a lovely kid but he is an orphan, you cheated Mowgli, you are a cheat.

Avni says it wasn’t easy for me, I was alone when Mowgli was born, I wanted to talk to you, but I couldn’t I know I did wrong, I was thinking about everyone’s safety, I used to die thinking about you, I was alone away from everyone. Shweta asks when were you going to tell us, you were also hiding this from us. Bebe says if you told us, matter would have been different. Prakash says I wanted Avni to tell this. Shweta says he is Neil’s son, our heir, I will go and talk to them. Prakash says don’t get between them, I think it will be good if they both solve this. Mowgli asks are you all my Dada, Dadi and Badi Dadi, is superman my Papa.

They nod. Neil says just shut up, why did you come today, you advised me to start a new life, you prayed that I stay happy. Mowgli asks is superman my Papa. Mitali comes and sees him. She says Mowgli is Neil’s son. Neil says you want to break my marriage with Mitali, don’t lie, you chose a time to come, like you chose a time to leave. Avni says no. Neil says I will get engaged and then marry Mitali, you will run away, I have no right on my son, take him away, don’t come back ever, get out of my life, did you see my state, your wound is getting deeper with time, just get out. She cries and goes. He cries. Hamari adhuri kahani….plays…. Mowgli comes and asks are you my Papa, everyone says so. Neil opens arms to hug him. He cries. Mowgli asks why are you and mumma crying, tell me, are you my Papa. Avni comes and takes away Mowgli. Mowgli says leave me, I want to go to superman. Avni leaves from there.

Mitali says Mowgli is Neil and Avni’s son. Shweta says Avni had hidden this from us, we just got to know this, Neil is trying to move on, life is pulling him back, Avni’s cheat is a storm. Avni asks Mowgli to just listen to her, this isn’t their house, they will go home. Mowgli cries. Mitali comes to Neil and holds him. She says it won’t be easy to accept this truth, I think we shouldn’t do this engagement, you have a child with Avni, he is your future. Neil says no, I want to marry you, we can’t let Avni win, she wants to break us, she can’t bear my peace, she wants to ruin my life, but we will get engaged today. She says you are going in wrong direction. He says I know Avni, she just lies. She says you are in shock, can’t you see you love her, everyone can see what’s between you both, Mowgli is the proof of your love, truth is you love her, you can’t give that love to anyone else.

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